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The Development Circle

Hi there, my name is Ann Théato and I am here to teach you proven techniques for spiritual and psychic development from the comfort of your own home. I’m also here to investigate the teachings of experts across the globe, to bring you their wisdom, their advice and their spiritual wealth.

In today’s show, I’m excited to be interviewing a very good friend of mine, Lesley Malone, who is a professional Psychic Medium.  Lesley runs her own Development Circle in Bedfordshire, UK, for those who wish to improve their psychic and mediumship skills.  So, if you’ve always wanted to know what a Development Circle actually is and what happens at them, this is the show for you!

Let’s go!


You’ll Learn

  • What happens at a Development Circle
  • How a Development Circle will help you develop
  • The difference between psychic and mediumship
  • Where psychic information comes from
  • Where mediumistic information comes from
  • How psychometry works
  • Why students find a Development Circle so helpful
  • The importance of protection – from the living!
  • The importance of finding your tribe


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Hello and welcome to the Psychic Matters! Podcast. I am excited to be in Bedfordshire this evening with a very good friend of mine, Lesley Malone, who is a professional Psychic Medium.  And Lesley runs a Development Circle for a whole bunch of ladies and gentlemen who are wanting to improve their psychic and mediumship skills.  So, I’m here to ask Lesley all about Development Circles.  What they are and how people actually develop these gifts.  So Lesley, welcome to the show.

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Lesley: Hi Ann, Thank you.

Ann: So, tell me a little bit about you first of all, shall we start with you and how you started your own personal development.

Lesley: We can do.  I had a pretty normal upbringing, I think.  Some people say I was different from a child.  I don’t know that I was because a) how do you know that you think or see things differently to someone else?  You don’t.  So what you see doesn’t necessarily mean someone else sees it that way.  So quite a normal upbringing.  I was always fascinated with the spiritual side of things, the psychic side.  And I used to answer questions that I don’t know how I answered because I had no knowledge of anything and continued on until I started seeing things moving, hearing voices and it really scared me.  And I didn’t know any mediums at that time so I didn’t have anyone I could run to and say this is happening, you know, I thought I was going to die, actually.

Ann: and how old were you at the time?

Lesley: In my 30’s I think, yeah, maybe even 40’s.

Ann: And when you say things were moving and you were seeing things, can you explain a little bit more about what those were?

Lesley: Yes, I had a salon and I used to get in early a lot.  And that’s when I would… I had swing beads and they would swing by theirselves and you would get footsteps and there was nobody else in there and then someone would speak and there was nobody there and I was the only one in there.  And then I would get flashes of movement in the corner of my eye and things like that.  We had a lady who came in who said she was a healer and she ran a circle, and would I like to go, and I thought maybe I would.  But then I changed my mind.  And in in my town there was a little centre I suppose, and they had a sign up saying “Are You Psychic” and they were doing a day.  And so, I went, thinking they would say to me get out you’re rubbish.  And I just stayed and did everything and stayed there for about 3 or 4 years, did lots of courses, circle, everything, then went off, started to do things, started to share what I’d learned.  Then I went to Tony, Tony Stockwell, I always go back to Tony because he’s amazing.  It’s very hard, because you have to learn, it’s like learning a different language and it’s not easy and I think you have to commit to it really, quite a bit, if you want to be good you have to put it in and work hard.  And I have, I’ve worked very hard, but I’ve loved every minute of it.

Ann: Is this something that you have inherited from your family members, is this something that’s been passed down or is this something that you have developed on your own? 

Lesley: Actually, my nan used to read tea leaves, but I didn’t know that.  I have been told by some very good mediums that it does run through.  I think that all of my family could do it if they wanted to, but they don’t.  And some of them are scared of it.  So, they sort of shy away from it.  But I’m the only one that has actually done something with it.  A lot of my other family have seen spirit people, heard spirit people but they don’t want to do too much with it. I know everybody is born with a psychic ability and I think everybody if they put the work in can develop their psychic which is their gut instinct, they can all do that.  I don’t believe everybody can do mediumship, I really don’t because I have done a lot of teaching and a lot of people you can, but not everyone, some just never.  But I actually think if they are not that drawn to it, they are the ones that are never going to sort of get there really because they are not that interested in it.  But everyone with the psychic but not everyone with the mediumship, I don’t think anyway.

