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“To begin with, you just have to notice when you’re making survival statements or you’re making thriving statements.  Everything flows to me easily, I’m tapped into universal energy, I have so much potential, so many good things going on in my life that are phenomenal possibilities.”  – Bill Heinrich



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My wonderful guest this week, is the Divine Purpose Guy, Bill Heinrich. 
Bill is an expert coach for top executives and entrepreneurs who have discovered that success and money does not equal fulfillment or happiness.
With nearly 30 years of research, investigation and experimentation, Bill says he has found the answers that allows anyone to live life with passion, purpose and prosperity, creating a foolproof blueprint to follow that guarantees success.


You’ll Learn

  • How to live your life purpose.

  • Suffering comes from expectation.

  • Your heart will always tell you the truth.

  • Everyone has life lessons to learn.

  • Life purpose can be identified energetically.

  • We only have the present moment.

  • How to say no.

  • How to thrive, not just survive.

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Hello everyone, my name is Ann Théato and welcome to the Psychic Matters podcast, episode number 85.

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Meanwhile, success isn’t always what it seems from the outside. My next guest, Bill Heinrich, speaks from experience; with nearly 30 years of research, investigation and experimentation, Bill says he has found the answers that allows anyone to live their life with passion, purpose and prosperity, creating a foolproof blueprint to follow that guarantees success.

I really hope you enjoy this week’s podcast.

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Ann: Today in the Psychic Matters studio, Bill Heinrich joins us. Bill is an expert coach for top executives and entrepreneurs who have discovered that success and money does not equal fulfilment or happiness. Bill is known as the Life Purpose Guy and if you are listening and you are feeling a just a little bit off track or you are questioning what success is or what it could mean to you. Or if you feel you just don’t know what your personal purpose is or what you are here to achieve, Bill is here to help you. Bill Heinrich, welcome to Psychic Matters.

Bill: Thank you. That’s so nice to be here. I really appreciate you having me in as a guest, Ann.

Ann: Ah, it’s such a pleasure. Thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule to share your wisdom and knowledge with us today. So, Bill, how do we fast track to the life we desire and how do we find our purpose?

Bill: You know, let me, I’m gonna go real quickly. Nearly 30 years ago, I walked away from my life because I was so miserable, I couldn’t see it anymore. Literally walked out the door. Two days after Christmas, I was in a relationship. I just said, I’m so miserable, I’ve gotta go find out why. And I never came back, and I went off and changed everything but my name and have been researching this ever since, almost 30 years. Here are things that I have found that people wanna listen to.

Number one, everyone’s living life with a blindfold on, and they’re making decisions based upon who they aren’t. Because of that, there’s always constant stress, overwhelm, and a life of suffering, really. So, I am the divine purpose guy. I show people how to live their life purpose and I’ve studied this thoroughly.

The difference between, and I’m, you know, extremely intuitive. I’m an energetic empath, but the thing that I found, the only thing that matters to me is I now know there is a heaven and hell. No question in my mind about it, but it’s on earth. Heaven is a nonphysical side of earth. Hell is the physical side.

Now, let me explain. We live in two dimensions, so everybody listening to this, your purpose, your life purpose is not what you do. Let me repeat that. If whatever you’re doing, you’re like, oh, this is it, this is my purpose, and the answer to that is, absolutely not. Your purpose is the energy that you do anything with, the energy behind every thought, word and action.

Ann: I’m just digesting that, Bill. So, your purpose is the energy.

Bill: Right.

Ann: Okay

Bill: Now let me explain it further. We live in two dimensions. We live in a physical dimension, okay? Life, we are in life on earth, but everybody thinks that it’s kind of like the be all, end all, but what they’re focused on is trying to get to death safely rather than living fully.

They’re living from a defensive place, a protective place, because that’s what we’re taught in the physical environment. We aren’t taught that in the nonphysical environment, in the nonphysical, the universal energy, anything’s possible. Everything’s a vibration. The universe runs everything. Earth is part of the universe, and when you look at the universe, you can’t even see earth.

In fact, they just took a picture, I saw in the news this morning, of a new Milky Way galaxy, 1 billion light years away from Earth. A light year is how long it takes for light to travel around the sun, right? And it goes at 56,000 miles a second to give you an idea how vast the universe is. But we live here on earth and we’re just trying to make money.

We need to survive. We have our basic needs, psychological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, acknowledgement needs, and these are what trip us up and get in the way. If you come over to the nonphysical side, when you’re living your life purpose, when you feel the energy behind every thought, word and action, you’re coming from a place of love for the benefit of everyone involved, regardless of the outcome.

The outcome does not matter. It doesn’t matter. Because when you bring that energy in, miracles happen and whatever’s gonna happen happens. Suffering comes from expectations. Suffering comes from living in the physical trying to do something. But you know, people are like, oh, I’d like to tap into my potential, but all of your potential and all of your power is in the non-physical.

It isn’t in the life in front of, right?

Ann: Yeah. I love this.

