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This Week’s Episode

“Mankind is trying to use observation and logic when it comes to deciding how reality operates, yet we still struggle to understand the laws of how time and space operate.  The information that come into the remote viewer’s awareness is not totally intact or whole, it can come in in bits and pieces. We can build these up into a clearer and more whole picture of the target.” – Ann Théato 

PM 081

Remote Viewing is described as a novel perceptual discipline used for gaining information not available to the ordinary physical senses.  It has become a modern-day catchphrase and it can refer to absolutely anything in the field of parapsychology, incorporating many things, including psychometry, clairvoyance, scrying, dowsing and mediumship. 
In this episode Ann Théato investigates the history of Remote Viewing, its efficacy and the many methodologies in use today. 


You’ll Learn

  • The history of remote viewing

  • What remote viewing encompasses

  • How to use remote viewing with Mediumship

  • The uses of Remote Viewing

  • Why we can all Remote View

  • How energy affects us

  • What bilocation is

  • The many different types of Remote Viewing

  • The importance of keeping data

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And now for this week’s episode –  we are looking at Remote Viewing.  [expand title=”Read More…” swaptitle=” “]

You may have heard of remote viewing, you may not.  Some of you may think it is dull and dry and boring.  Some of you, hopefully most of you, may be intrigued,  what is remote viewing and how does it work?  Well, settle back in your chairs, and allow me to help you understand what remote viewing is, and the many ways in which it can be used.  If you are a psychic or a medium or both, receiving training in remote viewing can be hugely beneficial to our work.  It will help us to push boundaries and help us to become one of the modern-day pioneers of consciousness, helping humanity, increasing our levels of mental ability and psychic mind agility to elevate current levels of human awareness.  As they say, the rising tide lifts all ships.

 I am running a hugely exciting 6-month mentorship programme this year called The Art of Remote Viewing, it starts on January 25, so if you are listening and you want to come and train with me in this fascinating subject, please go to my website www.anntheato.com and click on courses and events. I’d love to have you join me.

So what exactly is remote viewing?  Well, at the moment, Remote Viewing is a catchphrase – it can refer to absolutely anything in the field of parapsychology and it can incorporate many many things.  It can be a combination of various phenomena, such as clairvoyance, when you see visions and images in the mind’s eye, plus it involves our other clairsenses, such as the perception of sounds, or tastes, or smells, and textures, as well as telepathy and mind to mind communication.  It can involve scrying and dowsing and psychometry.  If you use Remote viewing with your mediumship, you can walk in the footsteps of your spirit communicator, asking them to lead you in their final steps on this earth – this is very useful for psychic detection when you are looking for missing people, etc, you can use remote viewing with the mind of your spirit communicator.  You can walk in the memory of your spirit communicator, looking out through their eyes at the life they once knew – looking out through their eyes and describing their workplace, their bedroom, their belongings.  You can use remote viewing psychically, to send your thoughts out through time and space to retrieve information from a given target such as ‘what is in the envelope or box’ or ‘the target is an event, describe the event.’ Remote Viewing has been described as a novel perceptual discipline for gaining information not available to the ordinary physical senses. It was used extensively by so-called “psychic spies” during the Cold War for classified military projects and it has a long history – as an intelligence gathering tool.  It can be used to go back in time to retrieve accurate historical or archaeological knowledge.  It can be used to assist in criminal investigations, to help police find missing people; for business purposes – to see if a product is worth investing in – it can be used by Estate Agents to remote view the house that their clients are going to buy, and for reconstructing events and filling in forgotten details.

The perceiver (“viewer”) describes details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time or the fact that it is hidden, so for example, you could accurately describe a location anywhere in the world which you have never visited or you could accurately describe a historical event which happened way back in history in the olden days which of course you were never at, or you may describe an object in a locked room on the other side of the world.  

Remote Viewing is an evolving art – no-one knows exactly how it works and it is ever evolving – it has been scientifically tested and proven to be incredibly effective when retrieving previously unknown information in time and space. 

Somehow – inherent in all of us – is the ability to tap into the cosmic database.