Ann: Do you think if somebody with mediumship is keen enough that they can learn it, I know some people are not that open to the idea of it, but do you think if you are open enough and you are keen enough to learn how to be a medium, do you think people can learn?

Lesley:  I just don’t think everyone is going to put that in to do it. Maybe, I don’t know. I mean, I have met people that I thought would really struggle and they actually have done okay and I’ve met people that no matter how much they try,  I don’t know, I don’t know, I can only go by what I’ve gathered so far to people and some people I’ve had to say, stick to the psychic, because as we know, all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums, so personally I don’t think it’s there for everyone to be able to do but the psychic is.  But that’s just my opinion.

Ann: Interesting.  So, tell me a little bit then Lesley about the Development Circle which will be staring soon.  We are waiting for your ladies and gentlemen to come around to your house.  So, tell us a little bit about this, why did you set it up, when did you set it up and what is it for?  How do people develop her with you?

Lesley: My people, my circle is great, I love my circle, I’ve got some really lovely people in my circle, and they have a lot of fun while they learn as well, so it’s not all serious and doom and gloom and they do have a laugh with it. But I have this thing of, can I say what I want? I have this thing about, there are a lot of mediums out there that will pick up a spirit and then deliver some psychic , they impart their own, deliver some, they impart their own psychic, so they might pick up the spirit and then start to give the information of the spirit but then they sort of drop it and then they give somebody a psychic reading in the name of the spirit that they have pulled and that annoys me, because it’s like putting words in spirits mouth you see.  I like to give the evidence of the spirit.  I mean I can impart psychic wisdom to them, but I will tell them it is coming from me, not their loved one. Because as we know Annie, the loved ones won’t tell you what to do in your life, they won’t they can’t interfere in your life and a lot of people don’t understand and there’s a lot of mediums out there that don’t actually know they are getting it psychically, they haven’t been taught the difference, they haven’t been taught to recognise that difference between am I picking this up from the living , or am I picking this up from the past you know.

Ann: Sure, so maybe clarify for the listeners Lesley if you would, the exact difference as you see it between psychic and mediumship.

Lesley: So psychic is reading the living, so if I gave a psychic reading to you Annie, I would be dipping into your energy and reading you and your life, with the mediumship I would be putting my energy up rather than across to you, going up and basically reading the energy of the spirit person, so it’s sort of the same thing but instead of going across into the living you are going up to the spirit and they always say if you can’t read the living you’re not going to read the dead. There’s a lot of people that don’t know, can’t feel the difference and there’s also a lot of people that  go for these mediumship readings or go and watch a medium thinking that you know, oh my uncle Arthur he’s going to tell me what I can do or my mum’s going to tell me what I should do and sort my life out and that’s not so.   They come to let you know that they are still there and there is still life after this life and that’s the reason they come – and to send love – but it’s not to sort your life out! And a lot of people do think it is.  And it’s wrong.  So, I am on a mission to put out wonderful psychic mediums that know the difference can do the difference and not put words into spirits mouth that they don’t. Can you imagine if you was a spirit person and you want to let your loved one know that you’re okay and you’re still there and then they say, Oh Annie says you are getting a new car, Annie says you should do this and you should do that and you’re like, hang on a minute, I never said that.  So, that’s my thing. Get it right. 

Ann: I love it Lesley, that is so good, so people get a very, very good understanding of what’s what in your circle, so tell us a little bit, just for those people at home that are listening and that don’t really understand the term Development Circle – do you sit in a circle?  What does the circle bit mean?

Lesley: We don’t sit in a circle; we normally sit round a table or we wander off.   The idea of a circle is no one is above you; no one is below you.  So, we all develop at different rates.  I tell my circle never compare yourself to anybody else.  We all have different strengths; we all have a different way of working.  And whichever way you work is fine as long as you don’t upset anybody or hurt anybody or frighten anybody. However, you get what you get is good, so basically, I will say, try this, try that, I sort of open the door for them, but they walk through it theirselves, so they learn their own connection themselves. I just give them the ideas to try this and try that and show them how to do it.

Ann: So, could you give us an example of the sort of things they might learn at your development circle?

