I use my many psychic skills to put you at ease, connect with your energy and give you a clear picture of your future potential. I may use a variety of psychic tools including Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, or crystals, depending on what I feel would meet your particular need.  You will receive guidance and clarity around the particular challenges you are currently facing in your life. 



I will connect with the spirit world and endeavour to communicate with your friends and loved ones, to deliver messages which often specify what they see of our world and who they are with on the other side. Messages frequently include names, dates and locations and each uplifting message ensures that each sitter will leave feeling comforted, inspired and encouraged to embrace all that life has to offer. 

My Mediumship workshops offer step-by-step meditation techniques for quieting the mind, enabling you to tune into both your higher self and your spirit guides, in order to gain guidance and clarity in your every day life and to provide evidence of life after death. 



Every physical life you have ever lived across the centuries and all of the time you have spent in the spiritual realm, has been recorded and stored deep in your subconscious mind.  This is your soul’s history and your soul memory contains your true wisdom.

Past Life Regression enables you to leave the physical body behind and experience the truth of yourself as a soul being.  In this spiritual state, you can travel back and forth in time and between time – to lives once lived and lives still yet to come.  As your Soul Self, you can access the Spiritual Realm to converse with Guides & Angels, attain wisdom from Spiritual Masters and reunite once again with the souls of those whom you dearly love. 

Past Life Regression is a form of spiritual discovery for personal development.  You can heal your soul by healing your past and by gaining a greater understanding of your Soul Self, you can move on to live more fully and creatively in the present. 

A Past Life Regression appointment takes approximately 1½ hours.


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