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Your Magnificent Soul

Hi there, my name is Ann Théato and I am here to teach you proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development from the comfort of your own home. I’m also here to investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, their advice and their spiritual wealth.

In today’s show I’ll be talking about the magnificence of the soul.  How do we know we have one?  What is the soul and does it really exist? What is the difference between the soul and the conscious mind?

I invite you to join me!


You’ll Learn

  • How to understand the conscious mind & soul self
  • What is prayer
  • The importance of your soul’s calling
  • Why your soul is your true guide 
  • Why you don’t need to visit a Psychic Medium
  • The importance of your energetic body
  • How to step into your own unique power
  • Why everything you need is inside of yourself



Hello everybody! My name is Ann Théato and welcome to the Psychic Matters Podcast – session number 2! If you are already subscribed to the show, thank you so much, I really, really appreciate you, there’s a lot of fantastic content coming up, so stay tuned!  If you’re new to the Psychic Matters Podcast, welcome, welcome, welcome! Do make sure you subscribe to the show, because I am here, not only to teach you proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development from the comfort of your own home but also I’m here to investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, their advice and their spiritual wealth.

So, in today’s show, I’ll be talking about the magnificence of the soul.  How do we know we have one?  What is the soul and does it really exist? What is the difference between the soul and the conscious mind? 

So, let’s begin.

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There’s a voice inside your head, a voice which never stops talking. And it’s mostly negative. Have you heard it?  You know it’s the one that is constantly criticising, chattering – it’s like the monkey mind – it asks questions and you answers the questions.  You can hear it if you have had an argument with someone – it talks about what was said, what you didn’t say, what you should have said.  And it also responds with arguments from the person you have just argued with.  It is like a voice with two sides!  It answers for both parties. It might be you said something nice to somebody.  The voice in your head will replay that for you and it will replay the other person’s reaction and then it will replay it in different way like if you’d said this or if you’d said that or if they’d said this or they’d said that, or perhaps what you could have said or perhaps what you might have said.  You’re kind of locked in with this crazy person – and you take this crazy person everywhere with you – and you listen to them constantly!   But you are not the voice.  You are the one who watches the voice.

Can you imagine you have an avatar of your inner voice – give it a name – let’s call it Pam.  Can you imagine taking Pam out for a walk? Imagine she is standing right next to you and she’s a living breathing person.  And you take her out for a walk and there she is, talking to herself constantly.  Always muttering, mostly complaining, verbally reacting to everything around her.  She’s giving you terrible advice, she’s getting everything wrong, she’s replaying all these scenarios in many different ways.  She doesn’t care.   She’s just talking for the sake for talking. And now can you imagine introducing her to your friends – I mean, I don’t even like her but what are you friends going to think. 

There is a voice in your head, my head and it’s constantly chattering – it is exhausting to listen to.  But again, remember – you are not the voice if you can hear the voice then you are not the voice.   You are the one who observes the voice.   And this voice is your conscious mind – it’s feeding back to you – it’s narrating the world around you – trying to help you make sense of things and that’s great. But it is not YOU. So, when you are feeling all these emotions – you are feeling happiness, great sadness, frustration, sometimes anger. But those feelings they are not YOU.  They are emotions –but you are the person, or you rather you are the soul self that watches everything unfold and you are watching from a place of great stillness.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you look at your reflection say as a baby.  I mean think of the amount of times you have looked at your reflection in all of your years here on the earth.  Or maybe you remember looking at your baby self, or as a young child, or teenager, as an adult – you’ve had a different face at each stage of your life  – every time you have looked in the mirror and you see a different face staring back at you.  Sam person but a different age of face staring back at you.  Currently I look in the mirror and I think my goodness how did I get to this wonderful age.  But I haven’t changed.  I haven’t changed inside.  My soul self is still the same.  I’m the soul self who watches the mirror’s reflections, I remain unchanged, and observant.