Lesley: Yeah, they will learn to do some tarot reading, do so a psychic reading with people, I will teach them psychometry, I teach them how to do a mediumship link, how to ooh, it depends on what level they are on, as to where they want to go; how to deal with two, three maybe at once with the spirit world, because that’s what they do; how to tell when people are lying to them in the psychic; how to dip into people; and it’s strange because if you do a bit of psychometry and say, somebody gives you a ring but it’s their ring and they’ve been wearing it for quite a while, but the actual ring belonged to somebody else. you can dip into the other person’s energy as well from that ring, so you might skip that person and go to the next person or get a bit of both, so it’s all very interesting and it is good fun.

Ann: And so, with the psychometry, just to be clear, psychometry if you’d like to explain what psychometry is.

Lesley: Oh sorry.  Psychometry will either be an object belonging to somebody or a photograph, and we can look into that and it’s all about what we feel, what we see in our third eye and what we know really.

Ann: And you were saying you can pick up the energy from a ring say for instance, of the, say  it was your grandmother’s ring and you’ve been wearing it, so you can pick up information about the grandmother and then you can also pick up information about the person that’s been wearing the ring, because there are two layers of energy upon that object, is that what you are saying?

Lesley: Yes. I also teach them how to cleanse, ground and protect.  Which is protecting themselves from energy from the living.  Because of all the negative stuff that you can pick up from somebody else.  And if you’ve had a bad day at the office and you come home and you’ve got all that negative hanging around you, you’ll bring it into your house, it seeps into your walls, so you want to cleanse your house, you want to cleanse you down and get rid of it and all of that.

Ann: So that’s an interesting point actually, because a lot of people get very nervous about the sort of work that we both do, because they are worried about this level of having to protect themselves from some thing.  So, can you explain do you see things in terms of good or evil or dark entities or how do you, I mean you’ve explained it pretty well there that we are just protecting ourselves from the living and the energy of the living, that’s what I truly believe, I personally, l don’t believe that there is anything evil to protect ourselves from but I’m interested in where you come from on that. 

Lesley: I don’t protect myself from the Spirit world, we go up into the light and I’ve got guides, I’ve got big guides.  I don’t believe in protecting myself from any spirit person because I’ve never met a bad one.  And I do think that if you sometimes feel that one is a bit iffy, it is not that they are a bad spirit, it’s the fact that they maybe were a miserable person in their life, it may be that they still have issues, but it’s not that they were a bad person.  As for the living, and it’s not like anyone does it on purpose, but if you are a little bit empathic or things like that, you will soak it off from people. They will soak off your positive and you end up like a sponge taking on their negative and that can have some really horrible effects and I’ve had some really horrible effects from psychic.  And it wasn’t aimed at me, it was just something I picked up and it took me quite a while to get rid of but it was somebody else’s issues somebody else’s baggage and I felt it and that’s not nice, so to protect yourself rom that, that is really good.  If you are a little bit that way, then you can feel energy then you can.   And it can manifest in ways of making you feel even quite ill, so a little bit of protection every day before you go out from the living world is great.  But I never do it to the spirit world

Ann: Yeah, that’s lovely, that’s so nice.  So, your development circle that you are running here in your home Lesley, do you think that development circles run the same way across the country, or do you think each development circle is very different?

Lesley: I think each is very different. And I’m very different from a lot of them because like I said, I’m pretty easy, I’m not that strict, I don’t tell them they must do this, they must have these rituals, they must do umpteen things before they can connect with anyone, I think there are so many serious circles that make it so difficult and hard for people to understand and you don’t have to.  If you are dealing with the spirit world, they like a bit of fun just as much as we do so if you have a laugh and you have a bit of fun it draws them, and it makes it much easier than being really serious. I think a lot of people, you know, it’s their own sort of thing that I must do this, and I must do that and it’s not so, so you know.

Ann: So, in terms of how you’ve seen people in your group develop, high points, or things that you feel as a teacher that you have helped that person reach the next level, can you highlight any particular things that you are proud of in your students?

Lesley: Yes, I mean we once had a girl who was such an empath that as soon as we tried to teach her to connect to a spirit she would shake and cry because it was overwhelming and it was like oh god how are we going to get her to do this?  But after a while, we worked with her, and she learned to pull the spirit forward, and when it became too much, she pushed them back, and then pulled them forward and pushed them back until she could cope with it, do you see?  And people are very different , some are more visual some are more feelers; you just have to work with each person individually to their strengths and they think I’m mean because if they have a weakness I’ll make them do it and do it and do it.  But it’s the only way you get through things.  But I do also find, am I alright to keep talking?   

