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“Trauma really opened me up in a way I no longer judge anybody on their path for whatever they might be doing, or making mistakes along the way, addiction, whatever. I know that pain, I’ve lived with it.  I know what despair feels like.  Trauma led me to grow within and see people through the lens of compassion.”  Jeff Peck



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In this episode, we dive into the extraordinary journey of Evidential Psychic Medium Jeffrey Peck.  Jeffrey reveals that his psychic abilities were ignited when he became attuned to the Reiki energy, allowing him to sense people in the room and deliver evidential mediumship. He shares that his own experiences of trauma transformed his perspective, leading him to abandon judgement and approach others with compassion and understanding.

Join us as Jeffrey takes us on a profound exploration of psychic senses, personal growth, and the power of empathy.


You’ll Learn

  • How Reiki can ignite the psychic senses

  • Why Reiki can completely change your life

  • Why we need to trust the spirit world

  • How trauma can help us transform

  • The importance of compassion

  • How to listen to the voice of spirit

  • The importance of good training to be a medium

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Hello, my name is Ann Théato and welcome to episode 94 of the Psychic Matters podcast. 

Since we last spoke, I have been to the Barbanell Centre in Stafford, UK, to sit my CSNUt exam with the Spiritualists’ National Union.  It meant of course, spending a weekend, in the wonderful company of my fellow trainee tutors and spiritualist mediums and the CSNUt is a teaching exam which meant that after my homework review and 30-minute interview, I did a full day’s teaching and for each section of the day, I was watched and assessed by an assessor.  I was teaching attunement actually – how to appreciate the magnificence and power of your own soul and how to attune to the energy and frequency of the spirit world.  It was such a great day and I really enjoyed it, so now I’m just waiting for the result and I will let you know as soon as it comes through the door!  If all has gone well, and fingers crossed it has, then it means I’m another step forward in my path to being a Tutor at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College. But as I say, I’m still waiting for the results so let’s see what happens folks, hopefully I get the result in a week or so.

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So, go to the website, www.podcastawards.com and you will see that I’m listed under one category this year Religion & Spirituality. So, if you could cast your votes there I would be hugely, hugely appreciative.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, I’ve been speaking to a fellow medium who hosts his own incredible podcast, and I’ve been speaking to him about his unique journey into mediumship.

Get a cup of something delicious, and relax, I know you are going to love this episode.

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Ann: Today I am joined in the studio by Evidential Psychic, medium, and fabulous podcast host Jeffrey Peck. Jeffrey, welcome to Psychic Matters.

Jeff: Thank you, Ann, I’m so happy to be here with you.

Ann: Oh, it’s brilliant to have you. Thank you so much for coming on, and I know that my listeners are gonna get such a lot out of this interview chat that we’re gonna have together. So, let’s, kick off, Jeffrey. Let’s kick off. Tell us a little bit about you. So you are an evidential medium, but where did this begin for you? Cuz I know this began slightly later in your lifetime, Tell us, tell us about that, those first beginnings.

Jeff: So I didn’t experience this from the crib or in childhood or in young adulthood. Looking back, I can see that I was very sensitive. I was always an extreme dreamer, very vivid dreams. And occasionally I would have premonitions or prophetic dreams, you know. But in 2006, November 11th, to be exact, I became attuned to the reiki energy. And it was one of those things where my mother, my grandmother, they both had been living with osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, I mean these horrible conditions where nothing worked for them. Pain pills, treatments, procedures, whatever. Nothing, nothing. Took their pain away. And I just happened to go to a, spa one day for a massage, and the lady says to me as she’s worked on me for about 15 minutes, she says, you know, I have a feeling I’m supposed to do Reiki with you.

And I said, oh, what’s Reiki? And so she explains it to me and I said, okay, sure. Do it. And she started doing it and I felt these waves of heat going from my head through my body. It felt like there were 10,000 butterflies flapping their wings really close to my skin. I would, with my eyes closed, I would have these sensations and visions of bright white light in waves as she was doing this, and I was completely gobsmacked. I mean, just like, wow, what is happening? So I had never heard of reiki. I had to have her spell it three times so I could remember it. And she said, you know, any of us can do this.

And I said, oh. I immediately left, got home to the Google and I, I, I googled, you know, reiki master near me, and I found a lady in my vicinity. And November 11th, I went to her place for a weekend and my life completely changed. And it was interesting because she, you know, she even said to me at the very beginning, she says, you know, if you’re happy with your life right now, you might wanna rethink this cuz this is, this is going to completely change your life. And I said, okay, I’m good. Let’s do it. You know?

Ann: Yeah.

