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“When you’re in it, it’s really hard, but if you can step back from it, a lot of times things make sense and you can look back in retrospect and it makes sense.  But if you’re able while you’re in it, just take a breath and sort of step back [and say] oh, okay, I think I see what’s going on here.  Okay, this is good, I’m going through another growth curve.”
– John David Latta


PM 084

My fascinating guest this week, is John David Latta, who shares with us his extraordinary stories of what happened when he threw himself into Unconditional Love with sincerity and earnestness. 

He was a single father of two young children; terrified and stalked by an oppressive fear of death, he was at rock bottom, facing loneliness and bankruptcy. 

John threw himself into many unique and extremely personal experiences which he willingly shares with us throughout this episode, experiences that challenged his state of awareness and utterly transformed his life. 


You’ll Learn

  • That spiritual unfoldment takes time

  • The value in synchronicities

  • The importance of compassion

  • How to look at the bigger picture

  • Why dreams are sacred

  • How we make the unconscious conscious

  • To keep a dream journal

  • What is the goal of Kundalini

  • How to explore your deepest desires

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Hello everyone, my name is Ann Théato and welcome to the Psychic Matters podcast, episode number 84.

Thank you to all my clients this month who booked a Spiritual Assessment with me – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you all and I’m so happy to say that we raised £300 for a charity very close to my heart – The Actor’s Children’s Trust or ACT for short. But what is a spiritual assessment, Ann, I hear you ask? It’s a psychic reading, specifically for those developing their spiritual abilities and skills, where a medium will sit with you in a 1:1 setting and feel into your energy and offer their perceptions of your spiritual journey and progress so far.  It’s a way for you to discover if you are on the right pathway, or to help you get unstuck if you are lost on the path, or if you want validation or guidance on how to progress spiritually, and where to train, what to read, who to turn to next for your professional development.  If you like the sound of that and would like to book a Spiritual Assessment for yourself I have just two spaces left this weekend.  Because they’ve been so popular, I have opened up another 12 appointment slots in March, so if you’d like to book one, try to get an appointment before they are all taken – and you can book by visiting my website anntheato.com and look under events.

My fascinating guest this week, is John David Latta, who shares with us his extraordinary stories of what happened when he threw himself into Unconditional Love with sincerity and earnestness.  He was a single father of two young children; terrified and stalked by an oppressive fear of death, he was at rock bottom, facing loneliness and bankruptcy.  John threw himself into many unique and extremely personal experiences which he willingly shares with us throughout this episode, experiences that challenged his state of awareness and transformed his life.  Go get yourself a cup of tea and a spot on the sofa, as you listen and mark my words – once you’ve listened to this episode, you may never be able to fall asleep again without a dream journal and pen at your bedside.

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Ann: Mystic, Author, Teacher, successful founder, and CEO of a multimillion-dollar consumer products company, John David Latta is in the studio today. John, welcome to Psychic Matters.

John: Thank you, Ann. I really appreciate the invitation and I’m, excited to talk to with you.

Ann: Oh, bless you. Thank you for making time for us. It’s fortuitous as well that we’re speaking today of all days because it’s Valentine’s Day and it is of course, the perfect day to discuss your incredible book, The Synchronicity of Love, which is filled with your own amazing first-person stories that heal and transform an awake joy I feel in the reader, because I read it. You very kindly sent a copy to me in the post before this interview, and it was such a joy to read. It was a pleasure and I found it so fascinating. Every little, tiny chapter was a little excerpt from your life, almost like reading your personal diary of your spiritual unfoldment, and you wrote John with such honesty and such raw authenticity, and you’re so open and honest about how you feel about things.

So maybe we could start with you speaking about how this book came about.

John: That’s a big question. Let’s see how the book came about. I think the reason the book came about was a little over 20 years ago I had fallen in love with a book that Michael Crichton, the author had written. Michael Crichton is very well known for lots of fictional novels that were turned into movies, and he made TV shows. But a lot of people don’t know that he wrote a non-fiction book called Travels, and it was sort of his autobiography and it was written similar to mine, a series of vignettes of his life, short stories.

And he also went through a kind of a midlife crisis, you might say, but at a young age and a very unusual way. At the age of 30, he realized he’d achieved every goal he ever set out for in his life, and he had no idea what he was gonna do for the rest of his life. And he was freaking out and moved to Maui and started buying $500 worth of books at a time.

And suddenly everything he said was equally uninteresting. He had no idea what he was going to do, and so he ended up signing up for his first ever spiritual retreat and we were talking off the air just before this began, about he also went to see the teacher who went by the name of Brugh, Brugh Joy, a very popular spiritual teacher in California in probably the seventies, eighties and nineties.

