I’m Ann Théato, and it is my belief that as a society, we still have a lot to learn about paranormal science, psychic development and mediumship techniques.

We are an energy of intelligence and great power, we are infinite beings, older than time.  Mankind has used this intuitive sixth sense for centuries.  It can be very difficult for those of us who wish to undergo training to develop our clairvoyance.  In the Western World, even in this very modern 21st century, there are very few good teachers who uphold and advance psychic teaching. 

I am devoted to investigating the field of psychic sciences on behalf of all those with a curious mind.  As I find opportunities to gather information on these subjects, I am proud to pay it forward by publishing guides on these topics, to advance your own know-how and perhaps to shine a little light into a subject or area in which you had little prior knowledge.   

I am the Host and Founder of the Psychic Matters podcast – do take a listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/psychic-matters/id1499111004

Thank you for visiting my website  and thank you for trusting me to investigate paranormal topics on your behalf.  I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve you.

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