Jeff: And it did, it absolutely changed my life in every way, shape and form. I didn’t know about the clairs. I didn’t know about psychic work. I’ve never spoken with a medium, although I was incredibly attracted to all of that. Everything James Van Prague, John Edward, um, uh, uh, the show Medium with Patricia Arquette. I mean, it was always something that I was so attracted to and what I didn’t know, was that the side effect for me in becoming attuned with the reiki was the ignition of all of the psychic senses. And at the end of that weekend, my, my Reiki master asked me to sit with myself for an hour every day for the first 30 days and give myself Reiki treatment in all of the hand positions all the way around, you know. And she said, I want you to learn from the energy. I want the energy to teach you. I want you to feel it. I want you to really start to grasp what it’s doing, what it’s teaching you, what it’s meaning, and, okay. So I did, and in the first two weeks I would take myself in my walk-in closet and I would sit down in there, it was dark. I would take maybe some Oracle cards and some crystals and a incense maybe, and yeah, I started to have these visions. I started to to see beings in my mind’s eye. I started to see what looked like memories, and they felt like memories, but they weren’t my memories. I started to feel the external sensation of spirit around me. I thought I was losing my mind. I mean, I thought I was really losing it. I knew I was, every day I would come out and go, okay, I know I wasn’t dreaming, I was sitting upright. There’s no way I fell asleep. There was no way I was dreaming. And after about two weeks of that, I said to my reiki master, I told her what was happening and she just smiled. And she said, you’re opening up to spirit. And I said, oh. What’s that mean?

Ann: Yeah.

Jeff: So what happens now? She said, you’re going to be a huge channel one day. And I said, no, I’m not. She said, oh, yeah, you are. And I said, no, I’m not. But in 2006, Ann, my only understanding of channel was Esther Hicks, Abraham Hicks, the trance channel, you know, the, the, um, Conscious channel or, or whatever she is, you know what I mean? She’s conscious, but semi-conscious.


Ann: Yeah.

Jeff: So that was my understanding. But I mean, now looking back, I understand channel, much differently. And she laughed and she said, you need to change your definition of the word channel. So that’s how it opened up for me. And I, I was 36 and I started doing reiki treatments with people, And in those treatments, I started to sense people with us in the room, and I knew who they were.

I didn’t know how I knew this, but I knew who they were. It was your father, it was your mother, it was your grandmother. And I started to feel like I had to say something. My reiki master taught me not to say anything. That’s how they did it in the old days. You know, it was strictly about the energy and let the energy do what the energy is supposed to do. but I felt like I needed to, I was just really feeling the nudge, it’s time to open your mouth, you know? So I would ask them, are you okay if I start talking because they feel like I need to, and they all were very, open and receptive and suddenly I’m delivering evidential mediumship in the way that we are taught at Arthur Findlay, before I even knew what I was doing before I even understood it, it was just spontaneous. You know what I’m saying?

Ann: Yes.

Jeff: So that was in 2006 and that’s when it all started to happen. In 2019, I made my way to Arthur Findlay, and that’s where, again, for the second time, my life completely changed in the most amazing way possible.

Ann: It’s just amazing that you came to this through reiki. That, that fascinates me. That does. Mm-hmm. It really does. What, what a beautiful way to be opened up to the spirit world. So,


Jeff: yeah.


Ann: After you go to the Arthur Findlay College in 2019, you say your life changed again radically. Why was that, Jeffrey?


Jeff: Well, I worked a job, my last muggle job, from 2010 to the end of 2018. So, for nine years. Through that muggle job, about 2015, spirit started to nudge me again, and suddenly I was ravenous for all things spirit. I couldn’t read enough books. If there was a medium out there that wrote a book, I ended up having it in my living room.


Ann: Yeah, I hear you.


Jeff: I read, I read everything. I watched everything. That’s when the podcast really started to, I’d been listening to podcasts since, since old Hay House Radio days in 2000 7, 8, 9. but more and more people started to get out there in the mid teens, you know, so I was listening to all things, spirit, all things mediumship, all things every day, all day. I knew that when this job would be over, I knew that this is my direction I was being led. I knew this is where I was going. So my job ended at the end of 2018. Six months later in June, I was at Arthur Findlay and I was terrified.


Ann: Why?

Jeff: I get there. I’m a pretty good traveler. It doesn’t make me nervous to be alone. I’m really secure with all of that. But I got there and I see all of these people, and I started to feel, that insecurity, like, oh,


Ann: oh yeah.

Jeff: What am I doing here? What am I doing here? And the people that I had met that first day, Most of them had been there 3, 5, 7, or 19 times. You know? I mean, it was just like,

Ann: I know. And they’re all hugging each other, oh how nice to, see you, and you feel a little outsider. Yeah.


Jeff: And I just felt like this teeny weeny fish amongst all these professionals, these big fish,


Ann: yeah, of course.


Jeff: Everybody was so wonderful and that first day Chris Drew, you know, he wanted to speak with everybody for a few moments to kind of gauge where they were on their journey, where they are in their path, where they are, are they a beginner, are they an expert? Are they working professionally? Are they, you know, and I sat with him and I said, listen, I don’t care what group you put me in, you put me in wherever spirit tells you to put me, because I just started practicing three months ago. You know?


Ann: Yeah.


