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Sitting In The Power

Hi there, my name is Ann Théato and I am here to teach you proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development from the comfort of your own home. I’m also here to investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, their advice and their spiritual wealth.

In today’s show, I’ll be talking about Sitting In The Power and why it is the foundation stone of all psychic and mediumship work. You’ll learn how to develop a deep relationship & friendship with the stillness within, where impressions from the spirit world can manifest. 

Let’s go!


You’ll Learn

  • Why Sitting In The Power is the foundation stone of all mediumship & psychic work
  • How to still the mind
  • Methods for Sitting In The Power
  • How to allow your spirit within to rise and manifest
  • How to become aware of yourself as a soul being
  • How to recognise your relationship with the Divine
  • How to distinguish your thoughts from those of the spirit world


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Hello everybody! My name is Ann Théato and welcome to the Psychic Matters Podcast – episode number 5! If you are already subscribed to the show, thank you so much, that is really fantastic, and I really appreciate you!  If you’re new to the Psychic Matters Podcast, welcome to the community! Do make sure you subscribe to the show, because I am here, not only to teach you proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development from the comfort of your own home, but also I’m here to investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, their advice and their spiritual wealth.

This week, we’re going to start looking at techniques and methods for you to develop your own intuitive gifts and the intuitive side of yourself.  Whether you want to train as a psychic, or as a Medium or whether you are just an ordinary human being who wants to learn how to be more intuitive and trust your gut instinct more, whether that be at home or in the business world, then this is the episode for you!

In this episode, I’m going to be talking about a very important exercise called Sitting In The Power.   I always teach this to my students, and it is the foundation stone of all psychic and mediumship work. I’ll be discussing how important it is to have an awareness of the power within and how you can slow down your mind & develop a deep friendship and relationship with that power; you can enter into the stillness, where impressions from your higher self, your subconscious mind, your soul self or the spirit world can be received and can manifest. 

So, if you’re ready, let’s begin.

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When your thoughts settle – your mind becomes very, very still.  Being in the power is all about entering a space within, that brings you stillness and an easy connection to spirit.  It’s not a meditation.  But it is a type of meditative state, where you can become silent, centred and put yourself in a state of mind where your own spirit has a chance to rise and to manifest and to become present.

It is impossible not to think.  It is impossible not to have thoughts. Those thoughts will just keep coming and coming.  So, sitting in the power, is a slowing down and suppression of your mundane thoughts.

The power of your own mind and your own soul is absolutely enormous.  We call it sitting in the power, and it means that you give time regularly, to becoming aware of yourself as a Soul Being.  It is a time that you regularly put aside for you to experience your own soul self and begin to understand the enormity of it and the power of it and the grace of it and the expansion of it.

When we talk about sitting in the power, we are talking about Invoking the spirit within.  And when you sit in your own power, you begin to lose awareness of your body and you allow yourself to go beyond the physical, so that you have a greater and greater awareness of your soul power.

Sitting in the power will raise your ability to be able to expand and to connect and to blend with either your own soul; or the soul of your sitter in front of you, or with people in the spirit world as they come close to you. 

So, let’s just keep it for now where we are just talking about your own power, let’s not talk yet about the spirit world, or the power that comes from the spirit world, let’s just talk about the grace and power that we all have within ourselves. 

This isn’t just relevant if you are developing or training to be a psychic or a medium.  You will find that this exercise is relevant to every single person listening to this podcast right now. And that means you! We are all psychics I believe, every single human being who walks the earth is psychic and I believe we are all mediums as well – how can we not be mediums, how can we not all speak the language of the spirit when we all come from the spirit world?  Of course we can. Of course we can all call home as it were, call home to the spirit world and speak to people from home. We can all do that.

Even if you are never going to use this exercise for becoming aware of your psychic self or becoming aware of the spirit world, then I certainly suggest you use this Sitting In The Power exercise or knowledge as a way to escape from life’s challenges just for a moment, so that you can sit with your true self, so that you can experience who you truly are and you can leave the physical world behind, even if it’s just for a few moments.

What I’m talking about here, is the power that we all have within ourselves which is expansive and beautiful and graceful.  By sitting regularly and quietly within that power and sitting with that true self within, that’s where you can tap into your highest self, your highest intuition and that’s where you can get answers for any of life’s challenges or things that you need, you can just allow answers to come forward and just touch the mind.  This practice of sitting in the power will help you to expand your awareness and help you to recognise your relationship with the Divine and your relationship with the Spirit World. And when I talk about your relationship with the Divine, I don’t mean a Divine without necessarily I mean recognising the relationship that you have with the Divine within.