Ann: Yes, keep talking, it’s lovely to hear you.

Lesley: Especially with teaching somebody the mediumship.  When you first teach them, its like the spirit world throws it at them and it’s like, ooh that was easy and I’m good at this.  And then they start to make it harder because they start to make you work for it because if you don’t work for it you stand still, and then they seem to think oh no I’ve got a block and then they lose their confidence and you have to encourage people to keep going through it and push through it because normally they sort of lose their confidence and find things difficult just before they stop up a bit more and it all becomes a bit easier. So it’s important to, I’ve seen so many people think Oh I’m going to pack it in because it’s become so hard and I can’t do it and I don’t feel I’m getting anywhere and I’m struggling and they sort of shrink back from it and that’s the very time you have to keep pushing you know and do a bit more. Because it will push you through that barrier.

Ann: I actually remember you doing that to me Lesley.  Years ago when I had read tarot, because I’ve read tarot since I was 17 so that is quite a few years but I only ever read for friends and family and many, many friends always wanting readings but I hadn’t really charged for my services up until a few years ago and um, I remember coming to a psychic fair that you were organising and I said I will come along but I just want to watch you read tarot Lesley, I just want to see how you do it, how you act with the public, and all of these things and then you threw me in at the deep end and made me do mediumship readings and psychic readings for the public.  And I have to really thank you for that because I have just sailed forth with that and really enjoyed it.

Lesley: I wouldn’t have made you do it if I thought you couldn’t do it

Ann: It was good, it was really, really good

Lesley: Sometimes you just have to be thrown in.

Ann: I really remember that.  I remember reading for this woman at that time and she wanted a mediumship reading and I was a bit nervous as I’d never given a mediumship reading to the public before, I’d given loads of tarot readings and psychic readings that was fine.  And I remember she sat down and I said, I had her grandfather, and I said he is showing me all these pigs, there is a whole collection of different pigs, different shapes, different sizes and she said, yes that’s my grandfather and I – I used to give him a pig every time it was his birthday or something and he had a whole collection of them.  It was extraordinary and I was like, “Wow, I can do this!”

Lesley: See sometimes you feel like you have to keep giving information to get it validated and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you just have to say a couple of bits that might be  totally irrelevant to us but really relevant to the person who is sitting there. So, Sometimes you don’t have to break your neck trying to give so much information.  After all, it’s only just to prove they are still about.

Ann: Yes exactly.  So, just before we finish then Lesley, tell me a little bit about yourself, and where your interest lies within this psychic field at the moment.  So, I know that myself and yourself, and people that we know, in our friendship group in the psychic world, are all undergoing continual training because you can never just finish, you can never just be like I’m qualified now and I’m off…  we are always trying to develop our skills and take it to the next level and see what else is out there.   So for me this year for instance, I am focussing on two things: I’m focussing on the trance connection, which I’ll go through and talk about in another podcast, so I’m focussing on the trance connection and I’m also focussing personally, on past life regression and how we can take somebody to life between lives to meet their loved ones in the spirit world. That is where my interests lie for 2020 and that is the kind of work I’m going to be doing and reporting back on.  How about yourself, where are you this year in your development personally?

Lesley: Like you say, we never stop learning, we never know it all.  I do healing, I’ve done a bit of trance, I’m a bit of a control freak though, when they come so close, I fight it a bit so I don’t, I like watching it rather than getting too involved in the trance but I do like it and I do love to sit in a séance as long as I’m not the one sitting in the box.  My real passion is the mediumship. I just strive to get it right, get it better and get more stuff.  And I’m always working on something and when I’m giving readings, I’m always saying to my clients, bear with me I’m working on this. So, just to get that, you know like what day did they pass, what time did they pass, something extra or whatever.   I do say to my circle always reach for that extra bit of information, don’t ever think I’ve got enough, but just go for it, go for that other bit.  Don’t’ matter if they say no, they may say yes. It may be the one nugget of information, it is brilliant.  So that’s where my passion lies, it’s getting as good as I can be.

