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Ann Théato, International Psychic Medium and Spiritual Tutor, investigates psychic development, mediumship techniques, and paranormal science, so that you can come to understand your own innate psychic ability and expand your knowledge, whilst learning to develop a curious mind.

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Becoming A Medium

Hi there, my name is Ann Théato and I am here to teach you proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development from the comfort of your own home. I’m also here to investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, their advice and their spiritual wealth.

In today’s show, I’ll be telling you about some of the strange occurrences and synchronicities that have happened in my lifetime. I share with you my personal journey to becoming a Psychic Medium and reveal how the spirit world first got my attention. I also discuss how I discovered the incredible power of my own intuition and why I feel it is so very important to attend structured development classes.

So much to talk about!


You’ll Learn

  • My personal journey to becoming a Psychic Medium
  • How I became aware of my soul self outside of my conscious mind
  • How the Spirit World first engaged with me
  • How I discovered I had a powerful intuition
  • Why Tarot cards are just paper and ink
  • Where I first saw spirit people and animals
  • The importance of having a good mentor
  • Why structured development classes are so important



Hello everybody! My name is Ann Théato and welcome to the Psychic Matters Podcast – session number 1! If you are already subscribed to the show, thank you so much, you Psychic Matters Tribe! – you’re brilliant!  Do make sure you subscribe to the show, because today, as in every forthcoming episode, I am here to teach you proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development from the comfort of your own home.  I’m also here to investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, their advice and their spiritual wealth.

In today’s show, I’ll be giving you a little bit of background about me and my personal journey and I’ll tell you how I became a Psychic Medium.  I’m sure that some of my story will relate to you and your own personal experiences, some of the things that have happened to me, some of the things I’ve witnessed and the strange co-incidences and occurrences and synchronicities that have happened in my lifetime, I am sure that you will be able to relate to some things that have happened to you also.

So, let’s begin.

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Let me tell you a little bit about me and how I developed some of my psychic and spiritual gifts.  So, let’s go back to where I was born. I was born to my very strict Roman Catholic parents and I was one of five children.  I was the middle child and I have four brothers, two are older than me and two are younger than me and of course we are all grown up now and spread across the globe.  I have to say, I am the only one who has a very strong belief in my psychic and mediumistic side.  None of the rest of my family believe in any of it, they think it’s all a load of old nonsense and I shouldn’t think they’ll  be listening to this at all but that’s fine I’m happy with that and I appreciate other people’s point of view is not my  point of view. But I was born in Croydon and I grew up there until I was four and I don’t remember too much about that episode in my life, except to say there is one thing that stands out in my mind and that is something that happened when I was a baby in a pushchair. And it must’ve been in Croydon and because we left there when I was four years old.  I remember sitting in a pram and my mother went into shop because back in those days you left your children outside the shop and they were spoken to buy any old passer-by and tickled under the chin and cooed over by people and it was safe to do that years ago.  But anyway, I was sitting outside happily in my pushchair and I remember looking across at two work men and although I couldn’t speak, I knew that I had no words I couldn’t speak, I could see that they were about to dig a hole in the road with a big pneumatic drill and I remember sending them thoughts I suppose, as if to say, “Please don’t turn on the pneumatic drill because it’s going to make me cry, it will shock me,”  I remember that very distinctly as being my thoughts and of course they had work to do, they turned on the pneumatic drill and my human self, jumped out of its skin and started to wail and bawl.  And I remember the two workmen stopped their pneumatic drill and came over to give me that little tickle under the chin and make sure that I was alright.  Then my mother came out of the shop and exchanged a few pleasantries with the workmen, and we all went on our merry way.  I just remember my soul self-looking out through my human eyes and knowing that I was unable to communicate to those two gentlemen my fears.  It has just really stuck in my head that it was very significant memory in my childhood of being outside of my conscious mind.  So that was my baby in the pram story.

When I was four my family moved to Colchester in Essex, which is a beautiful town, it’s an old Roman town, its roman name is Camulodunum  and it is Britain’s oldest recorded town actually and I had an incredibly happy childhood there growing up until the age of 18 when I moved to London.  But while I was there in Colchester, I grew up as I said with my four brothers and I remember again I must have been very very young, I was probably about five years old and I remember lying in my bed as a child and very distinctly remember spirit faces coming out of the wall to talk to me.