What you are essentially trying to do when sitting in the power, is to still the mind and stop the thoughts from constantly coming in.  Now you can never stop thinking, you can never stop thoughts, that is an impossibility, but you can still them by using various techniques which I’ll talk about in a moment.  When we are sitting in the power you are going to be feeling totally connected to everything, every tree, every cloud, every blade of grass, you will feel totally at one with the world and with yourself.  It is the most beautiful place of calm. 

It’s different to just reaching a place within where you feel happy inside of yourself.  I mean feeling super, super, happy is a great, let’s face it we all love it when we feel something has gone really well for us and we feel absolutely delighted and happy and we’re singing and patting people on the back and phoning people we haven’t spoken to for ages because we are in such a good mood, and that’s great, let’s face it, we all love to be happy.  The opposite of that of course is being very unhappy where you are feeling very low and very drained and exhausted and feel that people don’t understand you.  But both of those are states of mind where there is a lot of energy and adrenaline involved but when you are sitting in the power, none of that is involved.  Sitting in the power is not about being unhappy or happy – it is a state of grace.

The more you work with this exercise, the easier it will be for you to be able to enter into this stillness within, into this beautiful place of stillness. The more you work with it and the more you are able to still the mind, the easier it is for the spirit world to work with us and to give us impressions that can manifest within the mind.  But we can’t work with the spirit world and ask them to touch our mind with information, if our mind is busy and busy and full of other things.  Because then we won’t be able to distinguish what are our own thoughts and what are picking up from the Spirit World.  Or what are our thoughts and what are we picking up from our sitter’s soul self.  So, we need to learn how to still our mind and have almost like a blank canvas for the spirit world to be able to work with us.

You are going to move your awareness towards the spirit within, towards the spirit world, and they are going to move their awareness towards us, and we meet together.  So how do we get there?

We take time to sit quietly, we find a very comfortable armchair or chair and you sit quietly, and you begin initially by focussing on your breath. You can either count the breath, you can count in for four, hold for four, breathe out for four or you can just become mindful of the breath as it enters the body and leaves the body in its own natural rhythm and you can focus on the breath coming in or out.   So that’s one way that you can work.

A second way you can work, is you can also focus on a candle flame. You can either close your eyes and imagine a candle flame within your mind’s eye or you can focus on an actual candle flame within the room. And whenever you get a thought that comes in, you can just refocus your mind on the flame in front of you or in your mind’s eye and you allow that thought to come in, allow it, acknowledge that you are having a thought and you an allow that thought to pass and then you can put your mind back to the candle flame.

The same as if, if you are breathing in, you can allow the thought to … as if you are not going to be breathing in of course you are, you’re not going to stop breathing for the exercise but when you are counting the breath in or counting the breath out and a thought comes in, just allow that thought to come in, acknowledge the thought and then return to counting the breath.

A third way of getting into the power is if you are outside, you can sit in nature. You can become mindful as you sit, of your surroundings and everything that is there, feeling the connection with everything around you.  You can sit and deeply feel the connection with the trees and with the grass and the clouds and the sky or the feeling of the sun on your skin, perhaps a slight breeze in the air, the birds singing, etc., etc., you can just really start to become aware of your surroundings and everything that you are seeing, feeling, smelling, touching. And then once you have become very aware of everything that surrounds you, then you focus on ONE thing – the birdsong, or a fragrance, or in your mind’s eye the sky.  And then you just focus on that one thing and again, allow your thoughts to come in, acknowledge if they come in, allow them to pass and then refocus on the one thing.

Sitting in the power is an exercise that you should do every day if you possibly can, even if it’s just for ten or fifteen minutes.  Ideally you should be sitting in the power for about 30 minutes a day up to about an hour, there is really no need to do more than an hour, because you really find get any more benefit for sitting longer than an hour, but you should be sitting very, very regularly in the power of your own spirit. 