Bill: It’s what shows up because of the energy behind every thought word and action. So, when, you’re coming from a place of love, you’re working with universal energy, when you detach from the physical, you detach from the physical, regardless, I’m here to support with love, whatever the outcome is, I’m going to give my input. But whatever happens is cool, right? It creates such a cohesive environment because you cannot, you cannot block energy. Let me repeat that. You can’t block energy. Everybody’s living in the physical, so they’re living intellectually. They’re living out of their head.

So, while you’re talking, they’re thinking of how they’re gonna answer or how they’re gonna defend themselves, or how they’re gonna seek approval or whatever. But in the meantime, the love that you’re sharing gets them. Now, it’ll cause them to come closer or run away. Not everybody likes love.

Ann: Well, that’s true. Okay. So, this sounds great. And I think those of us who are listening, who work as a psychic or a medium, we understand what it’s like to work with that universal energy and that space of love in that beautiful place. Yet we still have to come back to the physical and deal with our daily challenges. So how, how can we keep the connections?

Bill: They aren’t challenges.

Ann: Say again, Bill.

Bill: They aren’t challenges.

Ann: They aren’t?

Bill: No, they’re, they are in your mind, but they aren’t challenges. They’re just areas that you need more clarity.

Ann: Uh, okay. Say more about that.

Bill: Well, give me a challenge. We’ll take a look at it.

Ann: Okay. So perhaps you’ve had a family argument and you can’t get past it. The other person is very stubborn. You might have all the love in the world for that person, and yet in your mind, you keep going back over that conversation, da, da, da. You can’t let go of it somehow, and it stays in your heart and your mind. What do we do about those kind of things?

Bill: Stop defending. Defensiveness is the number one crippler. We have two ways to access our reality. We can use our head, which I do not, in fact, I forbid people to do, not only don’t recommend it, or you can use your heart. Now let’s look at the head in the heart. The heart is connected to energy and only knows a vibration. That’s all it knows. And your heart will always tell you the truth.

If you sit peacefully and ask it a question, you’ll get the answer. Boom. Like that. Always tell you the truth. You may not like the answer, but it’ll tell you. The head can only access your mind, can only access the past.

There’s no expansion. Your logic and your ego, you’re accessing the past with your logic and ego. And the only purpose of the logic and ego is to defend you and protect you.

Ann: So how do we let go of that though, Bill? I understand what you’re saying and absolutely you, you make it very clear and it’s, it’s lovely to see it laid out like that. And yet the human part of us replays, we’re on constant loop with some things.

Bill: Right. And the reason you are is because we all have life lessons. So, you have to look at the extenuating factors. Okay? And this is the thing, I actually thought I was crazy when I walked away from my life. My whole life I really thought I was crazy. I was just kind of hanging on cuz nothing made sense to me. It just didn’t make sense cuz I had this inner knowing and the inner why do people work and why like, it was, I was very confused because I have such wisdom, but the wisdom didn’t unlock until I left and started doing that.

So, here’s what I found out. We have many influencing factors on our lives. Okay? Here is the number one thing that causes suffering -your life lessons. Everyone has life lessons. There are 38 different life lesson paths. What does that mean? That means if you have a life lesson, you’re here to learn something. Isn’t that correct? Ann, would you agree with that?

Ann: I would agree with that, yep. most definitely.

Bill: If you need to learn something, then that means you’re blind to it.

Ann: Yep. Yep.

Bill: So, you have this massive blind spot. That you’re living in and you see the world from your perspective and your perspective has always come from energy, although your head is trying to make sense of it.

Right? Because we’re born perfectly, we come out of the womb and here we are, they slap our ass and everything goes downhill from there. Right? Cuz it’s all about, well, you can’t have lack, we need to survive, right?

Ann: Yeah. Yeah.

Bill: So, you must learn your life lessons because every challenge you have is coming from those, there are other extenuating factors, but the life lessons are the most important.

Why are they the most important? Okay. We also have divine energy. I’ll talk about that in a minute, but the life lessons. Why would you think the life lessons are most important, Ann?

Ann: Soul’s progress?

Bill: Mm-hmm.

Ann: I have no idea. It’s something I ponder, it’s what you’ve come to earth to learn.


This is your soul’s lesson on earth and it’s true for everybody. In fact, you give me your complete birthday, I’ll tell you what your life lessons are. I’ll tell you what’s going on in your life like that, if you choose.

Ann: Do you want me to do that now?

Bill: Yeah.

Ann: Oh gosh. This is great. Yeah, sure. So, my birthday is the 4th of March, 1965.

Bill: Okay. So, creativity and confidence. It’s always been your challenge.

Ann: True.

Bill:  As you do things, you are always second guessing yourself. Is it gonna be okay? because the confidence is eroding your creativity.

Ann: True.

Bill: For starters, okay, listen to me very carefully.

Ann: Okay I’m really listening.

Bill:  none of that is true.

Ann: Okay.

Bill: It’s a story inside of you and you just need to make the choice to be confident and move forward.

Ann: Okay.

Bill: Because your creativity will just flow naturally. Now to get to your life lesson, it involves, number one, cooperation and balance. So, you have experienced co-dependence in your life and you probably are now.

Ann: Correct.

Bill: Because you find situations where you’re over cooperative. And under cooperative.