Jeff: I mean like, I had been doing it 15 years ago, but I mean, I went face first consciously into the mediumship only three, three months before that. So, he sorted everybody out and he ended up putting me with the experts, his group. And he explained to us that day, he said, do y’all know what a water baby is? And everybody just kind of looked around. You know, there’s 15 of us in our little group in the sanctuary at Arthur Findlay and we all kinda shook our heads and he says, you know, water babies are the infants that their mothers get in the water with them and they just toss ’em in. And the little baby is, I instinctually knows what to do. They just flip upside, right? And they start breathing and they start splashing and they can, they’re okay. They’re totally fine, right? And he said, that’s what Jeff is. Jeff is our water baby because he’s instinctually connected, and we are going to show him, and teach him so that he can understand what’s happening. And that’s when I truly learned how the clairs work within myself. That’s how I truly learned how to communicate and express what I was receiving. And I’ll never forget because that first day, the very first exercise, Chris asked us to find a partner as they do, and we find a partner and he says, okay, choose who’s going to be the medium and who’s gonna be the sitter. Okay. The gal that I was with wanted me to go first, and I was like, well, okay. I guess that’s why I’m here, right?

Ann: yep,

Jeff: let’s jump in the deep end.

Ann: you’ve just gotta go on and do it. Yep.

Jeff: And he says, mediums close your eyes, we closed our eyes. And then he said, now sitters, get up and find yourself a new medium. Mediums. Keep your eyes closed. And he explained this. He said, you know, although you guys might feel like you’re not judging your situation, He said, we are all judging whoever we have in front of us. it’s an unconscious, you know, if you have a mother that looks like she could be 40 or 50, you might prejudge and think she probably has kids or she probably, you know what I mean? those, those kind of thoughts that go through our mind. So he said, I want you to not even know. He said, sitters remain silent. Do not give them any inkling of your gender. So we all get situated. And then he says, your last piece of instruction, sitters, you will not give any validation. You will not use your voice. You will sit there and take notes, mediums give what you get. And I was like, wow. Truly blind, right?

Ann: Yeah.

Jeff: And the experiences that I had had throughout the years. I was absolutely fascinated with the reality of this, and I had hoped one day that I would be one of those people that would wear the little brain cap, electromagnetic brain cap, so that I could show them how real this is. Right?


Ann: Yeah. Yeah.


Jeff: And, and, it was Kerry Alderuccio and her son came through.


Ann: Oh…

Jeff: and I, I mean, almost everything I said Was was bang on.


Ann: Wow.


Jeff: I came out of it and, and Kerry had tears rolling down her face and she was frantically taking notes and I was just like, what just happened?


Ann: Yeah.


Jeff: And she’s crying and then I start crying. It was so moving.


Ann: Yes.


Jeff: and it just, it changed everything for me. I mean, it, it showed me, I. Even though I already knew that this reality was truth and real, it showed me in ways that I had yet to experience. So, and that was just the beginning of that two week day at Arthur Findlay.


Ann: Oh, Jeff, what a fantastic story. And you needed that evidence for yourself as well.


Jeff: Totally.


Ann: and what a beautiful message for Kerry as well.


Jeff: Yeah,


Ann: but beautiful, especially because, you didn’t know who was sitting in front of you. You didn’t know whether that was a male or a female. You had no visual clues whatsoever.

Therefore, you can trust, spirit. So it’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


Jeff: Mm-hmm.


Ann: Ooh, Jeff, how fabulous. So, listen, I wanna go back more into this in a moment, but I wanna go back for a second. because you said that you had a job before you became a full-time psychic.


Jeff: Yes.


Ann: And medium, as most of us have a backstory and things that we did before.


Jeff: Yeah.


Ann: what was that job? What did you do?


Jeff: Oh my gosh, Ann, so many things. I tried to go to college after high school. I went because all my friends were going.

but I had no idea what I was there for. I had no clue. I tried, I tried over and over and over, and I just ended up not being able to finish, not even to, to, to complete, because I just was so, I felt purposeless.


Ann: What were you studying?


Jeff: general, just liberal arts. I didn’t know what I wanted to study, so I was just going with all the general stuff. You know, the, the basic, English, math, science, the general things that you have to get outta the way, right?


Ann: Sure.


Jeff: so in the nineties I worked for airlines. I was, um, flight attendant in the late nineties. In the two thousands from 99 to 2009, I was working mortgages, in real estate. And, and, and that was so against my grain. I, had extreme anxiety in, in all of that. and then when the 2008 crash happened, the universe cleared out all that which no longer worked for me.

I lost everything. I lost my house. I lost my car. I lost my 11 year relationship. I lost my career in everything. And I went to Maui for eight months to recover. I cried every day.


Ann: Yes.


Jeff: now this is when Spirit was really starting to become super active with myself. And I was doing reiki treatments for people and readings, card readings, tarot readings.

 and then in 2000 from, in the 2010 to the, to 2019, I was a personal assistant for a wealthy couple who lived in this Bay area during the summer and in the desert in Arizona in the winter. And that last stint really set me up to be able to move forward without financial fear and to just go, just to go for it, right?