It wasn’t frightening at all; it was actually rather lovely. I remember all these faces lined up on my left-hand side because that’s where the wall was, and they would come forward one at a time.  They would come forward, they would speak to me, and then another one would come forward and that one would fade back and so on and so forth.  So, there might be 15 or 20 faces at one time coming forward and melting back into the wall and coming forward and melting back into the wall.  and I used to talk to them.  I used to talk to them about all sorts of things.  And I remember one night my poor mother who had five children and was probably utterly exhausted, screaming out to me to be quite and I got such a fright, she was so angry, it was awful, so I asked the voices not to come and see me anymore because I thought I would be so told off by my human mother.  And they never came again.  So that was one thing that I very, very distinctly remember. 

And then fast forward to probably my teen years then and things started to pick up a little bit on the psychic side and I would be walking to school and before I left my family home, I would know exactly who I would meet on the way to school.  I would know which school friends I would meet, I would know exactly the part of the path they would be on when I would walk and meet them, whether they would be by the bus stop or round the corner or by the park bench, etc, etc.,  so that was very interesting.  I also knew things like if my brothers were playing table football, which they often did, I knew who would score the next goal and I knew what the score would be at the end of the match, etc., etc.  I also remember walking home from Colchester town and going home to my family house and I remember seeing spirit people walking on the streets that other people couldn’t see.  And I’m not talking about Roman Centurions or anything like that, I’m just talking about random people, people at the bus stop. I remember walking home with a boyfriend once, I was probably about 16 and I said to him can you see those two ladies at the bus stop and he said, “No,” and I said but you must be able to see them they are right there, there’s one sitting down with a bag of shopping leaning on a walking stick and the other one is really tall and thin.   He was like, there’s nobody there!  And was like they are there! Can’t you see them, don’t be ridiculous, they are right in front of your eyes!  I could not believe that he could not see them, and yet I could see them so clearly, so that was rather strange. But again, for some reason, I didn’t think anything of it, I just thought everybody could see what I could see, apart from perhaps that boyfriend, it was all just kind of normal for me. 

As a late teenager I remember I bought my first pack of Tarot cards.  It was a Rider Waite pack, I’ve still got them actually, I still have those tarot cards to this day and I still do all my psychic readings with that same tarot pack as I love them so much they are very old and faded over time but they are beautiful cards.  But I remember reading for friends, I used to just always read for friends and at first it was always using the book and trying to work out and trying to remember I mean goodness there are so many cards in a tarot pack and trying to remember all the different meanings it was almost impossible, still is in fact.  I remember them being so accurate that I was really frightened.  I was so frightened because they would reflect when I laid out the cards exactly what was happening in my life and was so scared, that I used to sleep with them outside my bedroom door.  It was bizarre.  Of course, I realise now there is no magic in the cards, there is nothing in the cards.  The Magic is inside of us.  It is us who have the power to interpret, it is us who have the intuition and the innate knowing and innate knowledge to know how to read those cards.  They are just pieces of paper with pictures on and some printed ink, there is nothing magic about them.   But again, at the time there was nobody to teach you.  Where do you go for these kind of lessons?   All we know and probably even to this day, all we really know about psychic and mediumship worlds, is stuff that we “learn about” in Hollywood movies and that is not the truth.  That is some Hollywood producer making up a story or some wonderful imaginative scriptwriter making up a story and the Director interpreting that for our entertainment but that is not fact, that is complete fiction.  Hence, this is one of the reasons I am starting this podcast, so people have somewhere to go, to learn and educate themselves. So, let me get back to my life story, I’m just going to have a swig of water hold on.  That’s better.

So that was my teenage years I got my tarot cards and I read for friends for years and years and years and in my 20’s and 30’s I began to truly, truly understand that I had this psychic ability and this psychic gift, because I had such strong evidence of it through the tarot cards and through other psychic knowing. In my 20’s and 30’s I was extremely sceptical about mediumship, I really struggled to believe that there was a spirit world.  Even though I had gone for training courses in Mediumship specifically and I had given messages to people from the spirit world that were completely accurate, I still was very, very sceptical. So, in my 20’s and 30’s I spent a lot of time reading a lot of new age books and materials to try to increase my knowledge about the esoteric worlds and paranormal science etc. etc.