Ann: Yes.

Bill: Right?

Ann: Yes, right.

Bill: Then the other one is power and abundance. So, the two is about the cooperation imbalance, what I was just talking about. The other one, the other lesson for you is power and abundance.

Ann: Okay.


Bill: Which this is like, to me, the second-best lesson you can have, you know, having that in there, the best you know, is about integrity and wisdom. But you, so you already have the integrity and wisdom, but it’s being eroded because of the power and abundance, which means you have lessons to learn there, so you’re in conflict with it. So, for starters, you would’ve had experiences in your life where you have disdain towards authority.

Ann: Oh, I do. I do.

Bill: Yeah. And you wanna know why you’re upset with them.

Ann: Why?

Bill: Because you know that they are expressing the power that you have inside of you that you’re afraid to bring out.

Ann: Oh, I like it. I like it very much. Very true.

Bill: Huh?

Ann: Very true.

Bill:  and it’s, just understanding this. So, when you look at your life purpose, there’s only one thing in life that’s true. One thing, and that is how you feel. That is true. The story behind it isn’t.

Ann: But feelings change, Bill. So, what I might feel, one moment, isn’t necessarily true for later.

Bill: No, that’s not what I’m saying. When you have that feeling, like when you’re doing something and you’re stifled with creativity and confidence, and it starts building up inside of you. Okay? People call those issues. I call those gold mines.

Ann: Okay.

Bill: Follow that energy and say, gee, what’s the story that I really believe about creativity and confidence? What is it that’s making me feel this way? There’s a story. You can’t have an emotion without a story. There’s a story inside of you that doesn’t support who you are today. This is how you’re learning your lesson and life lessons go across every part of life, okay? This isn’t just for family; it isn’t just for business. Everything you do is to move you towards, the settlement of your life lessons.

Ann: But it’s very interesting you say this because if I look at my life, I look at, when I was at school, I was picked out by the drama teacher as being a particularly good actor who said, you must go and study performance skills. You know, go to drama school. Uh, my mother wouldn’t let me, and I had to go and be a secretary instead. I kept trying to go back to the performance and eventually got myself on my own path, but realized that even, back then, there was no such thing as the internet or creating your own films or your own audio stuff or anything like that. And so, you were reliant on other people to accept you and your creativity. And because nobody did, the door is always closed. Unless you’re born with a silver spoon and connections to the, you know, the people who make the movies , then you can’t get anywhere. So, my lesson so far …,

Bill: Well, well, that’s not true. That’s, that’s not true. We can come back to that. But anyways, go ahead.

Ann: Okay. Well, it’s been my experience that …

Bill: right.

Ann: That I,

Bill: because of the stories and the energy and your beliefs. Flip that over and say, it’s easy to connect with people and I enjoy every opportunity to get more clarity and to move higher up the ladder beating people. That’s how you’re gonna get there. You’re not gonna get there. It’s like, it’s impossible. These people won’t talk to me. Everything’s shut them down.

Ann: No, no, I agree with you, but I’m just saying about my life, my life so far or …

Bill: right,

Ann: or certainly my, twenties and thirties while I was trying to get somewhere with my creativity. So, your confidence gets eroded because you can’t …

Bill: exactly.

Ann: Express it

Bill: it’s part of your life lesson. No, you, you don’t choose to.

Ann: I don’t choose to…

Bill: You may have been at, were you at the age of majority then? Were you 18?

Ann: Uh, what, when I was trying to get into acting?

Bill: Yeah.

Ann: Or, or when I was acting? I was over the age of 18.

Bill: Okay. So, so now it’s free will and choice. No one has control over you up to the age of 18 there’s a tremendous amount of influence over you where you’re getting a lot of information that will never serve you well again.  But it’s the story. Rewrite the story about your creativity every moment of every day. I have a quick question. Does negativity serve you in a good way?

Ann: Uh, no it doesn’t, and that’s been part of my history as well.

Bill:  Let me go back.

Ann: This is like a therapy session for all my listeners, well, for me in front of everyone .

Bill: Pay attention to this, the energy behind every thought word and action.

Ann: Okay.

Bill: Now, the example you gave about being shut down by your mother. Okay. Let’s look at your life lessons on that. How, what did that do to your creativity and confidence? What did that do regarding you must have been pissed off. You know, the power. You must have been really angry at authority, that you weren’t given the green light to really continue this. Whether you acknowledge it or not, it’s in there, I guarantee you, cuz it’s part of that lesson. And when you look at the cooperation and balance, you over cooperated for whatever reason, rather than choosing yourself.

Ann: Correct? Yeah.

Bill: You could have chosen yourself and said, see you all later, I’m going.

Ann: I could have done. yes.

Bill: You didn’t have the capacity. You didn’t have the capacity at that moment to do it.

Ann: Not then.