But a friend of mine who had, who was really affected after the 2008 global crash, somewhere around 2015. She had been struggling trying to find her way, trying to find aa new career, create a new company, anything. And she said she just was really struggling and said, I just feel like such a has been.

And I said, you know, I understand that. I totally understand that because I feel like I’ve never been, and now that this spirit has shifted my awareness in such a huge way, I feel, I feel my purpose for the first time. In a way that is like so deeply ingrained from the very core of who I am.


Ann: Yeah. And when you think back to your much young years as a child growing up, do you think because that call was so strong on you then, do you think you always had a call of some sort but hadn’t really understood it or not?


Jeff: You mean a call towards spirit?


Ann: Yeah, like were you aware of Spirit as a child? Were you psychic as a child? Anything like that?


Jeff: No. N no. I mean, I would have premonition in dreams.my dreams were very vivid in 19 91, I think it was 91, maybe 92, early nineties. I’m gonna say the book, the Celestine Prophecy.


Ann: Yeah.


Jeff: Made its way to my consciousness and, I read it like 10 times. So there was this calling, there was this, something in the air, didn’t understand what it was, but there was this calling.


Ann: Yeah, I understand that cuz in my early twenties, it was this theater company that I became a part of and people were very sort of spiritual there.

They were into Buddhism and things like that. And, and that’s when I suddenly like woke up oh, hold on, there’s something here for me. I wasn’t sure what it was as well, so I totally understand that.


Jeff: Mm-hmm.


Ann: Yeah. Interesting. So it’s always been there. So fast forward then so you lost everything. I mean, that’s a… let’s not fast forward yet. Let’s get back to the trauma.


Jeff: Oh man. Yeah.


Ann: We won’t dwell there, trauma’s done, right? but if you’ve been through a situation in your life or anybody listening has been through a terrible trauma, cuz a lot of mediums have been actually


Jeff: Yes. Mm-hmm.


Ann: How does that inform the work that you do now, that trauma that you’ve had to live through?


Jeff: For me, trauma was always in my life. Growing up gay in the eighties was traumatic in itself.


Ann: Right.


Jeff: Feeling not worthy, feeling not enough, feeling unlovable. In 1995, I tried to end my life and I I was a server at T G I Fridays out here in Minnesota, and it was dead of winter, one o’clock in the morning after the night shift, and I was driving home in this full white out conditions, and I was just sobbing. I couldn’t see through my own tears, let alone the white out, and I had just hit that point of pure despair. Where in my rational mind, people would be better off without me because I’m just gonna be a disappointment for everybody.

I was trying so hard to be straight and it wasn’t happening. So I tried to, tried to run my car into a light pole in the middle of the night, and before I hit that light pole, my car swerved. So I think like rationally, reasonably, I probably had a patch of ice. Synchronistically.


Ann: Yep.


Jeff: Uh, but it it happened so fast. It, I mean, it felt like a hand came out of the sky and just turned my car away from the pole.


Ann: Yeah.


Jeff: Like, no, no, you have something else to do. So after that, I had realized what I had almost done and just lost it. Within two months, I had come out to everybody. I sat on my floor, made phone call one after another.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Because I couldn’t take the pain any longer, you know? And I, and I just thought, well, if you’re, if you’re not gonna be with me in life, that’s not about me anymore.


Ann: Yeah.


Jeff: So I got through that trauma, and then of course the trauma in 2008, losing everything, trauma for me really opened me up in a way that set myself capable of holding this space of compassion in such a way that I no longer judged anybody in their path for whatever they might be doing or making mistakes along the way, or addiction or whatever. It, it opened me up in such a way that I was able to witness. If I were in their shoes and I had experienced everything the same way they had lived their traumas the same way they had, who’s to say I wouldn’t be making the same choices?

So living through these choices set me up on my insides for this spirit work where I can feel and touch into all that which these people have gone through. Specifically, and I, and I get a lot of trauma. I get a lot of trauma. I get a lot of abuse. The people in spirit are coming through and they want to apologize, deeply, apologize, and acknowledge the pain that they brought for the people in front of me.

And I know that pain. I, I’ve, I lived with it. I know. Does I get a lot of people who take responsibility for crossing over, you know, I know, I know what despair feels like. I was there. So yeah, that’s what the trauma had led for me to grow within and, and see people through the lens of compassion.


Ann: Thank you for sharing those very intimate stories with us, Jeffrey.

It’s, extraordinary to think any person has had to live through all of those things. But in a way it’s a gift. It must be such a gift to your work now, like you say, because you are so able to hold those who are suffering and heal them either through reiki will come onto that, whether you’re still doing that or, or most certainly through your work as a spiritual medium.


Jeff: Yeah.


Ann: So, on that line, are you also doing reiki these days too, or is, is that part of your work or?