Moving forward into my early 30’s, that is when things really began to hit it off for me.  When I was pregnant with my second child, I went to a medium and he told me that the baby daughter I was carrying and I, had shared a lifetime together before.  That was interesting but I just thought yeah yeah, yadder yadder whatever, lovely message.  But it was very interesting because after she grew up, she was probably, she was very small but she could string some sentences together, she was well able to speak so she must have been six or seven, and she came to me one day and she said, Mummy, do you remember when we died together?  And I was like, what?  And she said, do you remember when we died together?  I said what are you talking about.  She said you remember we used to live together, and I was your mummy and you were my daughter and we died together.  And I said what happened?  And she said well, she said, we were just watching. And all the houses fell down all around us and then we died. That was a very, very strange. I mean she had no idea.  I’d never spoken about it to anybody, I’d never mentioned it to her, I’d never mentioned it on the telephone, I hadn’t written it down anywhere, she couldn’t possibly have known that the medium could have told me that, I found that fascinating. So that was my baby daughter.

Then in my 30s spirit people and spirit animals would start arriving in my kitchen, in the stairwell of my house and in my car.  So, I became aware of shadows and I became aware of spirits of dogs and mice actually.  Rats and mice would come into the kitchen. I don’t mind rats and mice in reality, you know, in the physical world I don’t mind them at all I quite like them, so I wasn’t worried about seeing spirit rats in my kitchen, but it was odd. 

I would see shadows of hands.  I was very aware of a little boy that would come into the kitchen and he would sort of play around I remember when I was doing the ironing and things, he would be running in and out under the ironing board. It was odd.

And one thing that really started to happen was a spirit man kept appearing in my son’s bedroom doorway, so it was just at the time my son was four years old, it was before my daughter was born and I was a single parent.  So, I was at home and I could just see this spirit man in the bedroom in my son’s bedroom and it really, really frightened me because I could see him so clearly. He had a big black cloak on and big hat. In fact, he looked like the silhouette on a bottle of a Sandman’s port.  I think it’s Sandman.  I can’t remember the make.  Anyway, I was so petrified, and I used to say to friends, can you see that man in the doorway?  Can’t you see him?  Can’t you see him? And they were like Annie, there’s nobody there.  I was like there is, he’s right there! I can’t go into my son’s bedroom, he’s right there, you’ve got to be able to see him!  And nobody could see him. I couldn’t understand it.  It was as clear as day to me. So that was all very strange.   And one unusual thing that did happen.  I remember being down the end of the garden having a bonfire, unusual in the middle of London, I don’t know where I got the wood from come to think of it… but anyway we were having a bonfire at the end of the garden and we were sitting around it me and some friends, and a friend of mine said, and there was nobody in the house, and my son was asleep in the bedroom and we were just at the end of the garden and my friend said, Annie I  have just seen a guy with a cape, a big cloak and a big tall black hat going into the back door and into the house and I said that’s okay, that’s my son’s spirit guide and she was like I have to go and investigate.  And of course, there was nobody in the house!  But that was fascinating because somebody else had seen him and it wasn’t just me!

Anyway, fast forward, I managed one night to get down to the pub and left my children, I must’ve had a babysitter, some absolute rare blue moon must been shining I actually got out for the night. I went to the pub and I was having a drink with a friend and a gentleman came up to me and he just said to me, you are a medium and I was so astonished, I said how do you know that and he said I’m the seventh son of the seventh son and I’m also a medium and I have a gift and you have a gift also and you need to go and study with a psychic called Tony Stockwell one of the world’s top psychic mediums.  At the time I had actually no idea who Tony Stockwell was, so I came home and I looked him up  and I saw that he was this world-famous psychic medium and I saw that he  worked at the College of psychic studies and I saw that the College of psychic studies was having an open day so I decided to go along to the open day.

So whilst I was there I made an enquiry at reception and said is it possible to have a private reading Tony, and they said no, he has got a one year waiting list and we are not taking anyone onto it at the moment because it’s so long, so I said no problem and I went upstairs and I had a look around and they had a raffle.  I didn’t really have much money but I decided to buy a raffle ticket.  And it was one of those Raffles where there were many prizes on the table and you could go up if you won a prize you could go up and choose whichever prize you wanted so I watched while six people went up and one prizes and collected some beautiful things and all of a sudden my raffle ticket was called out and I couldn’t believe it because I never ever win at a raffle and I went up to the table to choose my prize and on the table was lying a little envelope and is said on the front private reading with Tony Stockwell.  Of course I claimed that prize so I had to wait about six months actually for a reading with Tony as he was very busy but finally the day came round and I went in to see him and it was a fascinating reading.  I remember he said all kinds of amazing things about my children that he couldn’t possibly have known and he gave me messages from relatives of mine in the spirit world and one of the things he did say to me was that I was medium and that was all the clarification that I really needed I suppose to get me started and ultimately taken seriously as a psychic medium because I knew something was going on but to have Tony actually affirm that that was why I was experiencing all these different and strange things, that was such a relief.