Bill: It’s okay. Okay. Yeah. Remember, everything we’ve been through in life is perfect. All these things that people call issues are gold mines. They’re gonna show us what we’ve come here to learn. Without a doubt. They’re gonna show us that and you will see that it all serves a purpose. Your purpose. And the more you, you stop being defensive, the more you stay out of negative energy and go with love and just let love seep in, you will see it flip. And it’s like me, all of the misery I went through and it was pretty extensive, and I’ve had some since, you know, cuz I’m out here to learn in really extreme happy to extreme happiness and living a life of complete contentment. And I am so grateful for all of the misery I went through.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: Because it allows me to connect with you. You can’t tell me something that I haven’t been through.

Ann: Yeah, sure.

Bill:  and it’s that, that brings me credibility. It’s not teaching you your purpose, it’s teaching you what doesn’t work is where all my, where all your pain is identifying your pain.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: It’s how I make myself credible.

Ann: So, I could go on forever about identifying all my pain and I’m sure everyone listening could like, oh, wait till hear my sad story. But you just said there, let love seep in. So how do we do that, Bill?

Bill: Okay. Here’s two basic guideposts.

Ann: Okay.

Bill: Okay. The first one is responsibility or accountability. Everybody sees themself for the most part, as being responsible, but it’s not true. You’re playing a game in the physical. So, of those two, responsibility, accountability, which one do you think is most important?

Ann: Ooh, that’s a good question. For me, I suppose accountability – I want to be accountable for what I do.

Bill: Right. So, what you’re saying is I want to be a victim.

Ann: Oh, is that what I’m saying? I would like to be accountable for my good actions in the world. Oh, I see what you mean. Oh, so that accountability then comes with a judgment from somebody else as to whether I, my actions are good or bad. Is that, is that where you’re coming from?


Bill: When you’re accountable to somebody, they have control over you. You’ve given away your power.

Ann: Ah, yeah. See, it’s what I do, . It’s what I do. I obey, I follow instructions.

Bill: Stop that.

Ann: Okay.

Bill: No. You have your own life to live. Go create your life. You’re being. being affected by everybody outside of you.  And remember, everybody has life lesson. They have a blindfold on. They’re making decisions based on who they are, and all they’re trying to do is survive. So, when you look at it as either surviving, which is what people do in the physical, every action you take in the physical is for survival.

You’re stuck. The best you can get out of the physical is lack of clarity, work and pain. It’s the best you can get from our physical life. Now, if you go to a thriving mindset, I’m going to only look at life from the energy that I bring to everything, and I’m gonna let go of the results. Because if I’m coming from an energy of love, like attracts like. So, if you’re hanging out, doing what everybody says, they love it cuz they’ve got control of you.  They can, you know, they’re just, you sort of become their puppet, so to speak. Right.

Look at it as thriving. Do I want to thrive, do I wanna thrive or do I wanna survive? If you just wanna survive, hang out in the physical, believe all the stuff these people tell you, everything else that’s in the print, everything else. Or you can thrive by coming over the other side, not working with a goal and an expectation in the physical but working with an intention that you feed with energy.

Ann: Well, I wanna thrive, Bill. That’s what I wanna do.

Bill: Why do you want to, why don’t you just claim it and say I am thriving now. Wanting, wanting is a state of being.

Ann: Okay. I am thriving and my listeners are all thriving too.

Bill: Yeah. Mm-hmm. . In fact, you know, language is so important. In fact, I have a free book for anybody listening to this. It’s called Clarity Has No Story. Let me repeat that. Clarity Has No Story.

When you’re clear, people are always throwing stories on things because they’re looking for acceptance, they’re being defensive. It’s just this story of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Rather than just boop! you know, straight in. So, learning about language is very important. So, this book Clarity Has No Story – a Shaman’s Guide to Mastering the Law of Attraction, go to my free. My free book me my free book, dot me and you can download a copy of it.

Ann: Oh Fabulous.

Bill: I have another book on Amazon. This is everything I use in my consulting and coaching practice. It’s called The Seven Levels of Truth, and that’s available on Amazon. And that’s everything that I teach people is in that book. So, the reason the name of the book is The Seven Levels of Truth is because we have seven chakras and we have energies running through the chakras. And The Seven Levels of Truth are the energies that flow through the seven chakras. So, at the root, it’s compassion, it goes compassion, divine compassion, divine creation, divine order, divine healing, divine, authentic, self-expression, divine truth, and divine power.

We, everyone on Earth has all seven of those energies, but we have them in different proportions. This is what makes the Snowflake effect. Your energy. What you’re seeing in the physical is a complete facade, including yourself. When you energize it, it changes instantly. Instantly. And these energies, in the universe, there’s duality, okay? There’s something called polarity, one of the universal laws. Everything has two sides to it. So, these energies, if we take the energy of divine compassion, okay, we have to look at it from a place of duality. Duality would be extremely bad, extremely good, supposedly, but neither is true because perfection is being balanced in the middle.

So, the over-serving, can’t say no, have to do it. I have one client I worked with. All we worked on for two months was for her to learn that no is a complete sentence. She was so afraid people would hate her if she said no, and she had so much divine compassion she couldn’t help herself. Now, on the other side of divine passion would be somebody that’s crass and could care less with no compassion.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: So, your purpose is, flowing through you right now, but the only way you can identify it is energetically. And the way you do that is when you’re doing something and it doesn’t feel right, you have to stop and say, okay, what’s the story behind this? Why don’t I feel good? Because there’s nothing in front of you.  There’s nothing in the world but you, the only thing you ever see is you, you’re seeing a reflection of yourself and like attracts like, so the higher you move up in vibration, the reflections change fast, very fast.