Ann: That’s fantastic and I know that you are continually reading for clients are you not, so if anybody wants a private reading with you, Lesley Malone can be found on Facebook.  Finally, if somebody wanted, I know your development circle is closed and that you are not taking anyone else into your circle at the moment, but if somebody who is listening to this podcast wanted to find a development circle in the area in which they live, how would they go about doing that Lesley?

Lesley: I would say if you are looking for a mentor or somebody that is going to help you on your path, check out their background, find where they come from, where did they learn, who taught them, because there are so many out there that have either just declared their self a psychic medium or they’ve done a little bit of, you know a bit here and there so you want to know where they come from and who taught them because if you get taught and you haven’t had a good teaching.  You know, you need to have a good teaching. So, I would very, very much check out where they come from and do they continue to move on themselves and keep learning.

Ann: Yes that is a very good point because you do want to learn from people who knows what they are talking about.

Lesley:  And I will always tell everyone my background, where I’ve been, what I’ve done and who has taught me what and everything.  And if they can’t give you that, I wouldn’t go there.

Ann: Yeah.  Great. Lesley thank you so much for talking to me, we are going to go down now and we are going to talk to some of the ladies and gentlemen who attend your circle and see how they are getting along and what they’re learning and just hear it from their point of view.  Thank you, Lesley.

Lesley: You are welcome.

Ann: Okay so here we are at Lesley Malone’s circle and we’ve got David who is going to demonstrate some mediumship for us.

David: Good evening everyone.  Right.  As I step forward, I have a lady with me.  This lady gives me the feeling that she would have been a very bubbly she would have ben the lady of the family… the lady who would have been in charge, she was the home that everyone came back to….I want to give this lady in her 60’s somewhere… I want to go 60’s…

Ann: So Dave, that was a bit of pressure there for you, demonstrating mediumship with a barking dog, a storm outside, about 8 or 9 people staring at you and a big red microphone under your nose, so it was a bit of pressure but how did you feel about that demonstration you just gave? 

David: Um, could have given more information.  I think you always look at what you’ve given out and think afterwards, perhaps I should have done this, perhaps I should have gone that way.  The information may not have been as much as what I’d like to go in depth.

Ann: Yes of course and with all the added pressures as well I don’t think it’s very easy demonstrating mediumship with a microphone under your nose.  Tell me how long have you been coming to Lesley’s circle, why did you join and what are you, I guess what are you getting out of it, what is it you are learning here and how is it panning out for you and your development?

David:  I think I have known Lesley about ten years, we met through a friend of ours. Lesley looked at me and went “I can do things with you”, I went, “Oh yeah”, she went, “No I’m going to turn you into a psychic.” And of course.  I’ve never been sceptic, because all the way through my past we’ve had houses with dogs n’ that and they’ll sit at the bottom of the stairs and they’ll bark upstairs and we’ve had clocks that jump and all this sort of stuff, it’s just a natural thing that goes on with my family. So, I did believe but actually doing stuff myself, no I didn’t think it was ever possible.  But yeah, I started with Lesley, who taught me how to sit in the power, to meditate and just to put my light on and go up there.  Sat for weeks and weeks and nothing happened at all and all of a sudden, I had a face.  I had my eyes closed and there was a face.  In front of me, looking at me and it was a face I did not recognise, didn’t know, and yeah, that’s it, that’s how it all started.

Ann: Wow, and so with the appearance of that face that first time, and then you’ve come back and are you refining your techniques or how is Lesley teaching you to develop here?

Dave: Lesley used to teach down in Cheshunt, then she came up here which is closer to where I live, I sort of followed Lesley about wherever she goes at the moment, I now help Lesley in part of the teaching.  I enjoy the teaching, the mediumship, the tarot, the psychic.  Everything that Lesley has taught me, I help now to pass onto other people, and this is part of what I enjoy.  But as learning myself I’ve become a lot mellower, a lot calmer, a lot more at peace with myself. I was quite a ragey person beforehand.  Especially at work, where any little thing would send me over the edge, but I’ve calmed down a lot now.  So, it just gives you that inner peace.  I think I’m more drawn to the healing than anything else.  But yeah, I like to do the healing, Rahanni, Reiki, I’ve done crystal healing as well, so I’m now spreading my skills as in taking on lots of different things.  But I like to read a lot as well.  I don’t just take everything for granted of what it is.  I read of lots of background books and lots of stuff in depth, to get, you take what you want to take anything.  What you don’t feel comfortable with, or what you don’t like, you can just leave behind, and you can take the bits that you feel comfortable with and that do suit yourself and everyone has a different way of looking at things.

