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Psychic Matters is in the top 1.5% most popular shows globally, out of 2,903,747 podcasts. It is listened to in 108 countries and 5,071 cities and towns across the world with just over 71,000 downloads to date.

Ann Théato, International Psychic Medium and Spiritual Tutor, investigates psychic development, mediumship techniques, and paranormal science, so that you can come to understand your own innate psychic ability and expand your knowledge, whilst learning to develop a curious mind.

Listen to this show and you’ll not only learn how to develop your spiritual gifts from the comfort of your own home, but you’ll also investigate the teachings of experts across the globe and gain their wisdom, advice and spiritual wealth.

A mix of interviews, step by step guides, unique teachings, special co-hosts and solo shows you do not want to miss.

Ann redefines the significance of living!

The mission behind the Psychic Matters Podcast is to teach proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development and to investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, advice and spiritual wealth.

It is a free resource to serve those of us, who for whatever reason, can’t attend classes.

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Podchaser - Psychic Matters!

Episode 70 - How Do We Attune To The Spirit World?
Episode 69 - Dedication To The Craft of Mediumship
Episode 68 - Bringing Healing Back To Medicine
Episode 67 - Uncovering Intuition
Episode 66 - Midlife Medium
Episode 65 - Adventures Of A Spiritual Journeyman - Explored
Episode 64 - 8 Secrets To Powerful Manifesting
Episode 63 - A Life Far From Ordinary
Episode 62 - Psychic Generations
Episode 61 - Pet Psychic
Episode 60 - A Human Love Story
Episode 59 - Ireland's Thin Places : Between Two Worlds
Episode 58 - The Role Of The Soul
Episode 57 - I Am A Spiritualist
Episode 56 - Psychical Research & Me
Episode 55 - Tarot Tips
Episode 54 - Demystifying Mediumship
Episode 53 - Growing With Meditation
Episode 52 - Grief Relief
Episode 51 - Championship Mediumship
Episode 50 - Spirit Through The Eyes Of A Child
Episode 49 - Life And Soul
Episode 48 - Mirror Divination
Episode 47 - Spirit Portrait Art
Episode 46 - Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts
Episode 45 - Honouring Your Sacred Space
Episode 44 - What Is Your Conscience?
Episode 43 - Trance Mediumship & Associated Phenomena
Episode 42 - My Work As A Soul Midwife
Episode 41 - The Joy Of Scrying
Episode 40 - Being Creatively Curious With Spirit
Episode 39 - Enhancing The Spirit Connection
Episode 38 - The Sacred Power Of Music
Episode 37 - Listen To Your Soul's Calling
Episode 36 - My Liquid Fish
Episode 35 - The Evolution Of Mediumship
Episode 34 - Trust Your Soul
Episode 33 - Living With The Moon
Episode 32 - 78 Degrees of Wisdom Explored
Episode 31 - Shinrin-Yoku - Forest Bathing
Episode 30 - Life In The Stars
Episode 29 - In Search Of Maria B. Hayden
Episode 28 - Life After Breath
Episode 27 - Honouring Grief, Befriending Death
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Psychic Matters - Episode 25
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