Ann: So, when I say no, uh, when I, I say yes, obviously a lot to a lot of things because I always sort of think, well, I wonder if I can make that happen to help that person out, rather than saying, no, it doesn’t suit my schedule, I’m too busy.


Bill: what you’re doing in that moment

Ann: to try to help someone on their path, I try to see if I can help them.

Bill: What you’re doing in that moment is you’re abandoning yourself.

Ann: Okay.

Bill: You’re saying I don’t matter what you’re looking for when you do that is a payoff. You’ve already said that. Believe me. You’re looking for a payoff and you’re afraid of what they’re going to say if you say no.

Ann: I wonder if that’s right. Uh, let me ponder that.

Bill: No, don’t, no, don’t wonder. . . Well, I ever, you can, you can take anything I’m saying right to the bank.

Ann: Okay. Uh, I’m just wondering if that’s right, because I feel, I, I’m just, I mean, I speak hopefully on behalf of my listeners, but I, I, because I know what it’s like to not get assistance. If I can help someone else, I will try to help them, but I guess it is to my detriment that I try to help people.

Bill: Right, right. You can’t give away what you haven’t got.

Ann: Yeah. True.

Bill: So, what you’re looking for when you do that is a payoff in the physical from the people appreciating it. You’re kind of getting love that way.

Ann: Yeah, I guess I am. That’s true.

Bill: I guarantee you are.

Ann: Yes.

Bill: And it’s because you don’t love yourself enough.

Ann: Oh, poor me. I need to love myself so much more.

Bill: It’s so simple. Just love yourself. Make choices for you.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: This is not selfish. This is called self-love.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: you cannot give away something that you don’t have. So, what you’re doing will deplete you all the time. You’ll end up in a place of resentment if nothing else at yourself for having abandoned yourself and now you’ve gotta catch up and go do this and go do that, and do the other things in your schedules, kitty, wampus, and right? These are energetically, energetically, that’s what goes with it.

Ann: It’s true.

Bill: See, I don’t, I don’t care what happens in the physical, I’ll just follow the stream of energy.

 I love all this bill. I love all this. This is all wonderful and I hope my listeners are, are really getting a lot out of it as well. I know I am. Getting back to our focus and our path and our purpose. So we go, we, we see how things feel to us, but how do we know what direction we’re even meant to be going in?

Bill: You don’t have to worry about that.

Ann: Say more.

Bill: Well, your mind wants to figure that out because it wants to protect you. Okay. let me give you an example. This is so funny. So funny. The pandemic. What was the buzzword in business when the pandemic hit?

Ann: I don’t know, wear a mask?

Bill: Pivot. Pivot.

Ann: Oh yes, of course.

Bill: Right. So, I’m in this mastermind group, everybody, pivot, pivot, pivot. And they got to me, what are you gonna do? I said, I’m gonna go sit on the couch. Like, what do you mean? I said, what’s going on with the pandemic is the way life is all the time. It just happened to appear much larger in the physical cuz it affected our daily activities. But the truth of the matter is this, our life is out of control. My life is out of control and yours is too. And until you accept that, you’re gonna struggle.

Ann: I’m not sure I’m. fully, fully understanding what you mean by that.

Bill: Okay? Give me the day you’re going to die.

Ann: I don’t know.

Bill: You have no idea?

Ann: No, I have no idea. Hopefully many years’ time.

Bill:  hopefully. Yet there’s people today talking to Morticians. Whose partner said the same thing yesterday. We don’t know. We only have one thing. The present moment. Now, get this, you wanna write this down. Your mind cannot come to the present moment. It’s impossible. Your mind can only access the past.

So, what you may call being present is having some intellectual conversation, but that’s just shallow gibber jabber. when you show up in the present moment, you have to show up with your heart. You have to show up with empathy, you’re gonna connect and you’re love, and that’s authentic.

Everything else is just a conversation.

Ann: Oh gosh, this is so much to think about. My brain is hurting. So, my mind cannot access the present moment. So right in this moment, do you mean cuz it’s already gone that second ago, so now I’ve only got that moment, which is now gone. Is that, is that what you mean?


Bill: It it can’t come to the moment. Your, your mind will come in and give you an explanation of what happened. Let me give you an example, okay?

Ann: Okay.

Bill: Okay, Ann, I love you unconditionally.

Ann: Okay.

Bill: How does that feel?

Ann: That feels lovely. I love being loved unconditionally.

Bill: Unconditionally. Yeah. Yeah. Do you notice how you’re not using your mind right now?

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: You’re using your heart.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: There’s the difference. Your mind is like a car. Your car, your vehicle is of no value to you at this moment, cuz you don’t need it. You get in your car and drive to the store. Use your mind the same way. Focus on your energy, focus on what’s disrupting your energy. Follow back to the story and write a new story or you know, I have a number of programs available I’ve three different programs.