Ann: So, it seems like joining a development circle for you, has made a big difference to your life in many, many different ways

Dave:  Yes, I think its settled me down, its calmed me a lot.  I’ve found a lot of ways of making an interest in what I like and then going into it more in depth, so it’s not just one part of it, you can go off in lots of little different ways, lots of little different roads that you can follow and they all come back to the development of psychic, mediumship, development, spiritualism.  I think there is loads of different things you can get into and it draws you in and you learn more and yeah, I think it just makes you a calmer, more relaxed person.

Ann: Okay so Stewart White is with me and Stuart is part of Lesley Malone’s Development Circle.  Stewart, tell us a little bit about your development here.  How long have you been coming, what sort of things have you learned and how has it benefited you?

Stewart: I’ve been coming here since the end of last year, sorry I get confused.  This is the second year I’ve been coming here.  I came here a couple of years ago originally to learn table reading skills but then I went off and did that for several years and I’ve returned to Lesley’s circle to further my mediumship development, platform development with her, which has been very good.  I’ve been taught a lot and I’ve met some new contacts here, so it’s been very good.

Ann: When you say you’ve learned a lot, for people who are listening to this podcast they may not necessarily have ever been to a development circle, so how does one learn mediumship and how have you learned to be better at it?

Stewart: Well it’s the techniques, disseminating between psychic ability and being a medium.  A lot of, not all, mainly famous mediums, but there are a lot of people out there that say I am a medium but actually it’s mainly psychic ability they are demonstrating evidence, they are not going up into the spirit world and connecting to people that have passed.  And there’s a certain way to do that.  Push your energy up into the universe, that’s what I do and  connect to and that’s how I get the spirits and usually I see them almost on a wheel, it’s really strange, all these different people and then one comes forward and then I will connect to that spirit and will start conveying a message and I will see who I can connect to in the audience.  So, again, it’s more about, I came back to do the mediumship development which I have, I have done 2-3 dems with the group, the last one was in front of about 50-60 people for charity which I really enjoyed.  Once I was up there, I wasn’t nervous. I loved it.  It was quite a difficult audience that night, I got one spirit, no, next spirit no and I kept going and going.  The fourth one I struck gold. The lady at the back, I’m sure that the spirits were there but people don’t recognise or tune in or listen and the fourth one I got this lady’s father and I got all this stuff about him how he passed and the message and I got a round of applause but I did it and I got it and I really enjoyed that so much.  So again, from the personal development side of things I’m very, very happy with her teaching, she’s a very good teacher, I enjoy the company, the people who come to the circle. Some people come to circle for the social life.  It’s not really for me to socialise, it’s purely to advance myself and learn which I have done, so I’m very, very pleased with it. I’d known Lesley before a few years ago I came, I can’t remember why, I went because the day job I had I couldn’t come I was doing really late hours, working til 8 o’clock at night it was too much for me to drive from where I was to here.

Ann: Can I ask what your day job is?

 Stewart: At the moment I’m a vehicle inspector so I inspect v expensive cars.

Ann: And do you tell people that you are also a psychic medium in your spare time, or do you keep that quiet?

Stewart: No, I tell people. Some people who are close minded I don’t bother saying anything but at work where I am now, and it seems to be more females, ladies that are more open to this than males, it’s just the way it is, you know. There is one of the guys there an older gentleman he is actually psychic.  There’s two people on the site that are psychic funny enough, one of them doesn’t anyone to know but he’s spoken to me and done some stuff with me and another guy doesn’t really do a lot with it but he is you know, and we’ve talked a lot about stuff and these two gentlemen don’t tell anyone else but they know I am and they talk to me about it. 

Ann: Amazing all these covert psychics at work.  So finally, then, you are going to be coming to Lesley Malone’s in 2020 and what is it you’re going to be trying to develop this year for yourself, your personal interest?

