Today, I’m taking you on a journey into a realm that might seem a bit counterintuitive at first glance – the world of being wrong, and why, surprisingly, it’s so right. As psychics and mediums, we often navigate the unknown using our intuitive abilities. But what happens when our readings miss the mark? Let’s explore the courage it takes to embrace our mistakes and how these missteps can actually lead us to profound insights and connections.


Courage and Vulnerability in Psychic Work

Let me start by saying, being a psychic or medium requires a tremendous amount of courage. It’s not easy to stand up and declare, “Hey, I’m a psychic” or “I can communicate with spirits.” In a world quick to dismiss or label us as frauds, the courage it takes to step into this realm is palpable. We’re aware of the scepticism and fraud prevalent in every profession, and as ethical practitioners, maintaining the purity and integrity of our work becomes a driving force.

The Fear of Being Wrong

The fear of being wrong looms large in our world. We’re constantly striving for accuracy, aware of the ever-watchful eyes ready to scrutinize our every move. The pressure to be impeccable in our readings is real, but here’s the kicker – being wrong is not the enemy. It’s a crucial part of our journey.

Learning from Mistakes

Winston Churchill’s wise words resonate deeply here: “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Every misstep is a stepping stone, not a stumbling block. Our inaccuracies are the raw material for growth, the chisel that refines our intuitive abilities over time.

Fostering Humility and Open-Mindedness

Humility is our ally. We’re not infallible, and that’s perfectly okay. Keeping an open mind, considering alternative approaches, and being willing to learn from every experience is how we refine our craft.

Building Resilience

Facing mistakes head-on builds resilience. Bouncing back after a challenging reading is part of the journey. It’s about acknowledging setbacks, learning from them, and moving forward with newfound strength.

The Art of Embracing “No”

Now, about those “no’s” – they’re not roadblocks; they’re signposts. Clients may say no for various reasons, and it’s crucial not to take it personally. Instead, see it as an opportunity to re-evaluate, refine, and deepen your connection with the spirit world.

Listen here to Episode 97 of my podcast – BEING WRONG – WHY IT’S SO RIGHT – which explains why “no” is your greatest ally, the many reasons why recipients say no and why embracing your errors leads to deeper insights, connections, and personal growth.

Take courage today and begin to embrace imperfection. Being wrong is not a flaw; it’s a pathway to growth. By learning from our mistakes, we contribute to a more compassionate and evolving society. So, let’s navigate the world of “no’s” with open hearts and open minds, knowing that each misstep enriches our journey, leading to clearer insights and stronger connections with the spirit world.

Here’s to the power of being beautifully, authentically wrong.


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