Jeff: so yes, Reiki for me. I mean, I live with it. I live with it daily. I am, blasting myself all day, every day. my food, my, my drinks, my animals, my partner, if anybody in my world wants a treatment, I’ll bring them over and put ’em on my table.

Um, people on the streets. If somebody’s broken down on the side of the road, I’ll send them reiki. If I see animals that have been run over by a car out on the highways and freeways, you know, I, I, I blast them. I hit people in grocery stores that I walk by and I feel that they might need a little bit of juju, you know? So, yeah, I just, I love the reiki.


Ann: Oh, that’s really, really beautiful. So nice. And it’s so much a part of your life. That’s the thing.


Jeff: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.


Ann: It’s not been, oh, I do that sometimes. It’s just an everyday

Thing. That’s really beautiful.

 And so coming back then to your spiritual medium work, so le we were, we left you at the Arthur Finlay College. You just had this amazing experience that you obviously carried on there for the rest of that week. what, what else ’cause I know you’ve studied under some beautiful mentors and tutors.


Jeff: Yes.


Ann: So tell us about your experiences, in your training days.


Jeff: So, yes, that first week I went for two weeks straight.


Ann: Wow.


Jeff: That the first week was,


Ann: and that’s big.


Jeff: Ooh, it is big. I mean, holy mackerel.


Ann: Yes.


Jeff: By the end, by the middle of, by Wednesday of that second week, I was borderline fried, you



Ann: Yeah. I, I can understand.


Jeff: Woo. Yeah. So it was Chris Drew and Lynn Probert, who I absolutely adore. And I still, I still mentor with her throughout the years.


Ann: oh, oh, she’s just wonderful, isn’t she? Yeah. I love Lynn Probert.


Jeff: I do too. And and then the second week was with, Tony Stockwell. And it was just incredible. I came back from that and just really dove deep into development and it took me about, I’m gonna say, I’m gonna say two years of nonstop practice with volunteers. So many people that I met in England would say, Hey, you know, let us know if you need people, because we all know people.

So I was just getting people from all over the globe in, in the UK and Europe, and australia. I had a few people here in the United States that had been out there as well, but I was practicing nonstop for about two years. And then, um, let me think, we’re about, let’s see, we’re 20, 23, so about two years ago I opened up my door and been doing readings.

It was covid, so I had no choice but to do everything on Zoom, which I find really interesting for me getting on Zoom., It was really the only way I knew, and the people that have been doing this for decades who are doing it face-to-face, one-on-ones, you know, in their little office or their home, they really struggled getting on the Zoom doing it.

And that’s, that’s all I knew. So, I haven’t, I’ve done like maybe three to face. Because Zoom has just become so convenient. You know?

It is, it’s so convenient, isn’t it? And the thing is, a lot of people, um, still sort of say, oh, I want a face-to-face meeting. But it doesn’t matter the spirit world are in the spirit world, whether you are talking to your client on Zoom or whether they’re in front of you physically it’s exactly the same.

Yeah, yeah.


Ann: And like you say, it’s so much more convenient. Oh, totally. People don’t have to travel, et cetera, et cetera. So that’s brilliant. And you have this most beautiful website with all of your services on there. No, it’s really, really stunning. but tell us as well, because you are, you are a professional working medium. You have been now for quite some time, you’ve got some most amazing results. People coming to you from all over the world booking your, sittings. You’ve also got this amazing podcast called Something Super Spiritual. Tell us how that came about, Jeffrey, cuz you’ve got this wonderful passion. So it’s fabulous that you started off this podcast. How did it, how did it come to be?


Jeff: Thank you. so, alright. After I blew open in 2006, about 2000, so 2007, 2008, in spite of the real estate starting to come down, that was my first starving period for everything Spirit. I was in workshops. Every single spiritual workshop I could find, I was in. I lived in the Phoenix, Scottsdale area in Arizona, so I was in Sedona every, I was there once or twice a month for the weekend. And I knew in 2007, 2008 that I was going to be on the radio. It was before podcasts were really a thing. But I, so back then I knew it was radio. and so I started to write out, you know, in my folder, this like outline of what I was gonna do, what I was planning, and I wanted to have a radio show where I was interviewing all of these people from all over the world.

Spirit has become, had become such a passion from the very core. I just wanted to scream it from a mountaintop to anybody who was ready to listen. You know, the, the reality of this and. So I thought, okay, now I’m gonna be on the radio. So at the very top of my page, I drew a big line and I was like, this is what my, this is what my show’s gonna be called.

What’s my show gonna be called? And I thought about it and I thought about it. I mean, for months I couldn’t decide what my show was gonna be called. So I filled in the blank. I said, okay, I know it’s gonna be, it’s gotta be something super spiritual. I don’t know what it is yet, but it’s gotta be something super spiritual.

So I wrote something super and then months after that it hit me and I was like, oh my gosh, that’s the name.