Stewart: Really, it’s just going to be pure mediumship for me.  I’m not really… I mean, Trance mediumship I respect all that but that’s not me, we’ve done that before in the group I’ve just sat back and watched it, it’s not something that really appeals to me, but I still come to the circle.  If there is any other psychic things going on, as every week she seems to come up with something new, then of course I do it, as it’s good to do, as it’s all expanding your connection to spirit and your knowledge.  But it’s going to be mediumship because I want to eventually be a professional full-time, you know, someone like Tony Stockwell going around

having the theatres, that’s what I want to do and write books, that’s my ambition, I’m not too old to do it, you can do that at any age.  Rockstar forget it. Medium, yes you can do it you can do it.  But be a good one, you know.  Like she says, as we said earlier, a lot of people they are not trained well and a lot of it psychic stuff. They’re not really doing mediumship; they are just giving evidence then moving to the next one. And I’ve learned that here, very strongly because Lesley, I think she was taught by Tony wasn’t she, Tony Stockwell, so she’s got a really great training background from it and I would know if it wasn’t, listening to what people say to me, but she knows what she’s talking about and I feel I am in good hands and she is a Task Master and she pushes us to do it.  If you want do something you are going to have do the groundwork.  A few years before I did all this stuff but I was determined to do it and I got my certificate for doing it because I loved this stuff, this is great but I found that once I done the psychology stuff once I started opening myself up to this and using my ability, I didn’t need that anymore because you just know what’s wrong or you can help people without looking at a text book, you know, because you are reading the energy.  You understand where I’m coming from on that?

Ann: Yes of course, yeah sure.  Well thank you so much for joining us on Psychic Matters! and I wish you all the very best for the coming year and for your goal of being in all the theatres in the UK and beyond.

Stewart: Thank you very much Ann, it’s been a pleasure.

Ann: So I’m now with Sabine, and Sabine has been coming to Leslie circle for quite some time so Sabine how are you getting on?

Sabine: Well I have to say, I absolutely love it.  Every week we come, there is always a new challenge.  We always, I think that’s comforting with a group of people are very like-minded because you have the help from other people as well as you can give help and things like that as well. I’ve come on a lot.  I’ve been out doing it with Leslie for two years now and I still sit there and think I can’t do it I can’t do it but you get so much confidence and pointing in the right direction and things that you should do and shouldn’t do and the confidence and everything else.  Four years I think I’ve been coming, and I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d be out doing it in public or anything without Leslie and the group and everything.  If you muck up it’s not a problem, so you know and you learn your lessons and you see what other people and watching other people develop and everything else and having the constant feedback from everyone so you know where to progress, you know where your struggling with.  You know what you want to do and things that you don’t want to do or even if you come in and you’re not sure, you’ve got lots of different people to help you get over hurdles and everything else. for me to be able to get up and do a dem, which 2 years ago there is no way I would have been able to do it, to actually go and do tarot card readings or mediumship with 1:1; I never thought I’d be able to do it but it’s still lovely to keep coming back every week and still learn new things or challenge yourself.  I quite like helping people as well to be up to give my bit of influence to other people and seeing them then develop with things or give them a different perspective it’s brilliant, I love it.

Ann:  That’s fantastic and you of course gave me a fantastic tarot card reading not-so very long ago, do you remember when Leslie set an exercise and you had to call me and give me the reading?

Simone:  That was so scary, it was really scary.  I think the hardest thing was, is just knowing it can be done but never having to do it and you sit there and you think oh I’m so nervous, I’m so nervous.  But actually, being able to do it and think, what was I so worried about?  I think it was lovely having you as well, because you give me a bit of a confidence boost because I know a little bit of you.  I’ve met you once or twice briefly before so rather than having a complete stranger that was lovely, and I knew that you’d give honest feedback as well.  But yeah it was just really scary the build up to it like yeah, I’ve got to do it, I’ve got to do it.  But it was brilliant to actually be proved wrong to say it was hard no it can’t be done well actually yes, I’ve done it.  It was brilliant I loved it.

Ann: Yeah well you were brilliant, and you picked up on some incredible things. So Sabine, cast your mind back four years. You say you’ve been coming here four years but go back four years and beyond, where were you at the time, what made you come to the group, how did you find it, how did you physically know it was on?

