THE TRAVELLER (£650) 12 month programme (Saturdays)

THE TRAVELLER (£650) 12 month programme (Saturdays)

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THE TRAVELLER with Ann Théato

Calling all seekers of psychic awareness and mediumship!
Enhance your spiritual journey and complement your existing courses with my profound experiential programme.

“The Traveller” is a transformative journey which explores various forms of consciousness travel and spiritual experiences.
This 12-session programme, conducted once a month over a year, will delve into astral travel, past life regression, extended remote viewing, future life progression, life between lives, spirit-led experiences, and soul adventures.

Through guided exercises and deeply moving meditations, participants will discover and explore their spiritual potential to connect with other realms and unique locations across all of time and space; converse with their spirit guides & loved ones in the spirit world and explore their own soul’s purpose.

Facilitated by Ann Théato, a well-known specialist revered for her expertise in hypnosis, past life regression and soul journeys.
This is an experiential programme, with each 3-hour session beginning with a short lecture, followed by a stimulating and unparalleled 90-minute metaphysical pilgrimage.  We finish each session with a short group discussion and reflection.

Join Ann Théato on this profound exploration to unveil inner mysteries and elevate your soul’s awareness through the depths of consciousness:

  • Expand your ability
  • Discover the depths of your soul and its extraordinary ability to navigate the multiverse
  • Lay a firm foundation for your understanding
  • Unlock your innate potential
  • Empower your path to becoming a true conduit of spiritual wisdom
  • Enhance your connection and understanding of alternative realms
  • Elevate your spiritual journey
  • Enrich and transform your current studies

Suitable for ALL levels of experience from beginner to advanced.

Enrich your learning experience & gain diverse perspectives, by studying this course alongside other programmes or courses with different tutors to enhance your understanding and knowledge

Recordings of all sessions will be accessible for 30 days after each session – no problem if you need to miss a session as you can catch up with the recording afterwards.




TIME: 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm UK TIME ZONE/ 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm EST / 9.30 am to 12.30 pm PST

Session 1: Introduction to Consciousness Travel (Saturday January 13, 2024) 
– Understanding the concept of consciousness travel and its significance
– Exploring the different forms of spiritual experiences

Session 2: Remote Viewing and Bilocation (Saturday February 10, 2024) 
– Techniques for remote viewing and bilocation experiences
– Ethical considerations and responsible usage of these abilities

Session 3: Astral Travel (Saturday March 16, 2024) 
– Unravelling the mysteries of astral projection
– Safely navigating the astral plane and understanding its realms

Session 4: Past Life Regression (Saturday April 20, 2024) 
– Delving into past life memories and experiences
– Healing and growth through understanding past incarnations

Session 5: Extended Remote Viewing (Saturday May 11, 2024) 
– Advancing remote viewing skills to access distant or hidden information
– Applications of extended remote viewing in daily life

Session 6: Spirit-Led by Your Guides (Saturday June 8, 2024) 
– Establishing a connection with spirit guides
– Allowing spirit guidance to lead and enhance your experiences

Session 7: Spirit-Led with Your Loved Ones (Saturday July 20, 2024) 
– Communing with departed loved ones through guided meditation
– Finding solace and support from friends and family in the spirit world

Session 8: Life Between Lives (Saturday August 17, 2024) 
– Exploring the interlife state and the soul’s journey between incarnations
– Gaining insights into your soul’s purpose and lessons

Session 9: Future Life Progression (Saturday September 21, 2024) 
– Venturing into potential future timelines and possibilities
– Using future life progression for personal growth and decision-making

Session 10: Soul Adventure: Fulfilling Soul Promises (Saturday October 12, 2024) 
– Discovering the promises your soul made before incarnating
– Embarking on a soulful adventure to align with your purpose

Session 11: Through Fragrance (Saturday November 9, 2024) 
– Exploring scent and its impact on consciousness travel
– Utilizing fragrance as a tool for spiritual exploration

Session 12: Spirit Communicator and Ideogram Exploration (Saturday December 7, 2024) 
– Connecting with a spirit communicator to gain insights
– Using painting and ideograms to explore other realms and dimensions

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration with this experiential programme.

Uncover the depths of your consciousness through unique soul journey experiences, guided reflections, and inspiring discussions.

Join us to cultivate a profound connection with yourself and the universe, unlocking the path to personal growth, healing, and spiritual transformation. Embrace a new chapter of enlightenment and embrace the limitless possibilities that await you.

Cost – £650




Year Around Event (2024)

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