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Where Can I Train To Be A Psychic Medium?

Hi there, my name is Ann Théato and I am here to teach you proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development from the comfort of your own home. I’m also here to investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, their advice and their spiritual wealth.

In today’s show, I’ll be talking about the best places to train both online and in person, how to find a mentor and what courses to choose.

So much to talk about!

You’ll Learn

  • How to choose a tutor
  • How to choose a course
  • Best places to learn online
  • Best places to learn in person
  • The benefits of good training
  • Top UK & USA places for Psychic Development
  • How to train if you have no money
  • How to meet your tribe


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Hello everybody! My name is Ann Théato and welcome to the Psychic Matters Podcast – episode number 3! If you are already subscribed to the show, I really want to say thank you so much, I really, really appreciate you.  There’s a lot of fantastic content coming up, so do stay tuned!  If you’re new to the Psychic Matters Podcast, welcome to the community! Do make sure you subscribe to the show, because I am here, not only to teach you proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development from the comfort of your own home, but also I’m here to investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, their advice and their spiritual wealth.

I have some great interviews coming up for you in episodes that are not too far off.  But before we do that, let’s take a look at what you can do to develop your own intuitive gifts and the intuitive side of yourself.

So, in today’s show, I’ll be talking about the best places to train both online and in person and how to find a mentor and what courses to choose.

If you’re ready, let’s begin.        

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So, where do you train?  You guys are super lucky because we live now in the age of the internet and information is absolutely at our fingertips, we can find stuff out, we can research, we can look things up, we can look up all these colleges and training workshops and get the information immediately.  Back in my day we had to pick up our information from a flyer or a friend or word of mouth or a magazine or other methods.  So, you are lucky, you’ve got the internet. 

Back in my day I had three difficulties, so I want to address the three things.  The difficulty I had was that I was a single parent that meant I could not leave my children, I had no community around me, I had no family that lived near.  I could never leave my children on their own.  So, even going to a night class was an absolute impossibility.  Even two hours a week I couldn’t have done it.  And there will be people listening to this podcast who have that same issue now, either you are looking after children or you are looking after elderly parents or you are a carer or you have responsibilities in some way that mean you cannot get away and find those two hours a week to join a weekly class.  Don’t worry I have an answer for you if that is you.  Secondly, financially, I could not afford to go and train.  There was no spare money, I could barely buy bread and butter, let alone anything else.  Don’t worry, if that is you now, I also have an answer for you.  Number one, you are listening to this podcast so you can learn as this podcast unfolds.  I will be giving you techniques and tips of things that you can develop also.  But not just me, I ‘m going to be bringing you advice from other people too.  But I have answers for you also if you don’t’ have the finance and you can’t go and join a workshop, don’t worry about that.

Thirdly, which workshop do you do?  Which one do you do?

How do you know which one to choose? So, I have the answer for you for that one as well.

Okay, so here are the places that you can go and develop.

You can do a training programme, so that’s more than one day. You can do a training programme with one person or a college with many tutors on it.  You can do a one-off workshop.  You can do a weekly class; you could do a Development Circle.  You could do a Private workshop – they aren’t advertised you might hear word of mouth that someone is running a private workshop that you feel drawn to.  You can online tuition.  You can do online tuition in a classroom or you can do online tuition in a 1:1 scenario.   You can learn online with some of the most incredible psychic mediums and talented spiritual tutor, I will go through who is available online in a moment. 

You can join the SNU which is the Spiritualists National Union.  They have courses you can do at home to increase your knowledge and your learning.  You can join the SNUi which is the Spiritualists National Union International, so that’s for international students and you can learn there and develop with them.  There’s a college called the Arthur Findlay College; they have all kinds of workshops there.  I will go into all of these in more detail in a moment.  You could go to the Barbanell Centre which is in the Midlands of England and that’s a secondary college to the Arthur Findlay College and it’s based in the Midlands.  You could do a course at the Spiritualist’s Association of Great Britain, affectionately known as the SAGB.  You can go to the College of Psychic Studies; you can go to the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Scotland. 

You can go to any expert in their field.  You’ve got people like

Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh, they’re all doing online courses and programmes.

So, let’s catch our breath and let’s take this slowly.  The number one thing you should do if you are looking for a place to develop, you should do your research very, very carefully before you decide which medium or which workshop feels right for you.  There are many, many excellent tutors out there, spiritual tutors, there are some fantastic incredible psychic mediums out there and all of us, we all have different personalities and different things that we offer.  So, you will have a better experience if you can comfortably connect with the person that you are going to be training with, the college that you are going to be studying at, if it feels right with you, then that is your number one hurdle overcome.  So, if you are looking for a college to study at, go to some of the top places.  If you are going to study, go to the best place that you can afford to go to, that is number one.  Because some of the best colleges, you’ve got the Arthur Findlay College, the College of Psychic Studies, the SAGB, all of these places only employ tutors at the top of their game.  They employ tutors who know what they are talking about, who know how the spiritual side of things work so you are going to be guaranteed excellent tuition if you go to a recognised college or place of study.