And was an eminent physician who turned spiritual teacher, and I loved reading the stories in his book. And I especially loved reading the story about the spiritual retreat. Even though at that stage in my life I was very dogmatically, anti-spiritual and anti-religious, and very rational and competitive and kind of hard, high-energy guy.

And that story and that book changed my life because little did I know that my life was about to go all to hell and everything that could go wrong all went wrong at the same time. And I was looking for a lifeline and I looked up that Brugh guy and thought, I wonder if he’s still doing workshops, ‘cause Michael Crichton had gone all the way back in 1982.

And here it was the year 2002 and I went, and there he was on the internet. It looked like he was teaching the exact same thing that Michael Crichton went to 20 years earlier. I signed up on the spot. I was so deep in debt at that time. I remembered thinking, well, I’m, if I’m gonna go bankrupt, another couple thousand isn’t gonna matter

And so, I went to the retreat. And literally the synchronicities began when I signed up for the retreat. I hadn’t even gone yet, and strange things started happening. And so, coming back to your question, why did I write the book? Because for the next 20 years, everything in my life changed in ways that I didn’t think were possible.

I didn’t believe. My wife likes to say, my book should have been called Rigid Rational Male transforms into Random Accidental Mystic . And I was so grateful for Michael Crichton writing that book that I wanted to give back in the same way.

Ann: I mean, it’s an extraordinary story. So, you talk there of the synchronicities that you suddenly became aware of that started to happen.

So, before that, before you went to that workshop with Brugh, had you been aware of any synchronicity in your life before?

John: No, never. And I didn’t think I even knew what the word meant. I think I would’ve just called it a coincidence. I don’t think I used the word like synchronicity or serendipity or miracles. I might have said, wow, what a coincidence. You know, I’m on the, I’m on the plane flying to the retreat and as the plane is touching down, the woman next to me is reading Brugh’s book and I’m very nervous going to the retreat, even though I love Michael Crichton’s tale of his experiences there.

I had been so avidly anti spiritual. I just was genuinely nervous and scared. I hadn’t been going to church since maybe the age of 14 and was probably a part-time Catholic at best growing up, and so I was nervous. And here’s this sweet little grandmother from Kalispell, Montana. You know this tiny town, and she’s reading his book and we’re checking each other out.

She goes, well, I’m really nervous. And I said, well, I am too. She goes, well, you look normal. Well, you look normal too. And I counted 180 people on the plane. The only two people going to this workshop is me and the woman. And we’re sitting side by side. And again, I just, at that time, just chalked it up to a coincidence.

I wasn’t the type that said, oh, it’s a sign. It’s another synchronicity. But it kept happening more and more and more after that.

Ann: And so, at that point, let’s go back, let’s go back. So, you are the Chief Executive Officer of this wonderful company that you set up, and obviously you were at some point in that company flourishing, and it was all going very well. So, what happened to make you have this great crash in your life where things rapidly changed or maybe not rapidly, but certainly changed from good to not so good.

John: Yeah. Before I became CEO of my own company, I was the store manager in a large regional grocery chain here. And I’d managed a number of stores and I was probably around 39 or 40 years old at the time, and I left to start my own company. And then at the same time my wife got cancer and it came completely outta left field, entirely unexpected. She was young, healthy, took good care of herself. And in less than two weeks’ time from diagnosis to surgery, two weeks, they removed her entire thyroid gland at a bunch of lymph nodes.

And and to this day, has to take a synthetic thyroid hormone pill every day just to live, just to survive. And so that whole process, plus the follow up. Their version of chemotherapy is what they call radioactive iodine treatments where she had to be sequestered away from friends and family for sometimes two weeks at a time.

 It turned her inwards. She started reading books about God and the meaning of life, you might say, and at that point in age and stage and maturity in my life, I’m not sure I knew how to support what she was going through. Then I, was at that same time, left to start my own company and I want to build it big and fast.

And I had grand plans for it. And in two years, less than two years, I was $650,000 in debt. All of our money was gone. A quarter million of it was in personal credit card debt I borrowed against the house. I mean, every penny was gone. And and I didn’t see any sign of it being able to be turned around.

It was growing like mad, or if every dollar that was coming in, it seemed like there was $5 going out the door. And then to top it all off, I don’t know where it came from. Suddenly I had this horrifying fear of death, and so I’m probably in my early forties at the time and. And I, again, because I didn’t really have a religious or spiritual background to fall back on and it wasn’t something I thought about or confronted, it was terrifying to me.

And I kind of associated death with the body. And if the body dies, that’s the end of me, and that’s oblivion. And the oblivion, the forever part just terrified me. And, then in the middle of it all, my wife decides to leave and she wants a whole new life. She’s just had her own little internal life review as a result of the cancer and makes a whole new start.