There is a fantastic book which I do recommend that you buy and you read it’s by an author called Michael A Singer, and it’s called The Untethered Soul, it’s a #1 New York Times best seller and after I read it I felt you know, there are things that Michael talks about in the book, that I really resonated deeply with a lot of the ideas in there.  And Michael talks about the fact that we are constantly thinking about ourselves and our psychological well-being.  In the book it says that you know we are very fragile, and anything can upset us.  The conscious mind is a sort of anxious, insecure thing, it worries over this, it worries over that.  But what we’ve done is we’ve given it too much responsibility. We’ve asked our conscious mind to make sure that everything we do, everything we say is accepted by everyone around us, and that we have asked to be the life and soul of the party, that everyone must like us, that no-one is to hurt us and only good things must come our way, that life must always be marvellous with no problems and you know, our poor mind is desperately trying to make all those things happen. But we’ve given it an an impossible task and so our mind which is so great and so obedient, it suffers, and it becomes neurotic and fearful. Your mind tries to structure thoughts and present them as a package and by having preconceived ideas about why people have behaved in a certain way, you feel safer and more in control.

And it’s so interesting because we are so out of control.  We cannot control that outside world, it is just not possible, but what we can control, what is within our control is how we react to the outside world.  Our soul is an energetic body.  It’s the part of us that knows who we truly are.  It’s the part of us that loves us unconditionally – loves and adores us.  It’s the part that always sees the good and the true within us.  Our soul is the stillness within.  It is the part of us that remains untouched by the outside world and it is the part of us that is as old as time.  It is the part of us that never dies.   

Once we are finished here in the physical world, our soul will leave our physical body and will return to the spirit world. And it’s interesting because if you’ve been brought up in a religious family or if you’ve turned to religion later in your lifetime, we are encouraged to pray and connect but we don’t really understand that we don’t fully appreciate I suppose, that we can communicate with our own soul, communication with our own soul, our own intuitive knowing, our own knowledge is either not recognised or it’s not encouraged, we always have to be praying to somebody else and what is prayer, prayer is just focussed thought and focussed attention so we are always focussing on the external rather than the internal. So I think we can find ourselves moving away from our soul’s calling and when we move away from our soul’s calling, we become restless and unfulfilled and we find life is very challenging and very difficult and we sort of intuitively know there is something more but we can’t put our finger on just what it is and we just know that life is hard. 

And so quite often we will turn to alcohol or we’ll turn to drugs or we’ll turn to extreme behaviour or risky behaviour to try to just touch a place within ourselves where we don’t care about the physical world we can leave that behind and touch some part of ourselves that is so much more or we just want to escape from the physical world.  But our soul is filled with infinite creative possibilities to manifest itself and it is the pull that we can feel sometimes when we want to draw or write or we want to take a photograph of something beautiful to capture the beauty that we are witnessing or it is the pull that we can feel if we want to act on the stage, or paint something beautiful or create something or just to appreciate nature. The pull of our soul tries in some small way to express something of the magnificence of our spirit within.

The trouble is I think that we see ourselves as being these physical human beings and we think that that is where we begin and that’s where we end but that’s where we go wrong.  We are not a human being, we inhabit this body, I mean I have this body I have this flesh, I have these bones, I have these wonderful organs that work and keep me alive but my true self,  my soul self is where I reside and when I die I go back to being my soul self in its fullest capacity.  Part of it is here in the physical world and part of it resides in the spirit world. 

You see the soul is capable of looking at your human life from a higher perspective.  I have said it resides in the spirit world which is of course a place of all knowing and your soul is all knowing.  It knows everything there is to know and it is capable of giving you incredible information and assistance. It knows everything you need, it’s your true guide.  So, if you sit with a psychic or a medium or an Intuitive, they will be tuning into their Soul Self in order to read your Soul Self.  So, the person that is reading for and your Soul Self know everything there is to know and you can pick up all this information and give it to your human being in front of me.  But actually, let me tell you something, nobody needs to go to a medium – nobody needs to go to a psychic. We have all the answers inside of ourselves all the time. We have our own intuition.  And you know you can always get in contact with that at any time.  And I will teach you how to do that through techniques & exercise that I will unfold as this podcast goes forward. Things that you can try out for yourselves at home.  For now, just know that you are a soul being and you are very, very unique and individual.  So, we are all different.  We have very different soul gifts that we bring here.   And just imagine all of us – everyone listening to this podcast – if we all sing a song and we all sing the same notes it is going to be a beautiful song.  It will sound beautiful and powerful.  But if we each sing a song and we each sing our own individual harmony, everyone will be singing a different melody if we combine all these melodies with each other and we all cooperate and we work effectively together, we can create the most majestic choir of voices and that is what life is like and that is what life should be like.  Each one of us has our own unique soul’s purpose and we have to follow our own unique soul’s purpose and that that is what makes a beautiful world and that is why we can appreciate the beauty in another soul’s talents, another soul’s skills or gifts.  But it is only possible, if everyone, including you, the listener, steps into your own unique power, your own unique melody and sing that.  There is no point in singing someone else’s melody – doing the same as someone else.  Because by stepping into your own unique soul self and living your soul’s true purpose.  That is what is going to bring you true fulfilment and that is what is going to balance the world and balance all the other souls.  We need you to sing your song.  We need you to step into your own power.  But you know, how do we do that?  Life is so busy.  How can we sing our own melody?  

