Michael Anderson

Receiving a Soul Reading from Ann Théato was like having a soothing balm applied. As she worked with me I could feel the gentleness, beauty and kindness of her own soul.
What impressed me most was how she skillfully felt into my personal spirituality and the way I connect with the God source. This was such an intimate moment of connection to share with another person and I am grateful for the experience!
In addition Ann gave me information about where my soul felt confined as well as how I might allow it to express more at this time.
Most of what she told me left me feeling that I’m doing a pretty good job of being connected to and living from my soul at this time. What a lovely affirmation to receive.

Catherine Corkery

I would like to thank you Ann for the lovely reading today. You brought through my loved ones in such a beautiful way-You truly got their essence leaving me in no doubt that they are here with me. We often don’t realise how healing it can be for us as humans to hear from our loved ones in Spirit and today’s reading with you was very much that for me so thanks again Ann.

Nikki Morgan

Nikki Morgan

I’ve been blessed to have had a reading with Ann. Ann was able to bring my family members in spirit through to me and deliver their messages in such a loving and heartfelt way. Ann is a gifted medium and I would recommend her to anyone looking to connect with their loved ones in spirit. Thank you again Ann! You’re a blessing!

Cindy Kay Jones

Cindy Kay Jones

My session with Ann was truly refreshing, healing and inspirational. Her friendly manner made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. She has an amazing gift and I’m so grateful she chooses to share this gift with others, to help them through their journey. Ann’s readings during my session were totally accurate, and were presented to me in a very professional, sincere manner. I’m so glad I found her and the gift she chooses to share with others!

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