And so now I’m a single dad with custody of my two kids, nine and 11, a business that’s hanging by a thread at best, and I’m a grown man running around behind closed doors, terrified of death. That was the beginning. And in all honesty, I think it actually would’ve taken something like that for me to even sign up for that workshop that I went to.

I was so kind of entrenched in my ego and personality, this sort of anti-spiritual, anti-religious, it took me hitting my own personal sort of rock bottom and, a lot of fear and worry and anxiety to go, I need to do something different.

Ann: It’s an incredible story, and as you speak there, I can only imagine how much of your conscious, analytical, logical mind was required to run your business.

John: Yeah.

Ann: Because you need to do that in the human world.

John: Yeah.

Ann: And so therefore, perhaps your unconscious, your soul self was not given a chance. You are so busy sorting all of that out, and it takes something extraordinary, as what happened to you and your wife who had her own transformation through her experience as well.

John: Mm-hmm.

Ann: To, to lift you to the next level of whatever you’re gonna experience in this world. So, I find the story absolutely fascinating. I really, really do. So, you are on your way to Brugh Joy’s workshop. [00:10:00] You have synchronicities where you meet the lady on the plane, you are reading the book, she’s going to the same place.

And I know that there were some other incredible synchronicities that happened when you actually got to that retreat. Do you want to speak about those?

John: Yeah. I mean, it’s oh, such a funny thing because, so my wife wants a whole new life, but she left for another guy. And so, I get to my retreat and my roommate is the equivalent of the other guy. He also had met a married woman. They’d fallen in love, she ran away with him, but now they were unhappy . And so, I’m sitting there like going, wow, this is really weird. Like, I’m at this workshop and essentially, I’m being paired up with this version of the other guy. And then I I get paired up with a gal a number of times during the workshop, and she tells me just quite openly, she’s planning to leave her husband and children when she gets back from the workshop, and her kids are about the same age as my kids, and I’m just horrified. Like, do you know how I’m thinking to myself?

I don’t really say it like, do you know how painful that is? You know, but after talking to her and talking to him and the whole workshop was all, infused with what I would call the energy of the heart centre, which to me feels like love, it feels like compassion. It was really when I got to know them and got to know their story.

And I remember the guy telling me, he goes, I guarantee your wife is in pain, John. You’re thinking, oh my God, she left all the responsibility to you. You’ve got the kids, you’ve got all this debt to deal with, all this fear and anxiety, and she’s run away and started a whole new life.

He goes, I guarantee she’s in pain too. And so, they, they weren’t the experiences and synchronicity I was hoping for you know when I signed up for the workshop. And so, what I ended up leaving with was the very seeds planted in what I would call compassion. Compassion for myself, compassion for my ex-wife, compassion for others.

 And, and weirdly we did almost all the exact same things that Michael Crichton did 20 years earlier, but I had a completely different experience than Michael did. And so, it was really cool. So, yeah, it was like life had an intention for me in doing this, and it wasn’t what I wanted, it was what exactly what I needed.

Ann: Yeah. And they are amazing synchronicities that you could see three dimensionally almost from everybody’s point of view, in this thing that unfolded. And you say in your book, if you can stand back from your suffering just a bit, you can get a glimpse of the bigger picture.

John: Exactly. Yep. Yeah, when you’re in it, it’s really, really hard. But if you can step back from it, a lot of times things make sense and you know, I like to say a lot of times when you’re really stuck in it, sometimes it just takes time and you can look back in retrospect and it makes sense. But if you’re able, while you’re in it, to just take a breath and sort of step back. Oh, okay. I think I see what’s going on here. Okay. This is good. I’m, I’m going through another growth curve.

Ann: Yeah. Yeah. And and I know it wasn’t easy for you ‘cause you speak in your book. You’re so true to your feelings when you don’t like something, you don’t like something, you don’t mess around sort of hedging your bets, you’re just like, no, I feel really uncomfortable. I don’t like it. And I found that really refreshing to read. So of course, we know you’ve come on this huge transformation from A to Z. But tell us a little bit about Brugh and his dream work, because dreams played a very, very important part for you, did they not?

John: They did and they still do today. Brugh taught and like his teacher taught him, that dreams were sacred. And the beauty of paying attention to your dreams, writing down your dreams, trying to understand your dreams, it’s all about making the unconscious conscious and our conscious mind Brugh used to love to say psychologists say we’re like, I forget, 20% conscious and 80% unconscious. And he goes, in my experience, we are 99.9999999%, repeating unconscious. And that’s a kind of a sobering thing when you think about it. Like how little we’re actually conscious of day in and day out. And so, anybody that’s tried to do any kind of grand, dramatic change in their life, you know, like, I wanna lose weight, I want to quit drinking, immediately bumps up with one part of them is saying, let’s do this, another part is saying, nope, not gonna do that. And so, by paying attention to dreams at least in the beginning it’s a doorway into your unconscious. And so much of the time we’re being driven by the unconscious. It’s also been said that if you want to know the truth about you or yourself or another person, look at the dreams.