We are busy people.  We are stuck in jobs that we don’t like.  We’re in relationships that we find difficult sometimes.  We’re in a set of circumstances that we’re stuck in, there are things that holds us back holds us back all the time, jobs, family, children, partners & elderly parents and rent needs to be paid and we have to ask ourselves how can we use our own unique gifts when so much stands in the way of them?

We are a field of energy – the energetic body is much bigger than our physical body – it is not possible to determine where it starts and where it ends… everything that exists is composed of energy.  That’s science.  The physical component of an atom is 1%.  Rest of the atom – 99% is energy. Our perception of forms as fixed and solid is a perception – the more we look at anything the more it disappears.  If you look at electrons close up, they disappear in a fuzz and only energy is left.  We can’t see atoms.  We can’t see gas.  We can’t see electricity.  Galaxies – there are 100 billion galaxies estimated to be in the universe – 100 billion galaxies estimated in the universe and how many can we see?  X5.  I mean, we can only see five of them yet there are billions out there that still exist, but we can’t see them.  We can’t see the human genome.  20k genes in a human genome, we can’t see them.  Potatoes have 48 chromosomes, they’ve 2 more than people would you believe.  The same as a gorilla.  48 chromosomes in a potato we can’t see them. I mean it’s extraordinary.  All these things exist but we cannot see them.  The soul exists but we can’t see it.  We can feel it, we can get to know it and we can understand who we truly are, but we can’t see somebody else’s soul.  We can feel it, but we can’t see it.  We communicate with the soul using our energetic body which is a feeling sense – it’s a pull that comes almost from the solar plexus or the sacral chakra.  It’s a kind of pulling connection that helps you to connect with another soul.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and it’s all vibrating at different frequencies.  There are things that exist that we can’t see but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  So, say for instance once upon a time, we all thought the world flat but actually it is round.  But for hundreds of years mankind didn’t know that.  We thought it was flat and we were happy with the explanation that it was flat.  Once we knew it was round, we were happy with the explanation that it was in fact round.  It shakes our world view at its very foundations to think that we could affect someone at a distance with our thoughts OR that we can use our hands to send healing energy to someone we care about who is either in the same room but on the other side of the room or on the other side of the world.  These kinds of ideas are running counter to many of our society’s fundamental beliefs, but it doesn’t mean they’re not true or that they don’t exist.  And I really hope that science catches up soon.

We are much more than just our bodies – just our physical selves, just matter – we are energy as well and that’s been proven by science.   So, what we have begun to “re-discover” is that we can have tremendous power to share that living energy with another living being.  AND we can use this huge power as a tool against all sorts of different disharmonies and we can use that power ourselves to stay aware of our own energy – how we feel, how we feel can affect other people positively or negatively and with intent and focus we can draw things easily towards ourselves or we can push them away from ourselves both – both the positive and the negative. 

Science and scientists are beginning to understand the body as a complex energy system.  Body mind and spirit because currently we are still working with the old Newtonian physics.  The Newtonian scientists viewed the universe as a gigantic machine – like a great clock.  And so, they decreed way back then that the human body was probably a machine as well. But now we are integrating that with the mind body spirit connection, and we are beginning to understand how important that is. 