I think the first thing we need to understand is that everything is energy and energy is everything. life is energy and everything in life is energy. everything is defined and guided by energy. everything we do, everything we eat or drink, everything is energy. All energy has the ability to affect other energy, so we are affected by the energy of the world. whether it’s in another person or in the food we eat, it affects us positively or negatively. we have a choice to master our own energy, we can fill our lives with positive loving energy or we can choose to do things a different way.   we always have choice. Our energy cannot be taken away from us. If we are surrounded by people who are draining us then we have chosen to give away our energy. We can make a different choice.  Positive energy in our lives creates possibility. If we avoid negative forms of energy such as gossip, some dark imagery, some types of music that brings us down and replace it with positive then we increase our ability for endless possibility in this world. Because what we eat will affect our body’s energy, we should choose Food that makes us feel energetically positive.  We are omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent in the unconscious.  What does that mean?  Omnipotent is to have unlimited power, omniscient means knowing everything and omnipresent is to be in all places at all times.  we are infinite and we have infinite healing energy within us and from the source. we hold great power within us. I’ll say that again, we hold great power within us. therefore if everything is energy and energy is everything, every experience we have ever thought, carries with it an energy and a frequency and that energy and that frequency never dies, it never goes away from our conscious mind, but it exists in an eternal and infinite realm and that realm is a collective pool of energy. So your thoughts and your experiences lie in another realm, which is the realm which contains the energy of human experience – yours and everybody elses both living and dead –  and every experience is energetically recorded and everyone has access to the record of everybody else. Humanity is moving forwards always, so those of us who are learning remote viewing now, are better remote viewers then the remote viewers who came before us. Why is this? Because of morphic resonance. We begin with the ability to get information and wisdom from the energetic experience of thousands of other remote viewing students who have gone before us. We are already better than they ever were simply because we begin our journey with their experience More than the physical we are eternal and omnipresent.

Bernard of Chartres, a 12th century philosopher, used to say that we are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they, and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness of sight on our part, or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size.” 

We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

Let me tell you a little bit about the history of remote viewing – as it can be traced back thousands of years to the days of the early Greeks and even way before that.  And of course it wasn’t always called Remote Viewing.

The relatively modern term, Remote Viewing, dates from the 1930’s, beginning with experiments in clairvoyance under incredibly scientists like J.B. Rhine and Rene Warcollier.

During the Cold War – the Russians were attaining a lot of USA military secrets – and America had no idea how they were managing to do that.  There was no way that they could have gained access to some of the top security information.  And then…  the US Government discovered a man who had defected from Russia with a lot of documents showing that Russia had a Psychic Spying Programme in their military and this is how they were attaining secrets.  And of course there are no secrets with remote viewing.  You can travel anywhere in all of time and space, nothing can be hidden from a trained remote viewer.  It is also undetectable because we are not leaving our body, unlike astral travel.  The subconscious mind bounces off the signal line and brings back pieces of information – our subconscious mind assembles that information and creates a virtual reality around us – therefore we are not visiting the target, we are visiting a copy of the target that we are creating.  We can pick up all the sounds, tastes, smells, from that virtual reality.  Therefore, we are undetectable because we are not really there – we are not leaving the body.

Fast forward then to the 1960s and the early 1970s.  Researchers at the American Society for Psychical Reserch began conducting out-of-body experiments.  One of the subjects of these experiments was a chap called Ingo Swann, subsequently known worldwide as the Father of Remote Viewing.  Now Ingo was an artist and he had a great interest in and studied the paranormal.  The experiments conducted by the American Society for Psychical Research pointed to something very unusual – something very different to the current understanding was happening –  “remotely viewed” locations and objects otherwise inaccessible to direct human perception were being evidenced.

Meanwhile, over at a place called the Stanford Research Institute we have two gentlemen, Hal Puthoff & Rusell Targ – both of them were brilliant physicists and these two gentleman began researching ESP, clairvoyance and telepathy and they researched all kinds of different forms of non-conventional communications.   Eventually, they got funding from the Central Intelligence Agency – the CIA.

They experimented with putting people in Faraday rooms.  A Faraday cage is a container/shield that blocks out electromagnetic radiation from across the electromagnetic spectrum e.g., radio waves/microwaves.  In fact, there is a cocktail bar here in UK called the Gin Tub in East Essex and the owner a chap called Steve Tyler, built a Faraday cage around his establishment to block mobile phone signals from entering the building.  Steve said, “It’s not perfect or military grade, I just wanted people to enjoy a night out at my bar without being interrupted by their phones.  Rather than asking them not to use their phones, I stopped the phones working”.