Cause the dreams always speak with unvarnished honesty. And and they can be kind of humbling and embarrassing. And all the parts you may be wanted to hide about yourself, they’re all right there in the dreams. And I think he said he liked Carl Jung and Jung loved to work with dreams too.

And if we make the unconscious conscious, then our lives are less driven by what we call fate. But that’s just the beginning. And I didn’t know that. So, I threw myself into dreamwork. He had a dream forum. He had a really wonderful ritual for remembering a dream.

And I I started doing the little ritual, and I’ll share it here. As you get in bed have a recording device or a notebook and a pen or a pencil, something to record a dream. Put it next to your bed. And as you’re drifting off to sleep, imagine yourself in your mind’s eye standing at the edge of a cliff, and you turn your back to the abyss, take all your clothes off, completely naked and fall back into the abyss in total trust and ask for a dream.

And so, I started doing that night after night, and. Sure enough, I had a dream. Maybe I remembered like three seconds of the dream, a little more, a little more. And I don’t remember what it was. Maybe a couple of weeks and suddenly I’ve gone like five dreams a night coming through. It’s like this flood coming through.

And then anybody that’s began dreamwork will understand that remembering the dream, writing down the dream is half of it, but now you’re looking at a dream that makes no sense. It’s a little bit sometimes like Alice Wonderland. They’re very rarely literal direct in your face and so they mostly are speaking in symbols and so it does take time to learn to work with the symbols.

And there are personal meanings to dreams. There are cultural meanings to dreams, there’s universal meanings to dreams. And a symbol of, you know, it cracks me up. I have a couple of books on dream [00:17:00] symbols and it’s amazing how a serpent is revered in India. But reviled as the devil and Christianity, or same with the crow, and the crow is so many good things, but in Christianity it’s evil and the devil. So , it’s really tough, but there’s a language there, and it’s your language. And when you learn to read it and understand it, it’s a beautiful doorway into greater consciousness. And what I didn’t know was it was also the doorway into what I would call communication with my higher self-communication with other beings, communication with guides and angels.

What I think a lot of people attribute to intuition and things like that. And there’s a chapter late in my book that I call The Spectrum of Dreams, and I think I wrote down like 15 or 20 different kinds of dreams. And I love Dreams. One of my favourite books is Second Sight by Judith Orloff, and she also has had a lot of interesting dreams, highly psychic from a young age and she would talk about if I went three or four or five days out a dream, I’d feel lost, and then I’d have this beautiful dream and I would just infuse my entire essence with kind of a sense of gratitude and joy that would last for a few days. And so that’s, that’s really how it’s been for me.

Ann: It’s great that you’ve given us that ritual as well that we can try out now at home, but what about people that might say to you, yeah, but John, I never dream, I never remember my dreams, so there’s no point.

John: Yeah. The answer is I think there actually are some people like that, and my understanding is, not everybody is visual. I mean, this podcast is called Psychic Matters, and so you’re probably aware that how people get psychic messages are different. There are people that get it. They get what I would call. A download. They just know. They don’t know how they know; they just know. Some people they get voices that speak to them beyond just their chattering mind.

It’s clearly a different voice. They get information. Some people get through their feeling levels it’s kind of a kinaesthetic thing. They just, when somebody says, I trust my gut, that’s a real thing for them. And some like me are primarily, but not exclusively more visually oriented.

And some people have said if the connection to and development of one’s astro body is not highly developed, it actually can be hard to see a dream. That having been said, I think my experience, most people just haven’t gone through the process of actually asking. Actually, experiencing the dream.

My wife is one of those people that’s probably more kinaesthetically oriented and said, I don’t dream, I don’t remember my dreams. And, but she’s having dreams now. They’re little, they’re harder to hold onto, I think, visually and memory than it is for me. But it can be done. So that’s a long way of saying I think it’s easier for some people than for others.

But if you ask sincerely and you ask whatever God or your angels or your guides like, I’m ready. I wanna have some dreams, and you go through that little ritual night after night, you have something to record. I, my experiences for most people, dreams will come true.

Ann: And I think my Thank you for that, John. That’s really interesting as well. I think my great takeaway from reading about your dream experiences was how you put your faith and trust in other beings who would come to you, that you would explore that and you were very free and open to receive whatever was given to you in your dreams. I found that really interesting ’cause it’s easy to just dismiss it and write it down or just not really invest in it, but you invested in it and wanted more and wanted more. And you got more. And you got more.