And I had done some training by this stage. I had gone and I had started to go to the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and took some classes there.  I went and studied at the College of Psychic Studies and took classes with some mediums there and I was starting to make some headway into that area and by doing all this training.  So, I saw that Tony was holding a one-year mentorship program for advancing mediumship skills and I decided in my mid-40s that it was time, it was my early 40s actually, that it was time to either take this whole thing very seriously or to stop it altogether because it was getting absolutely crazy.  I was seeing all these spirit people and shadows and things were moving in the house.  I don’t mean chairs sliding across the floor or anything like that but things like I’d put my keys down and I know I’d put them in one place and I’d find them in another place or things would suddenly appear that weren’t there a few minutes ago and things like that.   It was unsettling shall we say.

So, what happened was I trained with Tony for 3 years doing one-year mentorship programs each time.  So the first mentorship program I did was a one year in advancing my mediumship skills; the second year was in advancing my teacher training in spiritual matters; and the third year was in doing platform mediumship where you get up in front of a congregation of people or an audience of people and you stand up on a stage or a platform-in America I believe you call it gallery mediumship-and you deliver messages from people in the spirit world. So I met some incredible mediums with some incredible talent and some incredible people and I learned absolutely incredible things by developing my sensitivity all the time and it’s through that intense training with Tony, that I realised and came to know and became absolutely 1,000,000% certain that mediumship is totally real and I’m not making it up and that spirit people genuinely can communicate with us and do communicate with us from spirit world.  It is absolutely extraordinary, and I went from being an absolutely complete total sceptic to becoming Tony Stockwell’s assistant and I now help Tony out on his online programmes so if anybody wants to go and study with Tony Stockwell, I can recommend him so highly. I think if you’re wanting to develop, I think to choose a mentor and stick with them for a few years and learn everything they have to teach you I think that shows a real commitment to your desire to develop and having a mentor whom you can ask anything of is an absolutely godsend, especially in this kind of work where you have so many questions and you are so frightened and you are so unsure and you are opening up this part of yourself that is so incredibly vulnerable and so incredibly sensitive you are so sensitive to the energies around you.

As I have developed my mediumship and psychic skills, I have become so sensitive to people’s energy. I find it sometimes very, very difficult to be out in the crowds.  I mean, I live in the middle of London. And I find it very difficult sometimes to be in Oxford Street say for instance amongst all the shoppers and the busyness.  I find it very difficult to be on the tube sometimes with so many people and I’m training at the moment (not very well) but I’m training for a half marathon and one of the things I find really difficult is being in the slipstream of somebody who, if they run past me, which frankly most people do – I’m quite slow –  and then they slip in front of me and I am running directly behind them, I can feel the stress of their run through the energetic field that I have to follow after and I find that really extraordinarily difficult and I always have to move aside from somebody who is running a front of me directly.  So, all this sensitivity becomes very, very heightened when you’re developing and learning all of these skills.  

And there are things like there are certain films I just cannot watch a lot of television if it has got anybody in pain or anything to do with children in distress or animals in distress or.  There are just certain things I can no longer watch; there are certain foods I can no longer eat; there are certain smells I can no longer bear.  It is an extraordinary thing developing your psychic side and your intuitive side because you open up and you become and and learn how to be so very sensitive to energies. Anyway so I learnt with Tony, I still learn with Tony, I absolutely adore him and he’s also become a very beautiful friend so if you want to go and look him up you can find him at www.TonyStockwell.com and he has many programmes at his place of study, which is now in Billericay in Essex so go along there to Soul Space and take one of his programmes or he also has a lot of programmes online.  And I help Tony with all of his online programmes so if you did want to contact him and learn about his online programmes, he teaches across the globe, he teaches for the American time zone at the moment, he’s doing a programme in trance and he’s doing a programme in advancing mediumship.  I know that he as a new trance programme starting in June and I know that he has also got in mind to do a mentorship I believe, in other topics possibly Psychic Detection coming up, other advancing mediumship courses are coming so if you are interested in those, you can find details in my show notes on my notes and also you can contact me if you want to train with him, you can contact tonystockwellpa@gmail.com and that will actually come through to me and I will be able to send you any information for Tony’s online programmes only.   If you want to study with him at his centre in Billericay, you need to contact Stuart Borley and he can be contacted through info@tonystockwell.com and Stuart will be able to send you anything else.  I just look after Tony’s online programmes.

