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27feb3:00 pm8:00 pmThe Theatre Of MediumshipPlacing Your Full Trust In The Spirit World3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Placing Your Full Trust In The Spirit World

Tutor: Ann Théato
Suitable for: Intermediate to Advanced students
Date 1: Saturday 27 February 2021  – Session 1
Date 2: Saturday 6 March – Session 2
Time:   3 – 8 pm UK time zone
Cost:   £100
Venue: Course will take place online using Zoom.
All sessions are recorded.
Payment by PayPal.
Upon receipt of payment, you will be sent a confirmation email with a Zoom link.

All The world’s a stage
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…

I have drawn upon my extensive knowledge as a professional working actress, to craft this unique two-day workshop.  It promises to be a lot of fun but be prepared to work hard! The two sessions take place on Zoom and they will give you the tools necessary to bring any dialogue with the spirit world alive, whilst looking at building your presentation skills, and helping you to craft a good opening and closing for both your platform and 1:1 work.  

An actor’s job is to become the character they are playing and to host a conversation between the playwright and the audience, showing that the person they are portraying is a real life, 3 dimensional, living, breathing, human being.

Actors do this by studying a character’s personality and backstory.  Every individual has a distinctive character, formed by a combination of qualities.  Their personality is formed and affected by their own values, and those imposed upon them from their family, environment, culture & timeline of existence.  Attitudes, personal memories, social relationships, habits and skills all help to form the personality of a human being. 

A good actor can bring a character to life and make them 100% believable to the audience, whether it be on stage, TV & film or radio.

A medium’s job is to blend closely with the spirit person and host a conversation between the spirit person, and the audience or recipient, showing that those who live in the spirit world are real people, who are still very much alive & vibrant, and who can still share their personality, attitudes, personal memories, habits and skills.

Mediums do this by blending with the spirit person, and gradually becoming more and more aware of their personality and backstory. Unlike actors, who have a full grasp of the character they are playing before the play or filming begins, a medium has no such access to any backstory or knowledge of the spirit person before they begin work.  

A good medium works in the moment, placing full trust in the spirit world, and opening up their awareness to receive and allow information from the spirit world to touch the mind, holding an internal conversation with their spirit contact, whilst also relaying what has been given by spirit, to the recipient.  

As mediums, we have the ability to pick up information from anywhere along a fellow soul’s timeline – from the life they lived on Earth and from the life they are living now.  We all know this, but sometimes when demonstrating or giving 1:1 readings, we can feel ‘blank’, or we find ourselves waiting for fresh information to touch our mind, and we are not always 100% sure what sort of evidence is available to us.  This affects our confidence, making us unsure, hesitant and doubtful.   

Through mini tutorials, exercises and break out groups, you will have an opportunity to work with other students from across the globe.  We will work together to transform our mediumship, through fully realising the three-dimensional attributes of our spirit communicator and thus, we strive to become better ambassadors for the spirit world.

I do hope you will consider joining me.




(Saturday) 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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