We know that the cells of our bodies are fed by various nutrients we get them from the food that we eat, as well as oxygen from the air that we breathe.  But our cells are fed also by a continuous stream of life-force energy.  And the thoughts that we have. THOUGHTS ARE THINGS! Where attention goes – energy flows!

We are so engrossed in the physical world we only think of ourselves as a physical being. But our physical packaging is so fleeting – this human body that we inhabit is very fleeting.  Our soul is what has been around forever, and it is our soul that once it has finished living here inside this body, it will go on to the Spirit World.  So, what is INSIDE of us is an energetic and infinite being.  Older than time.  We are an energy of great intelligence and you come with this intelligent energy to try to learn and to try and do something important – that is the energetic core of you –– and once you understand that you are an energetic being – and you came here to create good things in the world and to influence people in certain ways, and to express the magnificence of your soul within and beauty and love, then your life becomes re-connected with your soul purpose.

You may have heard of chakras – energy systems within the body. There are hundreds of chakras in the energetic field of the human body, but we usually speak about 7 main chakras. Chakras chakras?  Scone or scone?  Tomato tomato?  Chakras are transformers of subtle energy, and so we need to allow the energy to flow around our physical body and our energetic body uninterrupted.  Here’s something interesting I learned – that each chakra within us, interacts with other people’s chakras; and the chakras of people interact to create society’s unique chakra system; and society’s unique chakra system relates to the chakra system of other cultures and societies; and the chakras of different cultures meet and form the earth’s chakra system, which we live in and this energy vibrates within the evolutionary chakra system of our time; and as more people in our society balance their chakras, society will change; and as society changes it will create a new resonance with other societies and nations it meets and eventually the peace we all desire will prevail in our world.  But peace, world peace, is a lofty goal.  I can only imagine it is quite some time away.  Aeons we might think.  So, what can we do now?  There are many, many things we can do to change the way that we walk in the world, for the better. But how?  How do we follow our soul’s purpose?  Quite often as we walk here on this earth plane, we choose our life path out of fear, disguised as practicality.

There’s a British Writer, Sydney Smith, and he wrote, that “A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage”.  Another writer, George Lois, in his book, Damn Good Advice he says, “A talented but meek personality can never join the pantheon of the greats because timidity leads to mediocrity. Fear of the fray results in a great deal of talent lost to the world. The courage to create only superb work, through thick and thin, and fight to protect it at all costs, is not generated in the head – it comes from your very heart and soul.”

We have infinite power.  Everything you need is inside of yourself.  You are perfect as you are.  Our ego gets in the way.  Our ego is just something that we do – we try to add to ourselves to be a little bit better than we are, but we don’t need to add anything to ourselves to be better.  We are perfect soul beings.  Spiritual life it does not happen only in church or a temple or a religious house.  You can bring spirituality into everyday life.  Consider, what is at the centre of your soul’s calling? Because not taking any action on that is absolutely exhausting and it’s making you miserable!

Something I tell my children as they have been growing up, is this wonderful quote by a young man Tony Gaskins – “If you do not live your dreams, someone will hire you to make theirs come true.”  And so, I’ve always encouraged my children to go and do whatever it was that called them.  I didn’t have that luxury with my parents, I had to go and get what they termed a proper job, I had to go and be a secretary.  But what I really wanted to do was follow my soul’s calling which was to be an actor that’s what I really wanted to do, and it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I followed my soul path.  So, it’s very important that we don’t live someone else’s dream for us.  My parents dream was for me to wear a suit, put on some tights and some high heeled shoes and go in and out of the city of London and do a nice little secretarial job but that was not what I wanted to do!  I wanted to tread the stage and wear costumes and put on make-up and be different people and express myself in this completely different way in the world.   So, it’s really very very important that we don’t live someone else’s dream for us.

Krishna once said – “You cannot be anyone you want to be – your one and only shot at living a fulfilled life is being yourself – whoever that is!  – you have to be you!”