I have a group coaching program, one on one coaching that I do with clients, and I have a super conscious mastermind that we’ve just launched. And if anybody has an interest in any of those and really wants to get on the fast track, I give a 100% success guarantee. Now, let me repeat that. Anybody that works with me gets a 100% success guarantee money back, no questions asked.

In fact, I will let them write the guarantee. How’s that?

Ann: And what, what success are people having? What is the success that they seek?

Bill: Fulfilment and love. And when you, when you have fulfilment and love, your life opens to expansion that’s beyond your wildest imagination. I was working with a gentleman and, and his wife in Florida last year.

She’s really outgoing. He was so introverted and had no self-worth whatsoever. None. His life has exploded open. He got it. the, the part he was playing, he was like, oh, I can just step out of that. Yeah. And you know, when I work with people, I’m able to give them their exact energetic d n a, so they understand their divine gifts.

I go through their life lessons and all we look at, when I’m working with people, we just talk about their week. Okay. Like yesterday, uh, two days ago of my group coaching, we were 90 minutes on communicating with family how to communicate properly. Right. From a place of love, how to get it. Cuz family is our greatest source of lessons obviously. That’s why we chose them.

Ann: Oh yeah. There, there’s certainly give us our lessons. That’s, that’s very true. But Bill, and yet I come to this question, how do we survive Bill in this physical world with the demands that are made on us to live in a building, to shelter us from the rain, which needs to be paid for, which means we have to get a job, which needs, we have to bring in money, we have to do certain things here in the physical. We can’t be floating about in a metaphorical soup of love and, letting go of everything. So how do we do that? How do we actually, and therefore, because we have to do that. Sorry to add on then I, I,

Bill: well, I’m, I’m going, I’m gonna ask you to change your statement.

Ann: Okay. It’s a question, not a statement.

Bill: Your question, cuz your whole question deals with survival.

Ann: Okay.

Bill: How do you thrive?

Ann: Okay. How do we th….

Bill: You reach a point of self-actualization where you use your free will and choice to choose what’s best for you, Period. End of conversation. People who don’t like that are people that have agendas, not control you because they’re accustomed to you being accountable. But when you become responsible, energetically responsible, and you say no, when somebody wants something done, do you know what happens?

You open a little crack in these old issues, then stories inside of you, and you bring in more power instantly. Cuz if you’re not stepping into your lesson and you’re stepping away from it, you’re creating more energy and more power when you come from a place of thriving, it’s just energetic. It’s like

whatever’s going on, there’s a story inside of you that’s creating fear and you flip it. You go, look, there’s a situation. I’m gonna come at it from love and look for any possibilities with it. So, it gets resolved for the benefit of all involved. You know, get this, you wanna hear something that’s amazing.

There’s only two emotions.

Ann: Okay, I’m waiting.

Bill: There’s only two.

Ann: Tell me what they are.

Bill: Love and fear. Which one’s in the physical? Which one’s in the nonphysical?

Ann: Well, love would be in the nonphysical.

Bill: Fear is always in the physical.  

Ann: Let me take you back though. I want to come back to this question. How of how we thrive in the physical world to find our life’s purpose? Cuz you are the life purpose guy. You’ve already said. Purpose is love, connecting purposes, energy. And yet sometimes we wonder what we’re put here on earth to do, in that, what job do we wanna do? What things do we wanna follow? What passions do we want, wanna follow?

Bill:  Listen once you understand thriving and surviving, and you understand the fact that all we’re doing is improving your quality of life on earth. That’s all we’re doing. And the only way to prove it is energetically. So, to begin with, you just have to notice when you’re making survival statements or you’re making a thriving statement, everything flows to me easily. like, I’m tapped into universal energy. I have so much potential, so many things going on in my life that are phenomenal possibilities.

It’s just amazing, you know? Uh, do I worry? Yes. Do I have fear? Yes. Cuz it’s part of the physical experience, but I don’t base my life on it anymore.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: Ooh. See, this is really scaring me. What am I afraid of? Uhhuh. . Uhhuh, . Okay, we’re gonna change that. Here it is. I’m gonna energize it with positive energy. Everything’s gonna be perfect. There’s only one thing wrong with the universe. Ann, do you know what it is?

Ann: Hmm. No. .

Bill: It’s your perception of it.

Ann: Okay

Bill: if you join, understand the universe and energetically focus on connecting to it, your life will change so fast. You know what’s amazing about this is this isn’t a 30 day program. It’s a lifetime program because your life lessons as you grow and expand, you just re-enter them again. They just show up differently the next time. But because you’re following energy, you’ll be able to tell what they are instantly. You won’t be able to tell in the physical, what they are. Right. So, the change is instant, instant gratification.

Somebody wants you to do something and you say, wow, I would, gee, I would so love to help you, but I’m so booked right now. I’m sorry, I can’t, and you walk away. You’re gonna go, yes. I said, no, I’m loving myself. What am I doing with myself now? I’m taking care of myself. I’m making choices for me.

Cuz the more you make choices for you, the more you know you, the more you know yourself intimately, the more you have to share.

Ann: Yeah, I love that. That’s really, really powerful.