Ann: That’s the name. Yeah. It’s such a brilliant name as well. It’s fantastic. It’s really, really cool and you’re doing really, really well with it. Your podcast is in the top 10% of the most popular shows globally. Out of 3,135,555 podcast.


Jeff: What?


Ann: You’re in the top 10%, so that is, that’s amazing. Such an achievement. Yeah, it’s amazing.


Jeff: Thank you.


Ann: Yeah, it’s fantastic. so Something Super Spiritual, everybody do go and listen to it. Where can people listen to it On all podcast platforms?


Jeff: People can, yes, people can listen to it. Basically anywhere a podcast platform is.


Ann: But I’ll tell you something about it. Jeff, sorry to cut you off there. Anywhere, a podcast is people. Okay? That’s how you can listen to it. But also I wanna say how stylishly you present your work, on YouTube you’ve got a YouTube channel, have you not for podcast?


Jeff: Thank you.


Ann: And you have everything videoed. So you’ve not just got the audio part of your podcast like I have, but you’ve got the video as well, and you’ve, it is stylish, it’s beautiful.


Jeff: Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, yeah, all the podcast platforms and YouTube. So, when I started this June 8th of last year, 2022, I had been pinged to go to YouTube, but I was already, you know, feeling exposed and vulnerable just with the pod, just with the audio, right.

 so it took about six months for me to finally get onto YouTube. And I didn’t realize that there, I don’t typically care to watch videos because I’m so busy like I am, I’m always busy go doing something. So having my earbuds in and listening all day is very convenient for me. But a lot of people like to watch the interviews.

I didn’t realize that. So for six months I had people saying, you know, you really should get on YouTube. You really should get on YouTube. I was resisting and resisting, and I was, I had my heels dug in. No, I’m not going to YouTube, and as spirit has it, the nudges that we get from our guides, from our guardians, from our loved ones, you name it.

One day in, in November of 2022, my brother texts me and he says, Hey brother, you have to put your, you have to put your podcast on YouTube. I like it so much better to watch the conversations. And I was like, Hmm, okay. I hear you spirit. Yep, I hear you. Three days later, he text me again, brother, you really gotta put your stuff on YouTube.

If you don’t know how to do it, just, just tell me how to get access to all of your stuff and I’ll figure out a way to do it for you. And I was like, Ooh, I felt that. I’m like, okay, spirit. All right, Evan, I feel you. And literally two days later on that Saturday, I woke up at 7:00 AM and, and I almost never reach for my phone to go to Facebook as soon as I opened my eyes, I mean, almost never. And this day, as Spirit would have it, I opened my eyes, I reached for my phone. I went straight to Facebook. At the very top of my feed is my friend Savon Champel, who’s a beautiful medium out of Los Angeles. His post at the very top says, I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you need to get on YouTube now.

You need to stop hiding under the radar. People need to hear what you need to share. And I was like, Ugh. Okay. Okay. Already. So I mean, I literally, I got up right that got myself right outta bed. I took care of the dogs and then I made myself some coffee. I sat here at my desk for 16 straight hours and just edited, posted, edited, posted, edited, posted for, for 16 straight hours.

And that’s how I got on YouTube. Yeah. And, and then I started the live some Something Super Spiritual, live just three weeks ago.


Ann: So tell us about Super Spiritual Live. This is fantastic. And that’s very brave going, live. I find that


Jeff: Oh, yeah.


Ann: So brave.


Jeff: Yeah.


Ann: Tell, tell us how it’s going. I mean, it’s only three weeks old. It’s in its infancy. It’s got all its potential yet. Yeah. But…


Jeff: it is, it really is so much fun. So this year, a friend of mine asked me in January, actually, a couple of people, and again, spirit nudging me. A couple of people asked me, what are your goals for this year? And I said, you know what? This year. My goal, I’m gonna, I’m, I’m going to start getting on lives, other people’s lives.

I’m going to do my own live when I feel like training wheels are ready to come off, you know? Yeah. And, and in February, March, my friend Kevin Lewis out of Vancouver has a beautiful live show, and he had me on with him a, a number of times. And I noticed how beautiful the YouTube community is. They are so warm and welcoming and compassionate and friendly and kind, and they all, they all chat with each other in the chat rooms and they’re chatting with us.

And I mean, it, I, it was so not what I was expecting, right. And it was beautiful. So I was on, let’s see, February, March, April, quite a few shows. February, March, April, and May. And I thought, okay, you know what, um, I was on Kevin’s show on May 25th, and at the very end he goes, he says, what do you wanna share with everybody?

Do you have anything coming up? Do you have any events you wanna share? And I said, well, it just flew out of my face. I said, well, I’ll be starting Something Super Spiritual alive in June. And when I heard myself say it, I was like, ah. I said, and you’re gonna be with me on the first day because I need my training wheels.

And he said, okay, I’ll be with you.


Ann: Brilliant.