John: Yeah. No, you’re exactly right. And, and I think the, the seeking more was because the more I like to say in my, in this lifetime, in this journey, I like to say I’m walking the path of the fool . And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean it in sort of an innocent way.

Like there’s so many things that I bumped into that at least in this lifetime, I didn’t know were available to me. And so, I think anybody that ever bumbles into say a lucid dream accidentally, will say that was freaking amazing. It’s just so cool. Again, that chapter in the book, there’s so many different types of dreams that I kind of did go into it.

Like the open-minded explorer, like, well, show me more. Oh my God, I didn’t know that was, you know. I share, like I said, so many different types of dreams. One I’ll share that was so random. I’m having this hyper vivid dream where I’m standing, say waist deep with the ocean on the beach in Southern California.

And it’s at sunrise and it’s really beautiful, and all of a sudden there’s an earthquake and I can feel the sand shifting underneath my feet. And I’m thinking this is the coolest thing on earth. I’m standing waist deep in the ocean during an earthquake and it feels so unusual. Boom. I wake up, I write down this dream that I was standing in the ocean waist.

During an earthquake, and it was 6 32 in the morning. I get up, I go to work, da, da da, and I hear on the radio there was an earthquake in Southern California at 6 32 in the morning, . I’m like, I know I was there . And my rational mind is like, how the heck can you explain that? And so, things like that were happening all the time that I just didn’t know were possible.

Ann: That’s just extraordinary. I love that story. Yeah. And then you had visitations from goddesses and, and can you speak a little about that too?

John: Yeah. If I, if you could say my spiritual journey began when I went to that retreat two years later. So, I’m running my company and like I said, it’s, the sales are great, but the profit is not there.

I’m just bleeding lots of cash. But I had the opportunity to appear on qvc, the Home Shopping Network, and I was excited, but I was also nervous. Because they said we, we would have 700,000 new viewers every 60 seconds and I’d never appeared on live TV before. And so, they said, yeah, you have basically seven minutes to sell as much as you want.

It’s kind of a casual conversation over the backyard fence, kinda like you and I are having here. Just a casual conversation, don’t hard sell anybody. And anyway, I sold a fair amount of product. Not a ton, but not a little, kind of in between. I went back to my hotel room in Philadelphia. And I was having a hard time sleeping and and I had all this joy in my body and I just assumed it was because I didn’t screw up live on TV and the relief that it was over and it seemed to go pretty well.

And at midnight, I’m laying there dozing, I’m on my back just laying there, kind of half-asleep trying to go to sleep. And all of a sudden I feel what feels like an orgasm in my root chakra, my perineum. Which another, there’s another example, like, who the hell knew that was possible and it just permeates my whole body with this beautiful, like, blissful.

I, I called it orgasmic honey. And and I’m like, part of me is like, what the heck was that? I don’t know. It sure felt good and then a few minutes later happens again. And then again and again, and it goes on and on. I don’t know the exact time. I wanna say a few hours. And finally, I have to get up and I’m shaking off all the energy in my body.

And I’m, part of me is like, I have no idea what’s going on with me. And so, barely slept. Hop on a plane, fly home. I email a bunch of people from that retreat two years earlier that I thought might know, and they said, sounds like Kundalini rising. Look it up. And so, I look it up and I’m like, oh yeah, that is kind of what is happening.

And so, from that day forward began my, what I call my dance with the goddess and. Energy is sometimes referred to as Shakti. It’s sometimes called feminine energy, earth energy sexual energy, primal energy. And that’s how it all felt to me. And every two or three nights, the energy would come again and all sorts of crazy things would happen.

Part of which were all sorts of crazy visions of goddesses. You know, young ones, old ones, middle-aged, ones tall, ones, short ones, redheads, brunettes, blondes. I had the best sex of my entire life with goddesses. Everything in my inner world was changing. In fact, it’s funny, I remember having a dream where I was back at my original career where it was a grocery store manager and now, I come back and I don’t know how to things run anymore cuz it’s all being run by women.

And they’re like, oh, it’s okay John. We’re gonna show you how everything runs and it works now and it’s like, hey, I got it . And without knowing it, and it all makes sense in retrospect, this sort of me, the kind of rigid, rational, high energy, competitive masculine was being I would say balance was being presented to my life, an entire, like my entire feminine side, or what people usually associate with the feminine was being awakened.

And I wanna say integrated in my life in a way that I never had before. And that went on for years afterwards. Most intense, probably the first six months. And the funny thing is I would find myself waking up in strange yoga positions, doing strange things with my hands, even though I didn’t practice yoga.

Ann: Wow, that’s extraordinary. That’s amazing. So, I dunno much about Kundalini rising or anything like that, John, but I was fascinated by all of that. And from what you’ve just said, is that something that. people that are listening could experience for themselves or how, how do we make that happen for us? You know, and what is the benefit of it, I suppose.

