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I teach professionals, beginners and all those with a curious mind, the steps necessary to deepen intuition & use heightened sensitivity to communicate between the physical and spirit worlds to easily attain wisdom, inspiration and loving guidance.








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Anne Dancu

Anne Dancu

Thank you Ann for the very personal and touching mediumship session. I was lifted and moved by the expression of my loved ones as they communicated through you. The evidence that you presented was clear and told a small bit of the each of my relatives’ story. I could feel their presence through you and the love they brought to me. This was a very rich experience that I already treasure.

Niki Akhurst

Niki Akhurst

I have had several tarot readings over the years but having recently had one from Ann, I wont be going anywhere else. It was honestly as if she was inside my head. The details she gave from past and present were SO accurate that it was as if she had been by my side through it all. Her reading of the cards was very sensitive in terms of some of the difficult areas that she covered and how she conveyed them, as well as being able to give me guidance on potential outcomes for unfolding situations and what path I might choose moving forward. Ann is an excellent reader and seer and I cant recommend her highly enough. She is truly gifted.

George Koury

George Koury

Ann Theato is a truly wonderful Medium. I’ve had several readings with Ann. She has always given me great insights and the accuracy of her readings is wonderful. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking contact with a departed loved one and guidance on one’s important life decisions.

Mediumship Reading

Ann will connect with the spirit world and endeavour to communicate with your friends & loved ones to deliver messages which often specify what they see of our world and who they are with on the other side. Messages frequently include names, dates and locations and each uplifting message ensures that each sitter will leave feeling comforted, inspired and encouraged to embrace all that life has to offer.
£100 (60 min session)

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression enables you to leave the physical body behind and experience the truth of yourself as a soul being.  In this spiritual state, you can travel back and forth in time and between time – to lives once lived and lives still yet to come.  As your Soul Self, you can access the Spiritual Realm to converse with Guides & Angels, attain wisdom from Spiritual Masters and reunite once again with the souls of those whom you dearly love.
£150 (90 min session)

Time Travel Reading

Time Travel Readings have been developed by, and are unique to, Ann Théato.  Using the techniques of regression therapy, quantum healing hypnosis, trance mediumship and visualisation, Ann you will help you to enter a deep state of trance, guiding your subconscious into the tranquillity of the Spirit Realm, where you can once again enjoy the company and conversation of those who reside there.
£150 (90 min session)

Psychic Reading

Whether you have concerns about relationships, wealth or career, Ann will use her many psychic skills to put you at ease, connect with your energy and give you a clear picture of your future potential. Within the time, Ann will look at specific areas of your life in which you seek guidance and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.
£100 (60 min session)

Soul Reading

We have been put on Earth to express our soul’s highest purpose yet once incarnate we often forget why we are here, becoming restless and unfulfilled. A Soul Reading can bring about powerful transformation, enabling you to heal by changing physical and emotional patterns. A Soul Reading will give you the ability to trust in your own intuitive knowing and enable you to master your life and your world.
£100 (60 min session)


The Lady Prickers

The area of East Anglia in England has a brutal and sinister history. This area was once riddled with witchcraft and the legacy of witchcraft is so engrained in the history of the land, that for a long time, the entire region was unable to shake off the stigma and...

Forest Bathing – Medicine for Mental Health

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home. Wilderness is a necessity.” ~ John Muir   You Can’t Live Without Fresh Air Humans spend, on average, about 90% of our time in buildings. ...


Every physical life you have ever lived across the centuries and all of the time you have spent in the spiritual realm, has been recorded and stored deep in your subconscious mind. This is your soul’s history and your soul memory contains your true wisdom. Past life...

7 Mini Meditations For The Week Ahead

MEDITATE ON THE PATTERN OF A LEAFPick a leaf and allow your eyes to rest on the overall pattern.   Allow the shapes, lines and colours to penetrate your unconscious.  Become aware that the image is both in front of you and inside your mind.   MEDITATE ON THE FACE...

Respect Your Elders

The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient whilst nature cures the disease. ~ Voltaire Respect Your Elders ~ the medicine chest of the country people My doctor is a tree.  An Elder tree to be precise. Trot down to you nearest green space, hunt about for the...

What are the Benefits of a Soul Reading?

A Soul Reading helps us to know who and what we are at a soul level. Our soul is that part of us which “knows” who we truly are. It is the part of us who unconditionally loves and adores us - who always sees the good and true within us. It is the stillness within. The...

5 Ways To Prepare For Your Tarot Reading

Tarot is a tool for gaining greater insight into a situation as it really is without being influenced by your added emotional attachment. In order to get the best results, you need to give some careful thought as to exactly what you want to know and what it is you wish to get from your Tarot session.

Creating Sacred Space

The quieter you become, the more you can hear. ~ Ram Dass Creating a sacred space in your home, however tiny, can help keep you connected with your true spirit self. It can be a place to remember your loved ones, to count your blessings and to remind you of what peace...

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