The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

~ Ram Dass

Creating a sacred space in your home, however tiny, can help keep you connected with your true spirit self.

It can be a place to remember your loved ones, to count your blessings and to remind you of what peace and beauty there is to be found in nature.

Choose a small part of any room, perhaps a shelf, or the top of a bookcase, a side-table or a window ledge, maybe even a small corner of the garden. Keep this sacred space as comforting as you possibly can so that every time you stand or sit here, you can feel nourished, inspired and re-energised.

This sacred space may serve several purposes – a place to display things that are most important to you – a photograph of a person, or a written goal or a symbol of focus in your life. Your altar can provide a space for you to reflect on your unique personal, creative or spiritual priorities.

What can I put on my altar?

A photograph of a loved one; a candle; incense; something from your childhood reminding you of happy times; a quote that moves you; a small bell; a dish of sweets; fresh flowers; a book; tarot cards; a plant; talismans; postcards; artwork – your own or others; stones and shells that hold memories from special places; mirrors; chimes; ambient music CDs; Runes; the I Ching; a picture torn from a magazine; Angel Cards; a special letter; your hand-written hopes for the future; affirmations; spiritual symbols; crystals; water; a statue; freshly planted seeds.

How can I use my sacred space?

Meditate for a few minutes every morning or evening; sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed, enjoying the peace; to give thanks for the good things in your life; to ask for guidance during troubled times; to find serenity in your home; to encourage the family to contribute items to the space; to celebrate a relationship or a recent success; to clarify an important decision.

How will it help me?

An important element of meditation is to listen. We tend to have such busy minds that we need to learn to stop and be quiet and to listen to the messages of the Universe. Use your sacred space or altar as a place to be reborn and renewed every day – as a place to find rest. It’s about drawing yourself inward and listening closely to what is in your heart.


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