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mayHOW TO DEVELOP & USE PSYCHOMETRYMonth Long Event (may) 25 Palmerston Place Edinburgh EH12 5AP

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Psychometry in its simplest form, is the ability to tap into the energies of a person, place or object.  It is the ability to read people by looking at their photographs or by holding a possession of theirs without having the person present during the reading.  We are all psychic, which means that all of us have the ability to tap into the various layers of energies that may have been placed upon an object or place by other people or events.

The main difference between a psychic reading and a psychometry reading, is that in a psychic reading the person is always present (either connected to you in person, on the telephone or over the internet).  With a psychometry reading, we read a person’s energy through a physical representation of them, either a photograph or object, without the person being actually present.

This short course takes place over 4 weeks and for two hours each week, we will come together on Zoom, where I will take you through a series of exercises to strengthen your psychic knowing and extend the many ways in which you might work.  We will have breakout groups on each session where you will have an opportunity to work with other students from across the globe.

I do hope you will be able to join me.

TO BOOK ONLINE – with THE SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE CENTRE: https://www.arthurconandoylecentre.com/whatson/psychometry-ann-theato/2021-05-06/


Tutor: Ann Théato
Suitable for: All Levels

Session 1 – Thursday May 6th, 7 – 9 pm UK time zone
Session 2 – Thursday May 13th, 7 – 9 pm UK time zone
Session 3 – Thursday May 20th  7 – 9 pm UK time zone
Session 4 – Thursday May 27th  7 – 9 pm UK time zone

Course will take place online using Zoom.


“If you are looking for informative teaching and excellent exercises to develop and push your mediumship, this online workshop is it!”

“Ann’s class was a stellar learning experience. She is a gifted teacher with a warm and encouraging manner, and she is extremely well-versed and well-experienced in the subject matter.”

“Ann is a phenomenal teacher!  She really made me think outside the box and challenge myself with my current skill set. She provided a lot of unique exercises for us to try, plus we had a lot of practice time., I really valued her insight as to how we can continuously improve and strengthen our talent.”

“Ann is an amazing teacher.  She puts you at ease immediately.  Her energy and passion is contagious.  Her compassion for our learning journey is notable.  I love working with Ann.”

“Ann is a fantastic teacher.  She is engaging, inclusive and interesting. The course was enjoyable, informative and has taken m a step further into my spiritual journey.”

“Ann’s courses are so well organised and Ann herself so well versed in her training content.”

“Ann has truly taught me how to settle my soul and listen with intent and heightened sensorial awareness so that I am able to deliver exactly, or as near to as I can, how and what spirit need to convey.”

“Ann has truly brought out my confidence and enabled me to use a range of tools to channel my link with spirit communicators and in turn the importance of providing the message in its true, true, form.”

Ann Théato

I am a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Tutor, Award-Winning Writer and Founder & Host of the Psychic Matters Podcast.  I teach professionals, beginners and all those with a curious mind, the steps necessary to deepen intuition & use heightened sensitivity to communicate between the physical and spirit worlds to easily attain wisdom, inspiration and loving guidance.  My workshops are designed to help you develop and trust in your own intuition, helping you to uncover your potential and revealing how psychic & spiritual development can truly transform your life.

We are a field of energy and our energetic body is bigger than our physical human body.  It is not possible to determine where it starts and where it ends – our energetic body is a mystery.  In this module we will be reading the energy of the living and psychometrising the soul by feeling the physical, emotional and mental energy, the vibration of the physical body and the vibration of the auric field. 

Events that happen within buildings, can leave an indelible mark on the atmosphere and these can be read by our own intuitive knowing.  By allowing images to touch our mind in this way, we can read what types of people would have used & inhabited a building; what types of work they might have been doing and what sort of events might have happened there. In this module we will be reading the energy of buildings, by looking at photographs and using our clairvoyance (clear vision); clairsentience (clear feeling) and clairaudience (clear hearing) to pick up information.

When touching an object, we can receive impressions which reveal information such as who owned it, who has touched it in the past and how they felt.  We are also able to perceive and receive the same impressions, via a photograph of that object.  In this module, we will be looking at photographs of both handwriting samples and objects; items that leave behind traces of their history in the form of psychic energy.  

Photographs of people contain layers of energy as well as the history of our human experiences. In this module, we will be looking at photographs & portraits of people and picking up information from impressions received in the mind.  In this way, we may perceive where people lived, the era in which they lived and their jobs, families, and livelihoods.  We may pick up aspects of personality, likes and dislikes and key aspects along their life journey.


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