John: You know, Ann I love to chat,

Ann: apart from it, sounding incredibly pleasurable.

John: yeah. And terrifying at times. But more pleasure than pain. Yeah, it was scary a lot of times. But it was enthralling too. That is the most common question I get when people read my book. How do I get some of that Kundalini? And the answer is, I don’t know. But here’s what I found out. All cultures around the earth talk about energy. They use different names. I think Christianity, they call it movement of the Holy Spirit. And and I, I’ve forgotten all the different names to different cultures, call it.

But in the classic Hindu explanation of it, this energy called Shakti Awakens in the, in the root chakra and rises up and purifies all the chakras and meets Shiva in the crown, which is like the masculine principle, and they forever enjoy union there in the crown, masculine feminine, in union, working together.

And so that’s the goal of the Kundalini, as as I understand it. As to how, and there are all sorts of practices to awaken the Kundalini .Kundalini yoga’s been around for forever and a lot of people do it exactly for that reason. They want to awaken this energy. And so, I wasn’t doing any specific practices when it happened, but I was doing something and I actually think, looking back, it was valuable.

I really trusted that first teacher Brugh, and he said, I teach heart-centred meditation to my beginning students, to my advanced students, and to my advanced, advanced, advanced students. And so, I really trusted this sort of spending time in the Heart Centre, that seat of unconditional love, that seat of unity, that kind of unifies masculine and feminine.

Heaven and earth, soul and spirit, body and mind. And combined with the dreamwork, you might say. I did a lot of personal work in a short period of time. A lot of integration of different aspects of myself, a lot of things that I was afraid of learning to move through them. And so, I think without knowing it consciously, at the time I was preparing myself for this energy.

And so, I don’t know, I think sometimes it’s funny, there’s a spiritual teacher that’s quite popular that writes books on enlightenment, and he calls himself Adi Ashanti, which means primordial peace. And one of my favourite books from him is called The end of your world. Straight talk on the nature of enlightenment.

And he talks about how common it is for people to have a glimpse. Might be a few seconds, might be a few minutes, might be hours, days, weeks, maybe even a few months of what he calls awakening, but he goes, People rarely wake up wide awake and stay awake. They wake up, they get a glimpse, and then they go back to sleep again.

And people are always kind of bereft like, oh my God, I had it, but I lost it. And what do I do now? And he says, return to cleaning up. All the things that trigger you, all the things that you’re afraid of. It’s not very sexy or exciting but doing that sort of personal work I think is what opened the doors to all of this energy coming through.

I also learned Interestingly that Kundalini, one lady described it as balancing energy, and so she had a very different experience from all the other books I had read about. She already was primarily feminine and the energy came through and brought in all of the masculine for her. And so, she said, I think if you’ve been living a one-sided, Which I definitely was, that that energy of transformation is far more intense.

If you’re more balanced to begin with, maybe even more healed to begin with. I think the energy is more subtle, but almost everybody at some point or points in their life will experience, energy is the best way I can put it.

Ann: Yeah, it’s beautiful. It’s fabulous. Thank you for that explanation from your point of view. That’s really interesting. So, dreams basically became your teachers?

John: Yes. Yeah. They still are today.

Ann: Amazing. And this whole thing has taken you through this journey of unfoldment to understand more about synchronicities and how they unfold in one’s lifetime.

John: If you remember at the end of my book, my grand conclusion from the whole Kundalini thing with me.

So again, in the classic Sanskrit or Hindu text, shakti rises and meets in Shiva in the crown, and they forever enjoy union. I’m gonna call it at the top of the head or above the head. Here’s been my experience so far, and I’m gonna see if I can tie these together. If you remember, I had a really, really, really extraordinary experience with Mother Mary where I saw her, as clear as I’m looking at you or my desk or the microphone. I had high ceilings in the bedroom and there she was in her light body as clear as can be and never, I’m not usually clairvoyant during the day with, you know, my day-to-day world. But there she is, and I’m like, oh my God.

And so, I’m with another woman and before I can say, oh my god, mother Mary is here. My experience of it is she literally comes into my body and fills it with what I would call ecstasy, like it was beyond ecstasy. And the first thing I became aware of was my body’s not built to contain this.

Like my body’s going to blow up from too much amperage, too much electricity and, what it felt like was too much ecstasy. And at the same time, there was love almost beyond belief and. And it lasted for maybe 10 seconds and then it was over. And because right before it ended, I thought, this is it, I’m gonna blow up.

 Over time my experience with Kundalini and experiences like this sort of taught me, you may have heard a lot of people are talking about Earth is ascending. All of its inhabitants are moving to a higher vibration. Well, for that to happen, each individual body has to go through a reconstruction process, a process that I think is underway for probably most of humanity right now in dribs and drabs and little bits.