Bill: You also, you know, just look, when you’re talking to somebody, are they coming from survival or thriving in the conversation? So, if they’re coming from survival, they’re on attack. Like, they’ve got an expectation. They want something that needs to be met. This is going on all around us all the time.

Ann: Well, that’s why I’ve stopped taking my telephone to the bedroom and why I don’t look at my phone in the mornings because the phone is just full of everybody else’s expectation of me. It’s not my priority. It’s theirs. There’s a little step of self-care.

Bill: Yeah. Well, that’s very responsible, Ann.

Ann: Thank you.

Bill: How does, how does that feel to you?

Ann: It feels great. It feels marvellous. I go for a walk over the fields with a dog. I’m happy. I’m joyful. I’m free.

Bill: and how long did it take you to feel that way?

Ann: A nanosecond.

Bill: Yeah, Instant gratification. Now you walking through the field with your dog. You need to do that more because your energy just expanded way out. You were like, oh, this is what feels right to me. So, you’re feeding yourself good energy. you’re loving yourself.

Ann: I agree, Bill. However, the rent needs paying, so I have to anchor myself back at the computer.

Bill: No, there’s actions that you’re gonna take to, to follow through with your responsibilities you’ve chosen. That’s all it is. You’re, you’re in an accountable position. I gotta go slave, I gotta go make, no, you don’t.  Abundance is our life. It’s our birth right. If you’ll get outta lack and get outta fear and step over on the abundant side, stuff just flows in.

Ann: What, what do you think might flow in? If I don’t anchor myself to the computer, where am I gonna get my money from?

Bill: That’s not what I said is. Is the computer really an anchor?

Ann: It is.

Bill: An anchor is physical.

Ann: Okay.

Bill: So, you have bad energy when you sit in front of the computer to start with, uh, and you’re, you’re sitting in, in front of the computer out of choice from a standpoint of survival and needing to live rather than saying, I am expressing my creativity.

Ann: Well, I think it depends. I think it depends. If I’m doing my administration, yes, I feel anchored, but if I’m teaching a class of students whom I, adore and love.

Bill: Exactly.

Ann: I’m joyful.

Bill: You see the difference?

Ann: Happy. Yeah.

Bill: And your administration is part of the responsibility. Now you don’t have to do it. You probably force yourself to do it out of lack, cuz you’re afraid to hire somebody and have the free time to go walk in the field. Cuz when you’re walking in the field, you’re gonna attract more people who wanna do business with you cuz you’re putting that energy out.

Ann: Oh, my goodness. It’s true. I must meet with you in a year’s time and see what’s happened in my life and how, how much happier I am. .

Bill: I mean it’s, it’s completely an inside job. There’s nobody in the world but you.

Ann: I love that.

Bill: The world’s a mirror. So, you know, I have people like energetically I can walk in a room and just take it over energetically. Never say a word. And like when I go to seminars and things, then people come to me. I just need to meet you. Oh, okay. My next question is, what challenges are you having in life?

Cuz that’s my area of expertise and if you need to meet me, it must have something to do with that, you know, whatever. But they come to me, you know why I give a money back guarantee a hundred percent money back guarantee on my coaching because if you don’t get it, I can’t work with you.

If there’s resistance, I have to let you go. Because I’m not here to convince anyone. Now you have just had an experience that’s gonna change your life, Ann, because you’ve recognized the difference in thriving and surviving and the value of the walk through the field.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill:  when you teach. You’re doing that energetically. You’re not doing it intellectually, are you?

Ann: No.

Bill: You’re saying words.

Ann: I feel happy.

Bill: You see the difference?

Ann: Yeah. I feel happy if I sit and write or I feel happy if I compose a radio play or I, you know, use my gifts in those ways.

Bill: Look at creativity and confidence abounding.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: Look at how it makes you feel. Look at what it creates. Look at the possibilities and potential that brings into your life. There’s ain’t nothing wrong with that at all.

Ann: you can see me glowing on screen, can’t you? While I talk about it? Yay. I light up.

Bill: Do you see the difference?

Ann: yes, I do.

Bill: Now why are you lighting up? Is this an intellectual thought or is it energy?

Ann: It’s energy, of course.

Bill: Yeah. Energy is the answer.

Ann: I love this. So how did you become so wise, Bill, before we finish, what you’ve identified already that you walked out of a relationship when you didn’t feel right and your life was not feeling right, and you went and sought answers. So how, how did you come to all this wisdom?

Bill: I am a very old soul, and the biggest challenge I’ve had as I’ve moved through everything that I’ve learned is my fear of being seen. This information that I’m giving is the best you can get, period.

It’s only about vibration. All the rest of it is bs. What you see in your life in front of you at this moment is a manifestation of your current energy. And when you work, no one can come to me with anything that I can’t simply solve. Nothing. There’s nothing they can give me that I can’t solve. They may not choose to wanna solve it because they would be defensive. And you know, the kickback, like a lot of your questions to me today have been kickback questions, right?

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: They’re they’re coming from the side of the skeptic.

Ann: Yeah, that’s right. But we do, we, we question everything. And we do come from a position of defend…

Bill: that’s your mind.