Sabine: That’s really weird because it was through a mutual friend of mine, who, she met Lesley on a carnival day, so she was doing crystals and doing readings, she got talking to Lesley talking about crystals got quite a buzz.  I’ve always been into witchcraft and things like that as well, so I’ve always had an interest in things and my friend started to come and she said why don’t you come because she knew I was into it and everything ese and it was through her that she asked Lesley if I could come and yeah, I haven’t stopped since.  I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now if it wasn’t for Lesley either, yeah, I’m a different person, my confidence in myself is amazing because I can just think do you know what, you be who you want to be, and being here and being able to do that is lovely, so if you can find a circle that has got the group of people that we have, it’s brilliant, it’s like another family. 

Ann: What a lovely answer that’s so nice, ‘we’re like a family’, that’s, there must be very different sort of circles that meet across the UK and I wonder how they all are in terms of I don’t know, how friendly they are I suppose and are they as friendly as this one, I’m sure they are, I’m sure there are many fantastic teachers out there and fantastic circles… so what are your plans then for this year Sabine, you are now tarot reading, you are doing mediumship readings, are you doing healing as well?

Sabine: I’ve got to do my case studies for my crystal healing, I am also Rahanni in tuned as wel,l so I want to get out and do some more healing this year, I’ve had building work at home so I can’t do it at home as of yet but that’s now finished.  And getting out and about and doing a lot more regarding doing like pampered evenings and actually going out and doing them myself rather than relying on other people to find them and going out and doing more private readings and things like that, that is my goal for this year, to actually get out a bit more.

Ann:  Has anything strange happened around you since you started this work?  Energetically?  Or have you found any synchronicities?  Any interesting things that have occurred around?

Sabine: I notice more things, I do notice.  Before coming here, I was very close to my grandad and an absolute emotional wreck, he’d been gone quite a few years and I couldn’t even mention his name obviously, coming here and him coming through I would just bawl my eyes out.  But now I can cope with it, I know he’s around, my nan has recently passed and once one comes through the other one comes through. I notice a lot with my friends that have things going bump in the house, I’m like oh yes, you’ve got so and so in here

But I think the biggest thing is being able to read people and get more honest opinions of people.  So it’s not judging the book by the cover but it’s knowing who to be wary of and who not to be wary of and following that gut instinct that we all have. So that’s the biggest thing that I’ve notice is listening to myself thinking actually, that’s fine, that’s not fine and being a little bit more challenging for myself as well.  To be able to say yes, I can do things and not sit in a corner and go no I can’t.

Ann: Yeah, and I think in this work, that that is the most important thing.  To trust and understand your own intuition and your own soul self and know how you operate and know how your energy interacts with the world and with people around you and trusting what you pick up from others.  I think that’s the crux of all of this work. 

Sabine: Very much so.  I’m very much more of a level person.  I’m doing meditation and things like that now.  I’m very much more relaxed than I ever was, I can take, not the stress of life because we all suffer from it, but I know how to handle it more now, I still get emotional with things but I don’t get as highly strung and I don’t drop of a hat ball my eyes out with things, so I have the confidence to be able to know, yes you can step back a little bit and things.  And really the grounding side of things and actually being able to see things in a different light now as well, and like you say, trusting that inner judgement that we are all born with, that inner instinct and actually learning to listen to that more has got me out of a lot of stick shall we say with people, so it helps in that respect as well, so definitely. 

Ann: Fantastic, Sabine thank you very much for coming to talk to me on Psychic Matters and I wish you all the very, very best with your development over the next little while.

Sabine: Thank you very much it was lovely talking to you again Annie.

Ann: A very big thank you to all of you, Psychic Matters Listeners, I really appreciate you.  Thank you so much for tuning in and I really do hope that you enjoyed that episode and in fact, all the episodes so far. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure you hit the subscribe button, because next week, we’re going to be talking about one of the first exercises I always teach my students, which is “Sitting In The Power”. I’ll be discussing how important it is to have an awareness of the power within and how you can slow down the mind & develop a deep friendship and relationship with that power; in order to enter into the stillness, where impressions from the spirit world can be received and can manifest.  Don’t miss it!  It’s the foundation stone of all mediumship.

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Have a fantastic week everyone.  I hope that everything goes really well for you all this week.

Until next time… my name is Ann Théato and thank you for listening to PSYCHIC MATTERS! 



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