And so, I think my experience with the Kundalini taught me was, that’s what all that energy was. It was remodelling my body. And because about four or five years after the onset of all that energy, then came this beautiful, really beautiful, what I would call the descent of light from above down into the body.

And so, I think this is an ongoing process for all of mankind where the body is being upgraded to contain more of what I would just call divinity or a higher vibration. Some people say the soul. My soul. Your soul. Only a tiny part of it is actually in the body. The other is out there and, and sometimes the goal is to bring more of that soul into the body.

And so, another way to look at moving upwards and consciousness or moving towards enlightenment isn’t so much ascending and moving up as it is bringing. You might say God or divinity or your soul down into the body, but that can’t happen unless the body’s remodelled first. And so that’s been my experience and I got to experience it and witness it, and it all kind of makes sense.

They all go together with sort of trying to clean up your personal issues to the degree that you can. Trusting the universe has some sense of divine timing about when to remodel your body. And then more and more of what I’ve called higher vibration or divinity or soul or whatever you wanna call it, comes down into the body so that hopefully we’re all embodied in this higher state.

Now, I don’t know if this is gonna take place over many, many, many generations. I can’t really tell you, but I think that that’s what’s a foot on earth. And while most of the fireworks have ended for me now, I still think it’s ongoing. I still have days where like, what the hell is going on now? I can hardly get out of bed.

I feel like I weigh a thousand pounds, there’s days where I just like, oh my God, I just have to go lay down. And, and it’s entirely unrelated to health or disease or illness or anything like that. And I’ve had dreams that have told me like, yes, this is the ascension process that’s that’s a foot right now.

 After all of that, that was the conclusion in my book that mankind and myself are involved in this body remodel and then more higher vibration will take root in this newly remodelled body and they’re kind of working together. Yeah.

Ann: That’s so interesting, isn’t it? It’s fabulous and what’s your biggest takeaway, John, from overcoming all the challenges? Obviously, you’ve gone through, I dunno, did you become bankrupt in the end?

John: Weirdly, the day I, talk about the synchronicities, the day I signed up for the retreat It didn’t get better, but for two years my business kind of stayed the same. It didn’t get worse. It was just enough to hang on. And so, for two years of just hanging by a thread, but it wasn’t getting worse, and then all of a sudden, you know, after two years of just hanging on, it started to take off and like a year or two later it was making more money than it ever made in my entire life.

Everything I thought could happen and all were my plans, but who knew I’d have to go through this pit of hell first.

Ann: Yeah, but you’ve gone through it because you’re teaching all of us and it’s not always just about us, is it? We’re, we’re so connected to all the other souls that live here. We’re such a matrix that we are each other’s teachers well.

John: I totally agree. Absolutely.

Ann: And one of the things that you say at the end of your book is, if we follow the little threads of our desire, it can lead to unexpected and synchronistic miracles, and I love that. Just maybe before we finish, just tell us a little bit about how can we find that little thread of desire within us, and how do we follow those things?

John: Oh, you know, I’m so glad you brought that up because that was such a big thing for me. Like, okay, so I’m, if I’m stepping back from my life and I’m watching John reading this book, this story, and Michael Crichton’s book about his times at the spiritual retreat, my heart is singing and it’s so like, Ooh, that sounds so cool.

I must have read that story, it’s probably 20 pages, a hundred times, I’m not kidding you, over and over, I kept reading this story and so if I was being utterly honest with myself, my deepest desire was to go do something like that or go to that same thing. But then there’s the layers and layers of , it’s weird, it’s out there, it’s not a traditional religion. I don’t even know what it is. And I had built up such a powerful ego identity, I guess, in being anti-religious, anti-spiritual, totally logical that it meant kind of shedding that, that encrusted personality. And so, I think most people, if they’re really honest with themselves and get can beneath all the fear I guess, and all, the shoulds, and should nots.

 There’s like a little seed of desire there, and that’s the thing I want people to try and get in touch with. If you follow that, it’s like your deepest desire, maybe not your parents’ deepest desire or your culture’s deepest desire or what you think you should do or shouldn’t do, it’s there in all of us and I thank my lucky stars every day that I had the courage to say, ah, screw it. I’m gonna go do this. If I go bankrupt, this extra couple thousand isn’t gonna matter. I need to do this.

And yet, if I was being really honest with myself and you know, like what is my deepest desire? Oh, I wanna go experience what Michael Crichton experienced. I’m gonna go do that.

John: We’re, on your show. Psychic Matters and I think you know it, it’s really beautiful. Michael Crichton was making a movie in England with Sean Connery and Michael Crichton had made up his mind that he wanted to directly experience things that he’d only read about or had judgment about, but he hadn’t actually experienced himself. Well, there was a big psychic fair in London at the same time he was making the movie.

