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31mar6:00 am31oct11:59 pmTHE ROYAL COURT - Audio DownloadLearn to deliver fascinating multi-dimensional tarot readings for your clients(march 31) 6:00 am - (october 31) 11:59 pm

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“Dread the Court cards no more! (Or was I the only one?) Ann is a brilliant teacher who imparts information in a truly engaging manner. The course creates a confidence-building environment for the Royal Court to come delightfully alive, and invites the seeker to interact with them as uniquely distinct and multi-faceted personalities. My Tarot readings have taken on new depth and resonance now that Ann has shown me how to embrace and integrate the court cards. Thank you, Ann, not just for broadening my skills, but for enabling me to be of greater service.” ~ Stacy

Have you been struggling with trying to remember who is who in the Royal Household?  Are you finding it difficult to remember the Court Card meanings?  Do you hope they don’t come up in a spread or do you skip over them and read the surrounding cards instead? 

This AUDIO COURSE has been designed for you, to listen on the go.  It explains the history of the Kings and Queens of Medieval England, life in The Royal Court and the symbology behind the cards.  By understanding the history, and learning what life was like in an English castle, you can learn a great deal of unique information and use that knowledge in your tarot card readings. On this course, you will learn what a King stands for, what a Queen stands for, what a Page does as a job, what a Knight does to earn a living, what the difference is between a Page and a Squire and what is expected of them all.

This Audio Course will equip you with a rich tapestry of imagery, symbols and a unique knowledge base from which to draw.  It will enable you to bring a new, very unique zest to your tarot readings, and by allowing your awareness to drift with the sounds, smells, and sights of castle life, you may be blessed with the ability to deliver fascinating multi-dimensional tarot readings for your clients.



March 31 (Thursday) 6:00 am - October 31 (Monday) 11:59 pm

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