Jeff: and it really has been beautiful It’s been three shows now, but I have people on that I truly love, respect, and admire, honor in their own rights as psychic mediums, teachers, mentors, tutors, I mean, you name it. And we’ve just been having these beautiful super spiritual conversations that are, that are teaching at the same time. We’re just telling stories and I’ve had such beautiful feedback talking about just people learning by hearing our stories, by hearing our path, our journey, how we grew through what traumas may be, or, or just, you know, through our own experiences.

Maybe divorce or illnesses or near death experiences, so we have these really fun conversations for people. And then we do these little mini readings


Ann: Oh, beautiful.


Jeff: For people towards the end. And yeah. And I find it so fascinating because I have yet to do the mediumship on the lives. because it’s multitasking already.

While you’re, you’re talking you can do little, you know, card readings. that’s easy. And, and watch the chat. Watch them validate through the chat.


Ann: Yes


Jeff: but it’s a lot when you have a lot of people chatting, you know, it’s really a lot


Ann: of course.


Jeff: So doing the mediumship for me, I have yet to do that because holding onto that link and, following through with the person in front of me when there’s …


Ann: yeah, it’s too difficult,


Jeff: …when there’s hundred people chatting.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s just really difficult,


Ann: ’cause you need to move your conscious mind to one side.


Jeff: Oh, totally.


Ann: And you can’t do that if you have to keep using your conscious mind to press all the buttons.


Jeff: Yes, yes. So I have had spirit. As Spirit does nudging and nudging and nudging. This one day with Kevin, he said, do you wanna do any mediumship today?

 I said, no, no, no, no. I said, well, maybe at the very, maybe the very end, maybe. So we get through our hour, hour and a half, and at the very end he has me choose a question. But when the chats are moving so fast, what I had aimed for, Had already moved as I was clicking and I clicked on a mediumship question somebody wanted to connect to their mother, say,


Ann: right.


Jeff: And I was like, oh, spirit, okay. Holy cow. You know…


Ann: here we go.


Jeff: Here we go, and I, and I did. I was able to connect with her mother in that moment and I was like, wow. And it happened to be at the very end. So it was the last question. So, I still hadn’t done it since then. This last week on my show, I had talked about spirit guides with Cheryl Murphy, I adore Cheryl Murphy, and somebody had asked for a message from their spirit guide, and so I, you know, Cheryl’s tuning in, Cheryl’s talking,

, while she’s talking, I’m tuning in. And I started to feel, I said, you know, they’re really trying to get ahold of you. They are really trying to get your attention.

I said, you know, I keep seeing this lamp flickering. They are really trying to get ahold of you. And then she posts in the comments, the lamp started flickering after my brother died.


Ann: Oh.


Jeff: And I was like, all right, heaven. Okay. So the mediumship is definitely coming in into it and


Ann: Right.


Jeff: I figured out a way. What I’ll do when I bring me mediumship through on the lives, I will bring them on the screen with me.

There’s a link that we can provide for the people and they can come on in the screen. Then I can like tune in and focus on them and their spirit person and without having to monitor chat, you know, then I can just


Ann: …yeah. Brilliant. So you’re finding the technical way, which will help you to do that work.


Jeff: Yeah.


Ann: That’s obviously you are being called to do.


Jeff: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


Ann: That’s so brilliant. Super, super brilliant. So, Jeff, we have, a few minutes left, but I just wanted to ask you, what are your plans? You’re doing your Facebook Lives, you’ve got your podcast, of course, which you are, building up so beautifully. What other plans do you have going forward for your work?


Jeff: Other plans would be getting out to do gallery, in-person group readings.


Ann: Right. In San Francisco Bay Area or? anywhere?


Jeff: Yeah. Well, anywhere. I mean, if, if, if the, if, if the market called for it, I would go anywhere, you know? yes.

 so getting, getting that going,

workshops, I know eventually I’ll be teaching. But, not quite yet. I’m building my foundation right now. So yes, there will be teaching, there will be workshops, there will be traveling for that as well. and I’m just going to continue following spirit’s, nudges the way that I’ve been feeling them and hearing them and.

And sensing them through others such as yourself and, and, okay, heaven. You know, I told, I said, I said to spirit years ago, I said, all right, you know what? Use me. Use my voice. I’ll be whatever, whatever you need me to be. And let’s be clear. Speaking in front of people has been my number one greatest fear in the history of my world.


Ann: You’re kidding me? you’re so good at it. How can it be fear?


Jeff: Thank you. No. Oh. Yeah. so getting through that has been something,


Ann: that’s really something, especially as you are now doing Facebook Lives or live shows on YouTube, et cetera. That’s really something.


Jeff: Getting through that has been it’s own. And then, you know, the next thing doing the mediumship in front of everybody. That’s my next thing. but I know it’s there. You know? I know it’s there


Ann: of course,


Jeff: so I’m just like, okay, here we go. Close your eyes. Count to 10 and go.