And so, guess where he went every single day after shooting, he’d go and sit with another psychic or two and oh, it was really funny and he, he recorded everything everybody said. And one of the things, one or two people said were Michael, you are totally psychic. And then at that point he was still sceptical he was like, well, that’s just totally proof that psychics don’t know anything. I’m not psychic.

Well, it turned out Michael Crichton was unbelievably psychic and it wasn’t even more than , oh, a few years later he was out on a ship in the Caribbean using his psychic and intuitive abilities to locate sunken ships from the 18 hundreds .

Ann: Brilliant. So brilliant.

John: So, yeah, I, that’s the other thing is, you know, if there’s some sort of fear.

There’s also kind of some sort of desire if there’s some sort of defence against something, like go explore it for yourself if you’ve never actually explored it. I think that’s the other thing I’d like to say is, you know, decide for yourself what things mean. If you can, go experience some for yourself, don’t just take other word of others or you know what somebody else wrote in a book.

Go try it for yourself.

Ann: Great advice. Great advice, John. Thank you so much. Your book, the Synchronicity of Love, where can people buy it if they would like to get a copy?

John: Yeah. Like so many books, Amazon is probably the best place. I’m not sure there in the uk, but I know in the US it’s also on Barnes and Noble and Target and Walmart as well.

Ann: Fantastic. I read somewhere, that you run workshops and things so can you speak a little bit about that, because I think that would be fascinating for our listeners.

John: Yeah, I haven’t unless some of your listeners are here in the Seattle area, I, you know, prior to Covid I mostly taught workshops in person, and I’ve just started that again, and in fact, I have a workshop on February 25th called Love in Action renovating, rejuvenating, and Revitalizing Your Life.

That’s the title. It’s an all-day workshop and we’re really exploring. Unconditional love in the heart centre compassion, and we’re really focused on self-love and body love. And again, kind of coming back to this issue of a lot of people don’t really think about the body on the journey to higher let’s say higher ascension.

But I think I’m really helping teach people to revere and have reverence for the body and to care for the body, because all bodies are going through minor to major remodels and upgrades right now, and I don’t think there’s ever been a more important time to the degree you can to bring love to your body, appreciation to your body food, diet, exercise, movement, all that type of thing.

And then we’re also teaching about the power of feeling states and the importance of, a lot of people know this now, but how emotional states can affect the body in both positive and negative ways. And so that’s the workshop I’m teaching on February 25th.

Ann: Yeah, that sounds absolutely brilliant. Is that online, John?

John: No, no, it’s in person. Fly out to Seattle. We’ll save you a seat Ann, so Yeah, just pop over to Seattle.

Ann: Definitely. I’ll be in the front row for sure. If people want to look you up. What is your website John and your social media platforms?

John: Yeah. Website is www.JohnDavidlatta.com.

Last name is spelled l A t T a, John David latta.com. Everything’s there. I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram I think that’s it for social media.

Ann: I think that’s plenty .

John: Yeah, it is.

Ann: Yeah, they take a lot of our time. Don’t they are social media platforms.

John: They really do.

Ann: Listen, John, thank you so much for coming on and spending the time talking to us about your personal journey. I’ve found it absolutely fascinating. And again, the big takeaway for me is following my dreams and really investing in them and allowing them to teach me things and write them down. ‘Cause we do forget, don’t we? If we don’t write them down, we must make a journal.

John: Yeah, even I like, if I don’t scribble at least a few words down to help trigger my memory, it just, it just slips through and oh, that’s a terrible feeling.

Cause sometimes, you know, you’ve had a profound dream and it’s really important. It’s like, no, I can’t remember it.

Ann: I know, I know. But it was great. Thank you so very much for coming on and sharing your knowledge with us today, John Latta.

John: Thank you so much, Ann, I appreciate you as a host and I appreciate you inviting me to be on your show.

Ann: Pleasure.

John David Latta there everyone, what a wonderful interview that was – I so enjoyed talking to John and reading his fascinating book, The Synchronicity of Love.

As with all my podcast episodes there is a full transcript available on my website, along with show notes containing all the URL’s mentioned in this episode and there will be a link there which will take you directly to John’s book and John’s work – go to anntheato.com and look under the podcast tab.

Don’t forget if you would like to book a spiritual assessment with me, I have 12 appointments available in March and you can book those on my website.

For now, I wish you a wonderful couple of weeks and whatever you do, don’t forget to buy yourself a Dream Journal and begin to log those wonderful unconscious experiences, write down your dreams and begin to make your unconscious conscious.

My name is Ann Théato and thank you for listening to Psychic Matters.



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