Spiritual Assessment 1:1 with Ann Theato

Spiritual Assessment 1:1 with Ann Theato

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Spiritual Assessment 1:1 with Ann Theato
Tutor: Ann Théato
Suitable for: All students


Appointments take place online using Zoom.

Cost: £60 (a £30 donation of every payment will be made to charity, The Actors Children’s Trust)
Payment via: Stripe Upon receipt of payment, you will be sent a confirmation email with a Zoom link


What is a spiritual assessment?

A spiritual assessment is a sacred contract between souls and a pathway to progress. It is primarily a psychic reading, conducted for those developing their spiritual abilities, whereby the medium may feel into the spiritual development of the sitter and their path or journey, helping them make sense of what they have experienced so far, and what they may need to explore next. A medium may read the energy body of the recipient and pick up on their hopes and dreams, their abilities and their unrevealed potential.


What is the purpose of a Spiritual Assessment?

Students seek guidance for many reasons, such as:
• whether they are on the right pathway
• feeling lost or stuck
• wishing to get validation on their own inner knowing
• wanting to discover their own unique potential
• advice or knowledge on how to progress
• celebrate their strengths, potential and progress so far
• a weighing up of options available to the sitter
• to help with decision making
• to strengthen confidence in the sitter
• recommendations for training and professional development


What will I gain from a Spiritual Assessment?

A sitter may experience:
• Validation on past experiences
• Empowerment and confidence in who they truly are as a soul being
• A greater understanding of their unique soul gifts
• Guidance on what areas to focus on next
• Healing and validation on their life journey so far
• Support in further exploring their unique skills and interests
• Recommendations for a support network to assist on their spiritual path
• Greater understanding of their own spiritual unfoldment





Year Around Event (2023)(GMT+00:00)

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