Okay so, I studied with Tony Stockwell, and I’ve also trained with Tony at Omega in New York, I went over to the USA and had the good fortune to study a week of trance mediumship with him I have gone over to the Edgar Cayce Centre in Virginia Beach, USA to study past life regression hypnotherapy.  In fact, that is one of the things I am really very interested in at the moment with my spirituality.  I am doing some experimental work in taking people deep into hypnosis, so that they can access the spirit world and meet their loved ones in the spirit world and have this sort of three-dimensional experience of meeting their friends and family who have passed to spirit.   It’s very experimental work, but it is fascinating and people are really enjoying and loving the experiences of deep hypnosis that I’m taking people on at the moment, and I’m combining that with my mediumship skills. So that’s me and through my learning and development, I’ve also trained as a crystal healer, I’m a qualified Reiki healer and qualified as a Rahanni Healer and I’m also qualified in Indian head massage.  I’ve done courses in all kinds of things I’ve done Runes, Witchcraft, Norse Gods, you name it, I’ve done it.  I’ve done all these things over the years in order to increase my understanding I suppose.

I have this insatiable curiosity for all things paranormal and trying to get the bottom of things.  You know, it is my belief that we can truly communicate with the spirit world and surely if we can do that which I believe we absolutely definitely can, then surely we must be able to use that incredible communication for much more than just bringing through messages from grandma in the spirit world.  Surely as a human race who is able to contact the other world, we can be looking at using our skills and talents in so many different ways, and surely if we have got this two way communication between our world and the spirit world.  Surely that does redefine the significance of living.

Through this podcast, Psychic Matters,  I’m  going to be teaching you all the methods that I’ve learned on how to open up your psychic awareness, how to contact people from the spirit world, how to blend your energy with that of  the spirit world in order to bring messages through etc., etc.  So I hope that’s giving you a little bit of an insight into who I am and my background and what I’m all about as a psychic. I’m very, very approachable so do feel free to contact me through the Psychic Matters Facebook page which I’ve just set up this afternoon.   So, you can go there and we can chat to each other and we can have some very interesting and curious conversations about our development. So that’s me and I look forward to sharing a lot more about myself as this podcast unfolds.

A very big thank you to you, Psychic Matters Tribe, you are incredible, and I hope you enjoyed that episode. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure you hit the subscribe button, because next week, we’re going to start at the beginning – I will be talking about the SOUL and the big difference between your conscious mind and your true soul self.  We’ll be looking at ways you can experience your own soul. I’ll give you some techniques on how to listen to your unique soul’s calling, as together, we investigate the possibility of becoming truly alive.

After you’ve finished listening to this episode, as it is my very first one, I’d like to celebrate by giving you a free gift called Signs From The Universe.  It’s a little download I put together, just one page pdf of my favourite tips for you on becoming aware that we are not here alone – we have a whole team of spirit helpers guiding & helping us along the way.  Please do visit my website – go to… anntheato.com/thankyou.  That will take you to a place where you can put in your name and email and I can send my gift to you immediately.  I will be putting together some additional resources as well, which will be put up on my website for free download over the coming weeks, so do keep an eye out for those.

Lastly, please know, that I’m here to help you out, so what do you need help with?  What do you want to know about?  I would love your suggestions for any topics you want me to explore, or any particular person you would like me to interview.  Just ask and I will see if I can invite them to the show.  Just ask and I will endeavour to serve.  If you’d like to carry on the conversation with me and each other, or to let me know what you would like me to cover in this podcast, please do head over to Facebook and search for the PSYCHIC MATTERS podcast group page.

Once more, my name is Ann Théato and thank you for listening to PSYCHIC MATTERS!



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