If you want to study privately with a psychic medium, I absolutely recommend that you check them out first online. Look at their qualifications, look at their background and training, read any of their testimonials, have a look and see if their clients are happy and satisfied.  Book a reading with them perhaps to start with to get a feel for what they are like and what their personality is like and see if you feel drawn to them.  I feel it is really, really important that you work with the right person.

Let’s have a look at some of these colleges from the beginning.  Let’s have a look at the Arthur Findlay College first.  All of the ones I am going to mention now are UK based places, so if you are lucky enough to live in the UK, then these are places you might like to consider.  If you don’t live in the UK and you want to fly over and come and study over here, I highly recommend that you do, then these are some of the colleges you might want to consider coming to study at.

So, the Arthur Findlay College is the most incredible place of study.  It is the world’s foremost college for the study of psychic sciences, and it has got some of the best tutors in the world teaching there without a doubt. The Arthur Findlay College – have a look at it online, have a look at all the courses and programmes that they have on offer and you will probably be astounded at the variety of courses they have on offer. They have onsite accommodation so you can stay over.  I have studied there several times myself and I know that some of my very good friends who are also professional psychic mediums, we all go there and we all study to a high level because we love it so much.  It’s a beautiful place, it’s a beautiful sanctuary and you will learn so much by going there.  So, I highly recommend the Arthur Findlay College to start with.  The Arthur Findlay College has a secondary college affiliated with it which is called the Barbanell Centre and that is in the midlands in the UK so if you are living in the North of England or towards the middle or the North of England then you can go along to the Barbanell Centre and have a look.  They also have onsite accommodation and some wonderful tutors and some wonderful courses.

You’ve got the Spiritualists Association of Great Britain, another absolutely fantastic place to learn, I started off some of my learning there.  They have recently moved into new accommodation in Battersea in London.  Do take a look at their website, you will also see they have demonstrations of mediumship, you can book private sittings with mediums there and they do all kinds of courses and workshops, so that’s the Spiritualists Association of Great Britain.

We have then the College of Psychic Studies in Kensington in London. The College of Psychic Studies is a beautiful college it’s actually fantastic, do look them up. They again have a huge variety of courses and programmes taught by some fascinating teachers from all around the world.  They have Open Days there, the Arthur Findlay College also has an Open Day so do have a look if you are not sure what to study in either of those colleges, go along to one of their Open Days and get a feel for the place and have a look and see the vast variety of workshops that they offer or the things that they have on offer, it’s incredible.  I highly recommend the College of Psychic Studies.

You’ve also got the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre up in Scotland in Edinburgh.  Excuse me let me say that the right way around its in Edinburgh which is in Scotland. It’s a beautiful college again, a wide variety of classes and workshops there and some fantastic tutors that they employ there from all over the world, so have a look at the Arthur Conan Doyle sent in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

You can also go to the SNU, Spiritualists National Union. Their home courses that you can study and develop your own pace at home.  They run some fantastic courses there, so do have a look at the SNU website. All of these websites will be in the show notes by the way and the links to find them will be in the show notes too.  And the Spiritualists National UnionInternational also runs courses so if you can’t attend the Arthur Findlay College say for instance in person, then you can study at the SNUi online and you can attend services online, you can demonstrate mediumship online you can learn online and again, they have some fantastic and very talented tutors in the field, so I highly recommend the SNUi also.

You can go to some the experts in the field.  You have people who are teaching online.  So online tutors that I know of, who I can highly recommend are Mavis Patilla, number 1.  Mavis has been with us for such a long time and her knowledge is second to none.  I’ve never actually had the good fortune to study with Mavis and I would love to, I would absolutely love to.  But I know that Mavis teaches online.  She also if you sign up have a look on her website, she offers occasionally, free lectures online, so it’s definitely worth signing up to her mailing list, to find out when she is talking.  You will hang on her every word she has so much knowledge to pass on, so do look her up. 

Tony Stockwell of course, I’ve mentioned tony, he’s my personal mentor, has been for quite some time, he has incredible knowledge in the field of psychic science, so do look him up. 

You’ve also got Lisa Williams.  Lisa is British, but she works over in America and has done for many, many years.  Again, she is another hugely talented psychic medium and she does online courses & programs too, as does Tony.

You also have James Van Praagh, James Van Praagh runs, I can’t remember the name of this school but he runs a school online. Again, another guy with some incredible knowledge to pass on. I haven’t studied with James Van Praagh either I would love to and hope to do so one-day.  The other person I know who is absolutely incredible is Andy Byng, he is a tutor at Arthur Findlay College and at the head his game and he runs online programs & workshops so he’s definitely worth looking up.

