The Tools Needed for Remote Viewing in Psychic Detection

03jan01julThe Tools Needed for Remote Viewing in Psychic Detection

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Course Description: The Tools Needed for Remote Viewing in Psychic Detection is a comprehensive course designed to equip students with the essential skills and techniques required for remote viewing and psychic detection. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, participants will delve into the fascinating realm of extrasensory perception and develop their abilities to access information beyond conventional senses.
Course Objectives:
  1. Gain an understanding of remote viewing and its applications in psychic detection.
  2. Learn and practice various tools and techniques used in remote viewing.
  3. Enhance intuitive abilities and develop psychic perception.
  4. Explore the practical application of psychometry, dowsing, scrying, map reading, mind mapping techniques, ideograms, and utilizing our sense of ambience.
  5. Develop a structured approach to remote viewing sessions and data analysis.
  6. Cultivate a mindful and receptive state of consciousness conducive to remote viewing.
  7. Develop confidence in interpreting remote viewing data and translating it into meaningful insights.
Course Outline:
  1. Introduction to Remote Viewing:
    • History, principles, and applications of remote viewing.
    • Understanding the role of psychic detection in remote viewing.
  1. Psychic Tools and Techniques:
    • Exploring psychometry: Using objects to tap into energy imprints and retrieve information.
    • Dowsing techniques: Harnessing divination tools for obtaining intuitive guidance.
    • Scrying: Gaining insight through the use of reflective surfaces and symbolic interpretation.
    • Map reading: Using maps as a tool to locate and gather information remotely.
    • Mind mapping techniques: Creating visual representations to aid in organizing and exploring remote viewing data.
    • Ideograms: Understanding and utilizing symbolic representations in remote viewing sessions.
    • Harnessing our sense of ambience: Tuning into the energetic atmosphere to gather information.
  1. Developing Remote Viewing Skills:
    • Cultivating a receptive state of consciousness through meditation and mindfulness.
    • Strengthening intuitive abilities and enhancing psychic perception.
    • Practicing remote viewing protocols and techniques for target identification.
    • Analyzing and interpreting remote viewing data effectively.
  1. Practical Applications:
    • Applying remote viewing techniques to various real-world scenarios, such as locating missing objects, people, or information.
    • Ethical considerations and responsible use of psychic detection abilities.
  1. Integration and Mastery:
    • Reviewing and refining remote viewing skills through practical exercises.
    • Building confidence in remote viewing abilities.
    • Exploring avenues for further development and practice.
The Tools Needed for Remote Viewing in Psychic Detection mentorship programme combines theoretical knowledge, hands-on practice, and experiential learning to provide students with a solid foundation in remote viewing and psychic detection techniques. By the end of this course, participants will possess the skills necessary to embark on their own psychic detection journeys and explore the limitless potential of remote viewing.


“Ann truly shines as a teacher. It is evident that she loves what she does and her creativity, humour and knowledge create a beautiful stage for learning. I walked away from this course far more knowledgeable in remote viewing and confident in ways to bring this practice forward in my own life.” – K.S.
“Ann is a beautiful soul – full of energy, warmth and enthusiasm.  She is a patient and kind teacher, AND a lot of fun!” – C.S




January 3 (Wednesday) 7:00 pm - July 1 (Monday) 10:30 pm

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