One of the early experiments that took place, involved a chap called Kit Green.  Now kit chose a location for two people to remote view – and those two people were Pat Price (who was a retired Detective from California) and Ingo Swann – and Kit Green asked these 2 men to Remote View the location that he had chosen.  And this location wasn’t known to Pat Price or Ingo Swann, but it was hunting cabin that Kit Green had chosen – way in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

During the experiment, Pat Price and Ingo Swann began to remote view the location and they began writing down all the things that they saw, perceived and felt there.

Now, what Kit Green did not know at that time, was that close by to the hunting cabin he had randomly chosen, was a secret underground military installation.  Inside this military installation was a secret room, and inside the secret room was a secret filing cabinet, which contained top secret code names and lots of secret information that only those with the highest security clearance had access to.

While they were remote viewing, Pat Price & Ingo Swann, entered the room, opened the looked filing cabinet drawer and read off all the names on all the files.  The names were to do with billiards e.g. 8 Ball, Q ball things like that.

And then, after they finished the experiment, Pat Price and Ingo Swann created a written report of their findings – which you always have to do when using the method of controlled remote viewing, and they gave their report to Kit Green who had asked them to view a target in the first place.  So Kit Green took a look at their report and there was all this description of filing cabinets and billiard terms and so  at first glance, he thought that the experiment hadn’t worked.   However,  Kit Green passed the report up the chain of command – and apparently the big chiefs at the top of the chain were thrown into a frenzy of disbelief.   They thought we had spies, but eventually they came to realise that this was true telepathic information.

Pat Price and Ingo Swan used a technique called bilocation: and bilocation is a phenomena  is when you buy into the virtual reality you created so strongly that you feel you are truly there – you lose touch with your surroundings – you are at the location of the target in every way mentally and physically.  Your body temperature may rise in response to the high temperatures present at the target site or you may experience nausea because of something moving rapidly at the target site.  They had bilocated to the target, which is when they were able to stick their head into the filing cabinet to see what was in there.

With scientific experiments like these taking place with these phenomenal and inexplicable results,  the US military obviously realised they had a massive breach in their security and needed somehow to defend against it.  So, they created a military unit in which they could research this paranormal phenomena.  They chose some abandoned buildings in a place called Fort Mead, in Maryland, USA and they enrolled a team of people to thoroughly, scientifically and methodically, research and refine what we now all term “remote viewing”.

For 20 years the US government funded all the research and of course it was all performed in secret. In 1978 the US Army created a unit to use Remote Viewing operationally, often collecting intelligence against foreign adversaries.  In the 80’s funding was hard to come by. In 1986, under army sponsorship it combined with the DIA, the Defence intelligence Agency and in 1991 – it renamed its programme “Star Gate”.  Portions of the programme were declassified in 1995. 

During its lifetime, the Remote Viewing Unit gathered intelligence against a broad range of targets.  Things like strategic missile forces, political leaders, hostage situations, secret installations, terrorist groups, counternarcotics operations, things like this with huge success.  And failures too.  There are always failures.

Despite this, the CIA put out a document in 1995, stating that they had decided Remote Viewing was not useful as an intelligence collection tool after all, despite the 20 years of financial support they had been putting into it. They downplayed it and stated something along the lines of remote viewing being deemed totally useless as an intelligence collection resource.

However, it is understood that the US military then began putting their top-secret facilities in the middle of amusement parks or China Town – places that are very colourful and busy – because these kinds of places makes it harder for psychics and remote viewers to see.  Emotional attractors are so powerful – we get drawn to them instead of the actual target – hard for a remote viewer to separate out a boring top secret location with table, chairs – it can be psychically ‘protected’ by a more exciting environment, whereby a psychic might get distracted and ‘view’ or look at the wrong things in the location.

In remote viewing, the viewer not only verbalizes what he or she is perceiving, but usually also records in writing, in sketches, and sometimes even in three-dimensional modelling the results of the remote viewing episode, or “session.”