Okay maybe you don’t live in the UK, maybe you live in America.  If you live in America, I can recommend the following three places to go and learn.  You can go to The Journey Within, which is the Spiritualists National Union church and it is in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey.  Contact Janet Nohavec there and she runs incredible courses with some fine tutors as well. So that is a beautiful place of learning.  Again, I’ve not been there, I would love to go and experience The Journey Within its definitely on my bucket list.

You also have Omega.  Omega has a couple of learning centres:  there’s one in Reinbeck New York; one in New York City and there’s one in Costa Rica.  And Omega also offers online programs.  So have a look at the website.  Omega is huge, there are so many programmes and workshops and courses there but it’s worth looking up worth you might find a course on there that you’re particularly drawn to.  

A place that I can highly recommend also is The Edgar Cayce A R E Centre in Virginia Beach USA.  I was lucky enough to study past life regression hypnotherapy there and I had a fantastic time, some brilliant learning and a great, great experience, such a beautiful centre.   they don’t just do past life regression they do all kinds of programmes that you might find interesting, so do have a look at that as well. 

Just going back to the UK for a moment I forgot to mention Alternatives.  Alternatives is based at St James’ Church at Piccadilly and London in the middle of the West End and is The UK’s longest running weekly mind body spirit events company and its internationally known as U.K.’s landmark speaking platform for spiritual teachers and alternative thinkers.  So, Alternatives also runs workshops so you might find something on their website that tickles your fancy.  They have incredible speakers from all around the world talking about all kinds of different topics in spirituality as I believe they are also available online.  So, look up Alternatives – it’s a fascinating resource for all things spiritual.

Just to answer then the three questions then that I put at the beginning of this podcast.  What do you do if you can’t leave the house to go to a class?

Online.  Online training is definitely the way forward.  Second question if you can’t afford to train, you can’t afford to pay for training, how do you still learn?  What you do, is you go online.  Free training is available through some of the tutors I have already mentioned who offer free classes and free lectures and free workshops.  So have a look at their websites and see what they’ve got on offer.  Occasionally they offer free lessons in things so it is worthwhile signing up to the mailing lists for some of those tutors to find out what you might be able to learn from them.

You can also go to YouTube, it’s a fantastic resource too.  Have a look at some of the mediums working; have a look at some of the spiritual philosophy of the great thinkers of the world, people like Ram Daas and Wayne Dyer who is sadly no longer with us but people like that who are at the forefront of philosophical thought.  That is a fantastic free resource that you can have a look at.  And finally, which workshop do you choose, and the answer is the one the one you feel most drawn to.

Do you check out your tutor’s background.  Do check out the fact that they have credibility in the field in which they are working.  And then always go with your gut instinct.  Your intuition will never, never let you down. 

So, the last thing I wanted to say, I have mentioned several times now Tony Stockwell who was my mentor and I learned the foundations of everything I know now with Tony.  And I think it’s really important if you choose a tutor that you stay with them for a while. Stay with them for a couple of years and learn everything that they have to offer.  Everything they know and everything that they have to pass on.  Get a feel for all of their knowledge. And once you’ve done that, then I think it’s also really important to learn with other people too, once you’ve got your foundation.  I wouldn’t recommend skipping and hopping a bit with this tutor, a bit with that tutor.  Oh, he said do it this way, she said do it that way. Because everybody has got their own way of working.  Initially you might want to try out a few teachers of course until you find someone you really resonate with and you feel very comfortable with and then I would highly recommend you study with them for a period of time. And then after that period of time, definitely then go to other tutors and find out how they look at the world, how they approach the field of the psychic, the field of mediumship, because it’s fascinating and you can try out new things and new methods.  And of course, if you choose a good teacher, this kind of tuition is never finished.  It’s never this is how you do it and this is the only way to do it, because it’s evolving all the time you see.  The psychic side of ourselves, the mediumship side, the blend with spirit, it’s never a finished thing.  It’s always something that is evolving and there are new ways that we can work and new information that we can bring in and new ways that we can blend with our own intuitive self and the spirit world so make sure that you go for a tutor who has got a very, very open and curious mind.

And the last thing that will happen, is if you go and join some of these online training programs or training workshops, then you will meet people, finally you won’t feel so alone!  You will meet people who are on the same wavelength as you and you know, when you are doing this kind of work, that is vital.  To have people on your team, who look at the world in the same way and who you can share your experiences with, who will understand you at that level.  Because you know, it’s a very lonely world.  Being a psychic, I have found has been incredibly lonely.  People don’t understand how you relate to the world.  It doesn’t fit into their way of thinking. 

