Every physical life you have ever lived across the centuries and all of the time you have spent in the spiritual realm, has been recorded and stored deep in your subconscious mind. This is your soul’s history and your soul memory contains your true wisdom.

Past life regression enables you to leave the physical body behind and experience the truth of yourself as a soul being.  In this spiritual state, you can travel back and forth in time and between time – to lives once lived and lives still yet to come. As your Soul Self, you can access the Spiritual Realm to converse with Guides & Angels, attain wisdom from Spiritual Masters or reunite once again with the souls of those whom you dearly love. 

How does it work?

We all carry memories from past lives into this life. As soul beings, we enter this lifetime carrying with us an energetic imprint of our past experiences.  All our past accomplishments and failures, successes and mistakes, traumatic deaths and acquired wisdom.

This energetic imprint can unfold in our current lifetime, compelling us to repeat patterns of behavior or to experience seemingly irrational fears.  This can affect our health & relationships and can fuel destructive behaviour.


What will I see?

A past-life regression can be a fascinating multi-sensory subconscious experience.  Through deep guided hypnosis, you may recall smells such as wood smoke or spices.  You may feel able to taste certain foods and drinks or hear sounds or beautiful music.  Colours seen can be rich and spellbinding.  Landscapes and buildings may be felt and touched.  You may recognize people from your current lifetime and experience yourself as younger, older or a different gender.  You may feel very real emotions related to a scene that unfolds. You may cry out or weep silently for things that you witness or for things that happen directly to you.  You may feel a surge of love and great joy when reuniting with friends and lovers from lives already lived. 


What are the benefits?

A trained Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapist will work with you to bring past life memories from the subconscious into the conscious mind.  This will help you to release patterns that no longer serve you. Beneficial patterns of behavior are reinforced, and negative patterns are neutralized. After each past-life experience, and still in deep hypnosis, the therapist will enable you to explore any lessons you have learned from that lifetime. You will leave behind in the deeper mind whatever is not useful and take with you only that which is good and helpful.  

In the light of any new information you may glean about your Soul Self, you will begin look at yourself in a new light. Current relationships with friends and family can be better understood. Fears and phobias linked to past life trauma can be released. 

Past Life Regression is a form of spiritual discovery for personal development. You can heal your soul by healing your past.  By gaining a greater understanding of your Soul Self, you can move on to live more fully and creatively in the present.


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