Ann: Defending. We defend because we’re, in a pattern,

Bill: defensiveness. Defensiveness is the fertile ground for massive suffering.

Ann: Yeah.        

Bill: Guaranteed. Not maybe. 100% guaranteed. Why? Because you’re stuck in a fixed position. there’s nothing to defend. If you’re defending, you’re in the physical. With love, the more you give, the more you get,

Ann: the better it gets.

Bill: No defence,

Ann: the better it gets.

Bill: There’s no defence with love. You’re just there to be of service. So, it’s all about fear of loss in the physical, you know, like you’re really wrapped up in your accountability to the beautiful spaces you live in. You’re not enjoying them. You’re just always thinking about how you gotta pay for ’em. I gotta get to back to the anchor rather than saying, wow, am I lucky? Look at the life I’m living. This is amazing. Let’s expand it.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: See, you don’t have challenges you, you have absence of clarity. That’s all it is. Life is just a search for clarity.

Ann: Well, I certainly think I’ve got a lot more clarity in the last hour than I’ve had for a very, very long time, and I hope my listeners will be feeling exactly the same Bill.

Bill: May maybe ever.

Ann: Yeah, absolutely. It’s been fabulous talking to you. So once again, tell us your website and the name of your beautiful book that’s for sale on Amazon and the free one again.

Bill: Okay. My website is True Life Purpose Now, not Tomorrow. Now. True Life Purpose now. the free book is Clarity, Has No Story, and you go to my free book, dot me my free book, dot me me, and you can download a copy of it. It’s all about language. you speak a language that stops you. For instance, you talk about money, money’s in the physical. Let’s just be abundant. Money falls under abundance. So does time. So does gratitude. There’s abundance of so many things, right? So, the language you use, you wanna use language that you can’t, it’s impossible to describe how it’s gonna show up in the physical. Okay? What do I mean by that? How does abundance show up in the physical? Abundance is a state of being. Love is a state of being. We don’t care how it shows up. Gratitude’s a state of being.

It’s not an intellectual. It’s being connected to your heart. And so that’s kind of what Clarity has the story’s about.

Uh, the other book is Seven Levels of Truth. Bill Heinrich, it’s on Amazon. And if anybody’s listening to this and they want to do a 20-minute clarity session with me to see if this is something they wanna pursue further in one of my programs, you can just go to Speak to Bill. Speak to bill.com. And get a 20-minute clarity session.

I wanna be very clear. I move very fast. I don’t allow stories and I take people through a transfer. The transformation with the people is so fast. In the first 30 days, it blows their minds. They’re just, they’re just like, give me more you. It’s like you, you know you’re gonna go walk in the field more. I know that.

Ann: You betcha.

Bill: Yeah. Cuz when you have that energies, I want more.

Ann: Yeah.

Bill: So, start looking at how you’re blocking it.

Ann: Yes. Yes.

Bill: These life lessons are stopping you. So, when you’re not in a place of love, you’re in fear, you’re blocking the energy.

Ann: Yeah. Get out my own way.

Bill:  Isn’t that the truth? That’s like, you know, during the pandemic, everybody’s like, yeah, I’m gonna pivot. I’m gonna like, I’m gonna go sit on the couch, get outta my way. Yeah. See what shows up.

Ann: just, fabulous. Bill, honestly, thank you so much for talking to us today. I mean, obviously we , I could spend hours talking to you.

Bill: I could talk for hours on. Believe me, there’s so much more, you know, remember this, we’re all different and I, I don’t tell people what to do cuz everybody’s different. I give people guideposts. So, you pick the ones that you can see, you’ll make an instant improvement in your life and get connected to that authentic part of yourself. Then you’ll really notice the other side. It’ll be very disturbing.

Ann: Sounds exciting to me.

Bill: Oh, it’s, it’s just a state of potential and creation. like, that’s where I.

Ann: Yeah, I really like that, that is so beautiful. Thank you so much for that gift. Uh, not just for me, but for everybody listening.  we really appreciate your time. Bill, thank you so very much for coming on the show.

Bill: I so appreciate having the opportunity to share with you. And really, Ann, you were a tremendous host and we’re very forthright with the questions I asked, so it was good. I hope everybody got something out of this and if anybody again has any interest in working with me further, they know how to get ahold of me.

Ann: Thank you so much.

Bill: Thank you.

Ann: Bill Heinrich there everyone, I really hope you enjoyed listening to that and taking part as an innocent bystander in my therapy session with Bill.  I certainly got a lot out of it and I hope that Bill’s words have touched your heart as deeply as they touched my own.

As with all my podcast episodes there is a full transcript available on my website, along with show notes containing all the URL’s mentioned in this episode and there will be a link there which will take you directly to Bill’s free book and Bill’s amazing work – go to anntheato.com and look under the podcast tab.

I wish you all a wonderful couple of weeks until we meet again, and don’t forget, take time to walk in the fields, make thriving statements and follow Bill’s advice to tap into the universal energy, as you realise your own potential and phenomenal possibility.

My name is Ann Théato and thank you for listening to Psychic Matters.



Reach by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.


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