If you meet a fellow psychic or a fellow medium, they completely understand you, but people who don’t do this kind of work, they look at you is if you are strange, or there is something wrong with you, or you are weird or a million things.  So, it can be very, very lonely. And it’s lonely as you are trying to make sense of it yourself.  That’s bad enough when you are trying to work out who you are and what makes you tick and why you have got access to all this information, how do you know that.  That’s hard enough. So, it can be quite an isolating and lonely experience being a psychic and a medium because of the misunderstanding that there is around people who are outside of this field. 

So, I highly recommend that you train if you possibly can.  You will make the best of friendships, you will begin to understand yourself, you will begin to understand your psychic side, your mediumistic side. You will begin to understand why you are now aware of people in the spirit world who come and stand close to you.  You will understand the difference between people from the spirit world, spirit guides, angels, other beings. You will understand other people so much better. And you will make, as I said already, the best of friends here.  You will feel like you finally belong somewhere.  Because it is a very lonely life being a Psychic Medium.  It can be very lonely because there are not that many people who understand how it works. And I do hope by doing this podcast that I will be able in some way to…  Well, by sharing my own experiences I will be able in some way to shed some light for those who don’t know anything about it, to understand how the process works.  It is so easy to vilify someone and say you are making it up, this isn’t true, this doesn’t happen.  But we know, when you are a psychic medium and you work with your psychic side, you are not making it up, you know what you feel, you know what you see.  You know you can pick up this information from somebody else and give it to them. You know that you can talk to people in the spirit world and give their loved one’s messages from them. You know it is true. And I really hope that through this podcast that I will be able to share the methods of how that happens, so that people who aren’t in this work can understand it a little better.

Because it does look weird.  It does look absolutely incredible when you don’t have the training and you don’t understand how somebody can know this stuff. How can you know that stuff?  But we can all know this stuff. We all have that ability. Even if you have never trained a day in your life.  You have that available to you. You have everything available to you.

So, I hope that by me talking about this, by me talking to other experts in the field who also have things to share, that we can open up this conversation and

that being a psychic medium will be something that we can all access, every single person who walks this earth can access this higher part of themselves.

A very big thank you to you, Psychic Matters Listeners, you really are incredible, and I hope you enjoyed that episode. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure you hit the subscribe button, because next week, we’ll be looking at Development Circles and what they are.  I’ll be talking to a really good friend of mine and a fantastically talented Psychic Medium, Lesley Malone, who has invited me along to her weekly development circle, to explain to us exactly what a development circle is and what you might learn if you join one.  I’ll also be talking to some members of her circle, to find out what they are learning and how they are getting along.

Meanwhile, If you feel you would like to investigate some of the training opportunities I’ve spoken about, I have, for your convenience put everything I’ve mentioned in this episode – the names, websites or contact details of each of those mediums, training colleges and places of learning, I’ve put all of those links and details under the Resources section of the show notes for this episode, which you will find on my website.  You can take a screenshot of that, print it out and then sit at your convenience in front of your computer with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or a glass of wine and refer to my list and look places up and see which ones you feel drawn to.  

One thing I should mention, I am a tutor myself, and if you did want to train me with personally, I do have just a couple of places left on my 1:1 Spiritual Tuition schedule, so do contact me if you’re interested in training directly with me on a 1:1.  If you prefer to learn in a classroom setting, I’m very excited to say that I will be holding online classes later in the year, probably from the Summer onwards I should think.  I’m just finalising my yearly schedule at the moment but if think you might be interested in attending one of my online classes in psychic tuition or mediumship – both of which are huge topics – do contact me.  Head on over to my website anntheato.com/training.  Put in your name and email and your name will be put down on my Priority Booking List so when those classes are announced later this year end of Spring, early Summer, probably late Spring, you will be put down on my Priority Booking List and you’ll be one of the first students to receive details of those training courses.  So once again, go to anntheato.com/training

Lastly, please know, that I’m here to help you out, so do let me know anything that you feel you need help with.  What would you like to know about?  I would still love to hear your suggestions for any topics you want me to explore in this podcast as it goes forward, or if there is any particular person you would like me to interview, just ask and I will see if I can invite them to the show but do let me know what you would like to know from them! If you want me to contact somebody in particular and you particularly want to know this, let me know and I’ll invite them. We can but ask, right?  We can but ask and if they’re available, I’m sure they’ll come on the show.

So, I really appreciate your time and I really, really appreciate your support for this podcast.  If you know of anyone who you think might be interested in the subject matter, please do share this with them and if you’re enjoying things so far, I’d really appreciate you leaving a review. Many thanks if you do that and take the time it would be a great blessing for me if you would do that for me.

Have a fantastic week everyone.  I hope that everything is really successful for you this week.

Until next time… my name is Ann Théato and thank you for listening to PSYCHIC MATTERS!



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