Ann: You are just brilliant cuz you’re so passionate and you’re so brave. You’re fearless. You put yourself out there fearlessly, which I think is really wonderful. The spirit always has your back. Oh, that’s, oh, just for those who are listening and not watching on the video, um, Jeffrey’s got two tattoos all the way from elbow to wrist, which say fearlessly on one arm and surrender on the other arm. Fearlessly surrender. That’s amazing.


Jeff: That’s my reminder every day.


Ann: Yeah. Yeah. But you are so good honestly, at getting out and about and and putting spirit first. I think that’s the thing that’s so interesting. And going back to the channeling that you mentioned at the beginning, we talked a little bit about that.

Are you channeling with spirit for information and guidance on your life, what you should do next? Are you literally sitting down to talk with them or are you just waiting for the nudges and the signs to come from them?


Jeff: kind of both. I, I sit in meditation often. In my meditation I take myself, I’ve for the last 20 years in the early two thousands, I discovered hypnosis.

So rather than going to a therapist, a conventional therapist, Counselor. I would go to a hypnotherapist every week for, for, probably 10, 12, more than 12 years. And I discovered past lives and I discovered, working through my own anxieties, through the hypnosis. in one of my very early sessions, she walked me to, What happens to be today my, my special place, my safe place, the visual is, it’s a bluff high above the beach and the ocean. And so I will go to that bluff and down on the beach is my spirit team, everybody’s waiting for me. So I hop down and that’s where I meet. And so in these meditations, I sit there with them and I feel the energy, I I feel what I know I need to do, without really consciously knowing what I need to do. You know what I mean?


Ann: Yes.


Jeff: It’s, I feel it.


Ann: Yep.

Jeff: and then, you know, through these synchronicities, how spirit gets a hold of us through the synchronicities that happen that are just you know, three in a row. I mean, h Okay, I get it. I hear you. You know?


Ann: Yeah.


Jeff: I’m awake.


Ann: Yes.


Jeff: So, yeah. I’m, I’m always led that way.


Ann: Fabulous. Fantastic.

Jeff, what do you have coming up? What do you wanna share with the listeners today that you’ve got coming up or that they can come if they want to have a private one-on-one with you, how would they go about doing that?


Jeff: Yes, thank you. you can reach me at my website, which is www.jeffreypeck.com, and right now I have the mediumship session on there and I’ve got the gift certificate for your people for birthdays, Christmas, gifts. I am in the process of creating other services, you know, the psychic services, the Soul appraisal, spiritual coaching and such.

 but please take a look at the podcast, something super spiritual. It’s found, you know, Uh, Stitcher, apple, Spotify, Google, you name it, Amazon, audible. anywhere you listen to, where you get your podcast, you can find Something Super Spiritual. But if you’re visual and you would love to join us on the YouTubes, they’re scheduled to be Fridays at 4:30 PM Pacific.

However, that time will shift depending on whomever is with me and where they might be on the, in the world. Like Ann, when I have you, It will probably be at nine or 10 in the morning, you know, so that we can coordinate with your five or 6:00 PM or, Whatever’s, whatever’s convenient for you. So, but it’s, but I wanna keep them on the Friday.

I’ve had some great feedback about people needing this kind of outlet at the end of the week, you know, to really kind of like wrap up their week of work, stress and whatever, stress and, and lead them into their weekend with a little bit of good juju.


Ann: Yeah. That’s really beautiful. Excellent. Thank you. And I’ll put all those links to your work in the show notes for this episode so people can pick those up. And of course, you’re on Instagram, you’ve got a Facebook page. how would people get you there?


Jeff: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, all at Jeffrey Peck. Medium.


Ann: Perfect. That’s easy. Easy peasy.


Mm-hmm. Uh, well listen, Jeff, there’s only so many hours in a day and I know that you are filling every single hour that you possibly can at the moment with your spiritual work. So everything else, all your wonderful, work that it will be unfolding, I’m sure will do so as and when you get enough time in the day to do that.

 I just wanna say thank you so much for coming on and sharing all your knowledge with us today and just being so open and beautiful, regarding all the work that you do. it’s been really super fabulous talking to you. Thank you, Jeffrey Peck.


Jeff: Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. I just adore you. And I can’t wait to see you face to face when we get back out to England. And it could be sooner than later. I’ll keep you posted.


Ann: Oh, please God. That would be amazing. Wonderful. Yes. Thank you, jeff.


Jeff: Thank you so much.

Jeffrey Peck, what a fantastic guy and a very talented medium.  Don’t forget to take a listen to his fabulous podcast Something Super Spiritual and check out all his social media platforms and his website for all the readings and events he is offering.

As ever, show notes are available on my website, anntheato.com and you can pick up all the links there that will lead you to Jeff’s work along with a full transcript. 

And if you haven’t already done so, please don’t forget to vote for Psychic Matters in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards – www.podcastawards.com – vote in the category of Religion & Spirituality.

I’ll be back in two weeks’ time, with another fascinating episode for you.  My name is Ann Theato and thank you for listening to Psychic Matters.



Reach by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.


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