Some of us we are lucky.  We are born knowing what we want to do.  I wasn’t one of those people.  I didn’t know I wanted to be an actor from a young age.  Actually, I think I did.  I take that back I did actually know what I wanted to be.   But it was kind of beaten out of me from a young age.  Not physically beaten! But it did sometimes occur – that’s what being a child from the 60’s and 70’s does for you.  We all got a spank from time to time but it took a while for me to get back on my path, my path of acting and following what I truly wanted to do. 

I mentioned in episode 1 that I have four brothers and me so there were 5 of us.  Two of my brothers, knew exactly what they wanted to do from a young age.  One of them discovered carpentry at school and found out that he was really really good at it and he was really good at it  and he really enjoyed it and now he is a wonderful cabinet maker and a master carpenter over in Brisbane,  Australia and so if any of you are living in Brisbane and are looking for a fantastic carpenter I’ll put his details in the show notes. Barry – Barry Théato!  Brisbane, Quality Custom Carpentry! So, Barry knew what he wanted to do as a child and I had another brother, Nick, and all he ever wanted to do as a child was draw – draw pictures.  And he was always brilliant at it.  He was born brilliant at drawing.  I mean, it was always a waste of time having drawing competitions when he was involved.  We would all sit round in a circle and we’d pick something to draw and then we’d all draw it and after we’d finished, we’d all pass our drawings round the circle and we’d score marks out of 10 for what we thought that child should get for that drawing and of course Nick always won because he was so brilliant!  But he went on in his life to become an absolutely fantastic illustrator and graphic designer.  I’ll put his name in the show notes too.  I mean, they don’t even listen to this podcast but anyway, let’s give them a plug. 

So, with my children, they were lucky, they knew what they wanted to do from an early age and because of my learning and my knowledge, I encouraged that from the beginning.  So, the minute my son showed an interest in playing the guitar, I enabled him to get his first guitar.  He had to do several chores as I remember.  It was £28 his guitar, so I asked him to do x28 chores for £1 each in order to earn his first guitar and we put a little star chart on the fridge.  Such sweet memories!  But anyway, he earned his first guitar and now he is in four bands, he’s just finishing a degree in Sound Production at University and music is his life and passion, so that’s my son.  And my daughter, she knew that she wanted to do from the minute she was born – she wanted to be a fashion designer.  And I noticed when she was young, if there was School Book Day, she would make her own costume, the children go in dressed as their favourite book character, and she would make her own costume.  She wouldn’t allow me to get her one or give her one or make her one, she had to make her own outfit.  She’d go into the fabric box and she’d cut two pieces for the arms and she’d stitch it together, she was four years old, with these big old stitches.  I’m not saying she was a great sewer but I’m saying that she was trying to create a costume for herself. She never went to school in the same outfit twice.  She had one school uniform but yet somehow, she went to school in a different outfit every day.  How that worked remains a mystery to me. They had a few pieces to the school uniform we had grey shorts a white shirt and a gingham dress.  You could also have a Gingham skirt and a gingham blouse and she mixed and she matched. She wore this piece with that piece and that piece with this piece.  Or she’d wear her hair differently and sometimes if she was bored, she would put her shoes on different feet.  And I’d say, goodness you’ll trip up, put your shoes on the proper feet!  And she’d say, “No, I like them this way.”  And I let her.  And believe you me, sometimes she went out in some incredibly creative outfits when she was very tiny, but I allowed her to explore that aspect of herself.  And she went on to make her own clothes from the age of 9 with a fantastic mentor she had – Amanda Riley with the Fashion Factory in NW London and now my daughter is at the London School of Fashion and she is studying a degree in Costume for Performance.  So, when we have the right people to encourage us to step into our power, our soul power and our soul purpose that is great.  I mean, lucky them. My kids were lucky.  I recognised the importance of following the draw from your soul.   But not so lucky for some of us because we didn’t have that support, I know I didn’t.  So how can we find that in our lives now? How can we find out what our true soul’s purpose is  if we feel we somehow feel we have missed the boat somewhere and all we are doing is a job we don’t really enjoy and we are struggling to pay the rent and we are not happy – we are not following our gifts so how do we do that?