Once you have an awareness, when you begin to work with your own power within, and you understand the feeling of your own soul, you will begin to build a friendship and relationship with that power and you will have this great awareness of what your power feels like.  And so, then you will be able to sense a difference in power and a shift in the power when the spirit world come close to you or when you are working psychically with a client, and you get psychic impressions from your sitter. So, you can feel the shift and the difference in your power.  And working and sitting quietly with your soul self each day, sitting in this power and doing this exercise daily is probably one of the most important things that you can possibly do. 

The foundation stone of all psychic and all mediumship work is about becoming more and more aware of yourself as a soul being and the power that you hold.  As you become aware of the magnificence of your spirit within, you slowly begin to understand how that feels.  When you understand how that feels, you can expand your awareness outwards, reaching out to the four corners of the room in which you sit, to the boundary of the building in which you sit, to the outside world, to the street, to the town, to the world to the earth to the country to the planet and the universe and so on and so forth.  

And I wish someone had said it to me years ago, when I used to be so sad that I couldn’t go to a workshop or a development class. There was no such thing then as an online course or a podcast, because frankly, the internet hadn’t been invented, and I didn’t know then, what I could be doing to move myself forward. So, I’m saying to everyone out there listening to this podcast this is what you can be doing.  This is one of the most important things you can be doing, if you can’t get to any class, that’s fine don’t even worry about it, this sitting in the power is your absolute foundation and you have to do this exercise because this is what is going to make your mediumship or you psychic work and it’s going to move it up to the next level.

And if you are a professional psychic or psychic medium or a clairvoyant, then you need to be practicing this exercise every single day for at least 30 minutes, up to an hour preferably.  Any less than 30 minutes won’t give you time enough to really get into the exercise, because you won’t be able to settle the mind enough.  Sometimes if I’m too busy and we all lead very busy lives, there will be days when I will sit for just ten or fifteen minutes if I can’t quite make the hour.  Or if I’m walking down the road trying to go somewhere, I will switch in my mind and still those thoughts in my mind and allow my soul self to manifest as I walk along.  So, you can find pockets of time within your day if you can’t actually find half an hour of stillness in which to sit.

So, to sum up, Sitting In The Power is about entering a space that brings you stillness and an easy connection to spirit.  Being in the power is about being centred and in a state of mind where your own spirit has a chance to manifest. 

 There are plenty of audio tracks out there called Sitting In the Power – you will find them on places like YouTube or Spotify – so there’s plenty of free reference materials that you can download or listen to.  You don’t have to go and spend any money on learning how to do this exercise it is all out there for you.

However, for those of you who wish to begin sitting for spirit on a regular basis and would like some guidance on how to do that, I do have a Sitting In the Power audio track for sale on my website if you would like it.  It is entirely up to you and you certainly don’t have to at all – like I say, there are plenty of free materials out there that you can use.  If however, you don’t want to deal with having to listen to all those free adverts, or you prefer my voice and you’d like to purchase my particular track, then please do go to my website www.anntheato.comand you can find my Sitting In The Power track over there.  I’ve kept the cost very cheap, so you can download this for just £3.  It’s a beautifully made, quality recording and I really do hope you enjoy it if you do purchase it and that it will help you with this practice.  And please, do let me know how you get on! 

So, a very big thank you to all of you beautiful listeners of the Psychic Matters Community, I really appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you so much for tuning in and I really do hope that you enjoyed that episode and that you’ve learned something.  You know, sitting in the power, we hear about it all the time as psychics and mediums and it can be difficult to understand what it really is, so I do hope I have explained that really clearly for you.  If you haven’t done so already, please make sure you hit the subscribe button, because I have some very exciting episodes coming up for you which you are not going to want to miss!

Please know, that I’m here to help you, so do get in touch if there is anything you feel you need help with, or if you have any suggestions on topics you would like me to cover in this podcast.  Do head over to my website www.anntheato.com and you can contact me there or head to the Psychic Matters Podcast Group Facebook Page to interact with each other and I will be over there as well, and we can talk to each other there.

I really appreciate your time in this oh so, so busy world and I really do appreciate your support for this podcast.  If you know of anyone who you think might be interested in the subject matter, please do share this with them and if you are enjoying things so far, I’d really appreciate you leaving me a review.  Many thanks if you have already done that but if you haven’t as yet and you are finding this podcast helpful, please do take the time to leave me an honest review, because they help so much with rankings and so on, and I would be so very grateful. 

Have a brilliant week everybody and until next time… my name is Ann Théato and thank you for listening to PSYCHIC MATTERS!



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