So what have we learned so far about remote viewing?

No one really knows where information comes from, how it is delivered or how we are able to process it.  There are lots of theories but no real answers.  The current theory which is most popular – is that there is some form of emission – thought of as coming from the target – some kind of transfer mechanism, e.g. a transmission device or method and some form of receiver e.g. remote viewer.  No-one has any idea what the truth is. 

Mankind is trying to use observation and logic when it comes to deciding how reality operates, yet we still struggle to understand the laws of how time and space operate.

We do not receive perfect transmission.  The information that comes into the remote viewer’s awareness is not totally intact or whole, it can come in, in bits and pieces.  We can build these up in to a clearer and more whole picture of the target. As a remote viewer – you are a conduit for unattached information.

A psychic such as myself, and possibly you, the listener, is someone who uses different tools to practice their trade, for example scrying using a crystal ball, or mirror or maybe tarot cards. Some psychics receive their information spontaneously, some are trained, most operate within the boundaries of their own rules. they do not follow a specific method for receiving information, they do their own thing working with their own intuition in their own way, using their innate clairsenses without any particular method being used other than something that is particular to them as an individual. 

A large part of becoming a successful remote viewer will be developing your ability to quieten the inner dialogue, let go of ego, let go of self doubt, and let go over the outcome.  We have to remain the observer and not the evaluator.  Write down what you see, feel, or perceive.

There are also many different types of remote viewing, Outbounder or Beacon Remote Viewing;  

Associative Remote Viewing, CRV – Co-ordinate Remote Viewing (now known as Controlled Remote Viewing), Precognitive remote viewing, ERV – extended remote viewing, SRV – Scientific remote viewing, TRV – technical remote viewing, Natural Remote Viewing, Dream Remote Viewing, Medical Remote viewing, I mean the list goes on and on.

The type of Remote Viewing carried out by the US military and funded for 20 years by the CIA was Controlled Remote Viewing which is an interview and report methodology.  They had to show their workings out, provide accurate data entered into spreadsheets and computers.  Lyn Buchanan, a world-renowned expert on remote viewing and its potential was a psychic spy for the US military and in his incredible book, The Seventh Sense, he talks about one of his tasks, which was keeping an accurate database.  Lyn says, “Results weren’t classed as a success or a failure – but rather data was scored and entered into spreadsheets.  The computer would then calculate the number of correct or incorrect perceptions.  This data, entered over hundreds of targets, gives a remote viewer a track record or “dependability rating”. If the data entered into a computer gives a score of 60% correct for instance, that does not mean the person is 60% psychic.  But over hundreds of sessions, if that psychic consistently and repeatedly averages 60 percent, then we can begin to say that they have a dependability rating of 60 percent., in other words, you can depend on 60 percent of the information they provide to be accurate. It is also a way to tell what a Remote Viewer’s strengths and weaknesses are.  Their work can be looked at and we can see what types of information they get correct and what type they get wrong and what is not able to be scored.  Over time, a profile of that person’s work will emerge and it might show a 99 percent dependability in naming objects and 50 percent dependability in naming colours.  So if the police want to know the colour of the getaway car, they can look into the database and find someone who is good at colours”.

The 20 years of computer data in the US military, showed proven results time and time and time again, in order to demonstrate that their methods worked, in order to be given more funding the following year to continue the experiments, year after year after year.

The work of psychics such as myself, who use Remote Viewing outside of methodology or protocol is just as relevant and important.  We should be so very grateful to Ingo Swann, Father of Remote Viewing, who dedicated a great portion of his life to investigating the subject of ESP and clairvoyance and for demonstrating that each of us carries a dormant psychic ability that we can explore and use ourselves.

One thing we can be sure of.  Remote Viewing works.  And it works incredibly well.


I really hope you have found this episode intriguing and inspiring. If you are interested in studying this topic a little further, I invite you to join me on my Remote Viewing 6-month mentorship programme – there are just a handful of places left.  Go to my website, anntheato.com and click on courses and events.

As ever, there are show notes available with a full transcript, on my website for this and any episode of the podcast.

Wishing you a fantastic couple of weeks ahead.  My name is Ann Théato and thank you for listening to Psychic Matters.



Reach by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.


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