Well, our job here on earth is to make choices that create the right conditions for our soul’s true purpose to flourish.  So, trying to find out what your true purpose is, can be difficult or it can be very easy.  All you have to do is sit in the stillness of your soul and listen to what your soul is crying out for you to do.  And it doesn’t mean that you can necessarily um… say for instance, another part of my soul’s craving, I have an absolute passion for horses.  I didn’t go horse riding as a child it was a very, very expensive hobby and we just couldn’t afford it.  My parents couldn’t pay for one child if they couldn’t pay for all five of us – they were good, they kept things very equal in that respect, so that was not something I did but when I was in my mid 20’s I went and lI earned how to ride a horse.  And now I can bring that into my life in some small way.  I can’t own a horse I live in London for goodness sakes, where am I going to keep a horse? but I have loaned a horse which I have ridden once a week for a while, or I can make time once a month to go horse riding with a friend.  There are ways that you can bring in some of your passions from your soul into your life, even if you can’t do it full time, you have to try to create happiness and follow your soul’s passion in some small way and answer that call in some small way.  And also, don’t forget, that it might be that your soul’s purpose is not revealed to you until later in your life. 

Oak trees do not produce acorns until they are 50 years old

Colonel Sanders was in his 60’s when he created KFC

Frank McCourt, brilliant writer, he was 66 when he wrote Pulitzer Prize winning Angela’s Ashes

So there is still time, no matter what your age is and if this is the first time that you are coming to these kind of thoughts about following your soul’s passion, then the time is now!

It’s time to embrace the magic of ordinary living.

It’s time to dedicate yourself to finding out who you truly are.


A very big thank you to you, Psychic Matters Listeners, you are incredible, and I hope you enjoyed that episode. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure you hit the subscribe button, because next week, we’re going to be looking at places, colleges, courses, workshops both online and in person that you can go to train and develop the intuitive side of yourself.

After you’ve finished listening to this episode, if you feel you would like to practice getting in touch with your own soul self, I have put together a free ten-minute meditation for you, which you can download from my website. Go to… anntheato.com/soul.  That will take you to a place where you can put in your name and email and once you’ve done that, you will automatically be sent the meditation.  Whether you are a beginner or whether you are a professional working psychic medium, it’s a beautiful 10-minute meditation that you can listen to while you are either sitting down or you’re on the commute to work or you’re in the gym. I’ve kept it short, so it won’t take up too much space in your phone, and it won’t take up too much of your time but it is well worth listening to.

One more thing, I am teaching a workshop later in the year which you may well be interested in.  It will be held on October 10 & 11, at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh, and it’s all about the soul and how to connect with your soul’s purpose.  It’s called Soul Power 2020:  Unleash Your Life Force ~ and it’s an incredibly powerful programme of soul exploration.  We use Guided Meditations, exercises and Past Life Regression Hypnosis, to look at your soul’s progression from three unique perspectives:  We look at your soul from your higher self – looking at your soul’s unique gifts, skills and abilities and what you have brought with you to this lifetime, we look at your soul form the point of view of your spirit guides – how they can support, assist and help you to achieve your physical and spiritual goals. And we look at the soul from Your infinite soul’s knowing – exploring who you truly are in the spirit realm

I’m co-teaching with a fantastically talented colleague & very good friend from the USA – Julie Haines.  Julie is a professional Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coach and in fact this will be a return to the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre for both of us, as we taught there last year, and we are honoured and very much looking forward to returning.  Once again it is held on the weekend of October 10 & 11.  Do head over the Arthur Conan Doyle website where you will find tickets on sale now and we were almost sold out last year, so we’re hoping that this year we will sell out, so make sure that you book your tickets early.  Links and details will be in the show notes, so if you’re driving right now, or don’t have a pen and paper, don’t worry – go to my website www.anntheato.com head to podcasts and you will find the show notes there with all the relevant details and links.

Lastly, please know, that I’m here to help you out, so do let me know what you need help with.  What would you like to know about?  I would love your suggestions for any topics you want me to explore in this podcast, or any particular person you would like me to interview, just ask and I will see if I can invite them to the show. If you’d like to carry on the conversation with me and each other, or to let me know what you would like me to cover in this podcast, please do head over to Facebook and search for the PSYCHIC MATTERS group page.

Once more, my name is Ann Théato and thank you for listening to PSYCHIC MATTERS!



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